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  1. And I just missed this year's egg. Oh well.
  2. Waterhorses <3 I'll collect regardless of prizes. It's fun to collect!
  3. @Yhme You are so welcome! Glad you like it
  4. Sorry I didn't post yesterday! I had every intention to, but life xP Anyway, my final count is 150 as listed in the post Edit: I vote for Waterhorses next year!
  5. @Gryphonic Thank you SOOOOO much for naming the one you caught <3 That lineage is one of my personal favorites; Time in a Bottle is one of my favorite songs by Jim Croce, and my fascination with time (as well as needing to come up with an appropriate name for Time in a Bottle's mate) led me to come up with Cracked Hourglass I sincerely appreciate you thinking so much of the lineage to name your offspring!!! So few people name what I breed it seems xP
  6. I personally don't consider either of the names you picked offensive (although the second one could be, since it references what the West considers a private part of a person), and I do agree that it can be VERY subjective. Makes me wonder about my own. I might have to through and make sure I don't have anything to tick him off (which is funny, since a code a dragon I found has is VERY inappropriate, and even after messaging him about it, it hasn't been changed).
  7. You're welcome @LibbyLishly!!! I love continuing anything Dark Myst x Pumpkin. It's such a gorgeous color combination, and very festive <3
  8. I KNEW this would be tonight, but I had NO clue it would be so epic!!! Thank you!!!
  9. No worries! I hadn't noticed, lol! I've been kind of AFK from DC (well, from the forums at least!) for a little bit
  10. I'm up to 123 Sorry I haven't updated in so long!
  11. Wahya

    Z Project

    zbrUo NAME: Z'esty Vegetable GENDER: Female ORIGIN: AP Catch LINEAGE: Dam: Snow Fort Holiveday x Sire: Swaddling Holiveday - (PB Olive) zQAE9 NAME: Z'ach Maalot Hollywish GENDER: Male ORIGIN: AP Catch LINEAGE: Dam: Sparks Maalot Hollywish x Sire: Horton Maalot Hollywish - (Olive x Olive; Not a PB though)
  12. Wahya

    Z Project

    ZPJyD NAME: Z'e Charm of Spring GENDER: Female ORIGIN: AP Catch LINEAGE: Dam: Fresh Radiance x Sire: A New Angel - (Seasonal [Spring] x Radiant Angel) zEURb NAME: Z'eurb GENDER: Female ORIGIN: Bred by me LINEAGE: Dam: Xecc0 Utehdot Thuwed x Sire: Interstellar WiFi - (Holly x Nebula)
  13. Wahya

    Z Project

    zMcC8 NAME: Z'e Script GENDER: Female ORIGIN: Cave Grab LINEAGE: Caveborn zVHaS NAME: Z' Bailaka GENDER: Male ORIGIN: Cave Grab LINEAGE: Cave Born z5WNc NAME: Z'e Bailaka GENDER: Female ORIGIN: Cave Grab LINEAGE: Caveborn
  14. Try to explain something to someone who clearly didn't want to understand that thing. -sigh- At least I gave up early this time. I've learned as I've gotten older to not try to explain something more than once to complete idiots. It just makes you mad, and leaves them even more intent on their position.
  15. You can't find them exactly ;P Highlight the text below! You have to breed them to get them
  16. I Have Received A Prize! Forum Name: Wahya Received From: Ruby Eyes Prize Cost: 125 Old Point Total: 283 New Point Total: 158 (Every time I request a prize, I just remove the points from my total on my sign-up post anyway.)
  17. Cool. So long as they are unique, then whatever is decided with switching them (paying for it, not paying for it, etc.) is fine by me. I probably won't use the feature until we can change scroll names though xP
  18. Are display names still unique? As in, can a username only belong to one person?
  19. I couldn't load the forums at all today until now (I'd been trying on and off since about 10:00 AM EST; it's currently 3:28 PM EST), FYI. The screen was just blank, and the tab said "Connecting" with the blue loading icon. I use the latest version of Firefox with AdBlock Plus on a PC using Windows 10, if that's of any help.
  20. Wahya

    Z Project

    ZuYzQ NAME: Z'echariah GENDER: Male ORIGIN: I don't remember. LINEAGE: Caveborn zXaia NAME: Z'ul GENDER: Male ORIGIN: I think this was a gift from jaxbaq LINEAGE: Caveborn Zmdc6 NAME: Z'weet Silvery Wave GENDER: None ORIGIN: AP Catch I believe LINEAGE: Dam: (xDCmA) x Sire: (PH3XD) - (Tsunami x Tsunami - NOT a true purebred!)
  21. Wahya

    Z Project

    zRSa0 NAME: Z'e Spring GENDER: Female ORIGIN: AP Catch LINEAGE: Dam: Ms Flower x Sire: Alpine x - (Spring Seasonal x Winter Seasonal) zV5IN NAME: Z'yuranger GENDER: Female ORIGIN: Cave Grab LINEAGE: Caveborn ZukZk NAME: Z'uk GENDER: Female ORIGIN: AP Catch LINEAGE: Dam: (OzpCe) x Sire: (cxdRF) - (PB Sinii Krai) zCDvO NAME: Z'e Sinii Krai GENDER: Female ORIGIN: Cave Grab LINEAGE: CB Sinii Krai
  22. I woke up, remembered this amazing event, and smiled. It's been a long time since DC made me smile. <3
  23. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for returning my excitement for this game! Happy Birthday Dragon Cave!!!
  24. AN 8th EGGSLOT!?!?!? THANK YOU!!!