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    Z Project

    Z0uhL NAME: Z'ouhL GENDER: Male ORIGIN: AP Catch LINEAGE: Dam: Mme Zym Freaky x Sire: Sir Zym Freaky - (Guardian of Nature x Alt Sweetling) zNVHA NAME: Z'avannah GENDER: Female ORIGIN: Cave Grab LINEAGE: CB Tsunami Zmdc6 NAME: Z'weet Silvery Wave GENDER: Genderless ORIGIN: AP Catcch LINEAGE: Dam: (xDCmA) x Sire: (PH3XD) - (Tsunami x Tsunami; NOT purebred) Zh4RY NAME: Z'ahry GENDER: Genderless ORIGIN: It's been so long, I don't remember; guessing the AP though. LINEAGE: Dam: (CGhR3) x Sire: (h1BuV) - (Avatar of Creation x Hellhorse) Also, I apologize about my last post - I put the names of the dragons on the clickable link instead of the code like I usually do. I went back and edited it to correct the issue!
  2. My Valentine's Day Haul Highlights: Sweetlings: Alternative Cupid Pouring Love Savory Treat (He's not frozen!) Haunting Emotion (He is frozen - I love the S2's and couldn't do anything else with this line.) Heartstealing: Capturing Love Ayaul (She's not frozen!) Radiant Angels: Blood of Earth Radiant Feldspar Spriter's Halo Galactic Radiation C o m e t T a i l (He's not frozen!) I caught TONS more that I gifted to friends and others <3 Thank you so much to all of the awesome breeders who made beautiful things for the holiday! And I almost forgot my lovely Rosebud, Rosy Sea Glass <3
  3. Same. This is the second event that's happened to me in .
  4. Once you've started dialogue with the spider, is there any way to go back if you don't have the box? Or is fighting it your only option?
  5. Wahya


    I play it on the PC <3 It's a fantastic game!
  6. I have to say this is the first time I've been so uninterested in an activity that I may not bother to finish it. But my hat is off to those who have the patience to!
  7. Misclicks suck. Vampire bites resulting in dead embryos suck more.
  8. Now I feel stupid, because I either didn't know that it has to wear off for it to get views, or I forgot :| I did stun it, lol! Thank you for the information. I guess my current bad luck then is being forgetful
  9. I have a Silver hatchling nearing the under-3-days mark that refuses to grow up. It's in 3 hatcheries already, but it looks like I'm going to need to put it in more :| FINALLY! Jeez
  10. Working on a drawing that's due Wednesday for my intermediate drawing class. Good thing my prof is so chill (although she's probably going to just stare at me when I walk in tomorrow empty handed if I don't at least get some part of it done).
  11. I don't buy consoles anymore, especially anything Nintendo (and that was once the only brand of console I ever wanted to buy; the Wii killed my love for the company completely), so I don't care about it at all. I also don't really see a use for it; as an adult the only real free time I have is when I'm home, and that's where my console would be anyway. If I was a kid or a teen I'd definitely see a use for it. I am happy that so many people are so excited about it though. I've talked to at least one person I know who's really giddy about it
  12. I too have been waiting for something - for someone to accept or reject a trade. For like 12 hours or more. I don't even care at this point if they accept or reject, I just want them to do so, that way I can either drop the egg and move on, or move on with a free egg slot!
  13. My new desktop (which I'm currently on) is Windows 10. My laptop is Windows 7. My new phone is an Android and I'm assuming it's on whatever the latest system is.
  14. Forum name: Wahya PM link: <3 List of Valetines I Can Breed: They are listed on this Google Doc. In short, most of my CBs are still available, including my Muties. List of Valentine's I need: They are also listed on this Google Doc.
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    Z Project

    ZYBQY NAME: Z'e Olive GENDER: Female ORIGIN: Cave Grab LINEAGE: CB ZWtOF NAME: Z'aneta GENDER: Female ORIGIN: Gift from jaxbaq <3 LINEAGE: CB
  16. I want an Anti-Valentine's dragon that everyone has access to!
  17. I Have New Dragons! Forum Name: Wahya Link To Sign Up Post: <3 New Dragons: Adults: Olivine: Olea europaea sylvestris | Olivine Scales | Water-cured Olive | Dry-cured Olive | Rutz | Olive Tree Constellation | Technically a Drupe | Sun-cured | Olive Bar | I Have A Butt | yYnDd the Palindrome | Nyon Olive | Z'e Olive | Alfonso Olive | Olivine Foliage | Foxy Olive | Cerignola Hollywish | Picual Hollywish | Spanish Hollywish Hatchlings: Olivine: Table Olive Pit | Blemished Olive | Ripped Olive | Olive Flavored Cheese
  18. The always awesome dirtytabs provided me with a mate I was looking for, and the new couple has successfully produced a behbeh. How do I update the original dragon I posted to now having a mate and offspring? Do I need to denote in the notes line that it's an update of a dragon I previously posted? Found the info! Will update soon <3
  19. Happy Belated Birthday to you! Mine is on the 20th
  20. May I also inquire what alternative prize(s) is(are) needed? I'd love to help out if I am able!
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    Z Project

    ZBEDX NAME: Z'e Winter GENDER: Male ORIGIN: Cave Grab LINEAGE: CB Seasonal (Winter) zPaRR NAME: Z'aparr GENDER: Male ORIGIN: Gift from Shroomlet <3 LINEAGE: CB Thunder Z4dqg NAME: Z'urna GENDER: Male ORIGIN: I'm pretty sure this guy was a gift from someone, but I seem to have neglected to document who gave him to me :/ LINEAGE: CB Tsunami
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    Silvermoon Grays

    I accepted Thank you!
  23. Wahya

    Silvermoon Grays

    My dream since I was a high school freshman has been to be a wolf biologist (I graduated high school in 2007 if that puts things into perspective; it's a lifelong goal at this point). Life dictated something a little different (I'm an environmental studies major instead of a bio major now), but my end goal is still to study wolves, even if it's not to be my life's work. My internship this summer might be studying wolves, depending on if any of the biologists I'm contacting see me as a worthy candidate Long story short, I would like to join this lineage project! Fun fact: My username means wolf in the language of one of the nations/cultures/peoples I'm mixed with