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  1. hi i just joined here are my eggs
  2. i wish i had a holly im never that lucky
  3. nevermind turns out it was my adblock
  4. how do you put pics of your screen on?
  5. anyone know why i cant make anything when the screen is a kitchen and why it wont let me use my top 2 ingredients
  6. Forum ID: dragon_rider1234 Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/Dragon_Rider1234 PM Link: ]PM Proof that I read the rules: holding hands
  7. Best Way to Contact: PM me Your Job? (Keeper or Freelance Volunteer): Keeper Do you promise not to kill, neglect, or freeze your given egg?:yes
  8. i would happily take any inbreeds its still a dragon and all dragons should be treated the same no matter there parents Scroll
  9. i feel like people with more than 3 should stop and let people who dont have get some
  10. all i want is a second so i can breed for other people
  11. maybe its like the best hunter out there
  12. desert every 5 mins big drop every hour
  13. good point maybe there a fighting dragon
  14. lucky trying to get 2 at least
  15. took me all day but i finally got one
  16. even then im not getting a single one
  17. they drop a lot earlier than an hour
  18. well found out the pattern of when they come out but even then theres almost 200 people waiting
  19. Forum ID: dragon_rider1234 Scroll Link: scroll PM Link: PM Proof that I read the rules: shiny happy people