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Generally, I give and accept IOU <3Feel free to PM me. I answer all PMs and appreciate who does the same thing.Always interested in swapping Shimmer and 2nd gen Silver (Silver M x Moonstone F)Project on doing: Multicolor striped project, Silver moonlight, Seloha rainbowbuzzbuff88.png goldtrans.gif

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    Feel free to PM me, I answer all PMs and appreciate who does the same thing. Even a "No, thank you" is better than nothing.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wishlist ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Something I don't have or wish to have more
    CB Gold, Silver
    CB Blusang
    CB Neggie
    CB Nebula
    CB Seasonal
    CB Royal blue
    Alt Vine, Alt Black
    3th gen or lower Shimmer from non-holiday mate
    3th gen or lower Tinsel from non-holiday mate

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Project on doing ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Multi-color striped: 6th gen striped or longer
    Silver moonlight project: Silver M x Moonstone F checker
    Seloha rainbow: Rainbow arrow, cooperating with Selly153

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To-do list ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Golden gold project: Gold F x Golden wyvern M checker
    Bluemoon project: Royal blue x moonstone/Silver checker
    Icing Winter: Ice F x Winter M checker
    Frozen hatching collection
    Common/uncommon collection
    BSA Army: Red, purple and pink are NEVER enough

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I support IOU ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    It's not only IOU, but also something that I promise to do for other. Just the way for me to remember

    My IOU list:
    - Raven13dragon: 3rd gen Gold (Gold x Golden Wyvern checker)
    - Arella: 2PB Female Alt Vine (done)
    - shirox: fUMZ4 offspring
    - xenolion: exchange striped (White to red)
    - Cygnet: Eyrec's offspring (done)

    IOU to me
    - smikha: two 2nd gen Silver M x Moonstone F (1 done, 1 more to go)
    - PointOfOrigin: 2nd gen Silver M x Moonstone F
    - Lyxii: three 2nd gen Silver M x Moonstone F (2 done, 1 to go)