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  1. Haven't tried. Kimchi?
  2. I'm nervous, excited and calm for my upcoming licensure exams. I have just started studying and the exams in three months.
  3. Well, I just got back to this forums after a long time. I apologise this reply is late, and I hope that the surgery went well and a success!
  4. Keep: Green Siyat Abandon: Brimstone Kill ( then eat): Chicken Nebula, Candelabra, Shadow Walker
  5. Time to get hunting! How eggs-citing!
  6. False, but would very much like one. And name him Cation The person below me loves yoghurt
  7. You are a blessing to this world of dragons! Bless you! *hug squishes*
  8. 😀 I finally got a Soulstone! ~eggspam removed~ 😄 So lovely! I'm glad I finally caught one!
  9. 😁Alright! How exciting- oh... 😀 I mean eggs-citing!
  10. Yes! Valentine's! The past holiday dragons are all lovely; it's just a pity I can't get more of the Soulstone. I don't see any in the Abandoned Page. 😮Does this mean no one likes to breed them?
  11. https://letterpile.com/poetry/Year-End-Poem INSPIRATIONAL WRITINGHUMOR WRITINGCREATIVE WRITINGPOETRYMEMOIRS & BIOGRAPHIESPERSONAL ESSAYSSERIALIZATIONSPLAYS & SCRIPTS AUTHOR CENTER Edit Stats Questions Delete LetterPile» Poetry Year End Poem 2018 Updated on December 29, 2018 George Xu more George has a background in business and Chemistry, but spends his free time pursuing his passion in literature and writing. Contact Author This Year Two Thousand and Eighteen, Has been filled with busy days And for easier, lighter days we ween; We then look for specific ways To cheer up and lighten the mood Be it enough rest or maybe some food. This festive time and End of Year, We gather ‘round with old mates And share as well as spread Good Cheer With those hearties we haven’t seen of late; Wishing that Christmas and the Year End, Bring you Good Hope, my Friend!
  12. Something is still troubling me from the 2018 Holiday Event. If the setting of Galsreim is medieval ages and we're not allowed to have airplanes or modern things in our dragon descriptions, how come we have a bomb-throwing helicopter called "Peace on Earth" in the Snow Wars Event?
  13. My master's residence had been burnt to ruins thjs morning 2 am local time. Anyway, you must know that the work place (Offices) is beside that along with the lab filled with flammable solvents. It was only fortunate that the Offices were unharmed! As it was reported in our online group that there was a fire but no one was hurt, I imagined only a small fire. As I came to work, I went to the house and saw the remains. Tbe whole house was affected. We saw my master's mom standing there in the ruins. Apparently in shock. We had difficult time bringing her out. Anyway, saw my master in the Office. He stopped by briefly. You could sense his calm. Like nothing happened. He just seems busy and in a rush. The work must still go on. He asked if we needed anything before going. To go with his mom for medicine. Anyway, he also greeted me. I just froze. I felt guilty for not reacting. I just don't know how to comfort him. Hugging him, even if we're that close seems inappropriate. Anyway, I'm surprised he didn't blame me. You see, I also happen to be the Safety Officer. I know it's not my fault and it's out of my jurisdiction (since it was the house not the Office which is under my watch). However I still feel guilty. Which is just ridiculous. I also felt the need and want to resign. But of course, master doesn't need that. What with he needed me more than ever to check Fire Safety of other warehouses (also filled with flamnable products). It's just inappropriate to do so. I'm just stuck on what to do.
  14. Bus B. Take Chang Angelito A bus company. http://www.ncr.dole.gov.ph/fndr/mis/files/BUS COMPANIES-BUS ROUTES(1).pdf This tea is delicious! Local herbs?
  15. They are friends and love each other. How do I make you to like me?
  16. @hazeh I don't have any experience of your situation. Thus, I can't advise you. For the job part, it is best to be humble and admit it to your manager/master. Ask for some advice, maybe training. S/he will surely understand and help you obtain the right skills fit for the job. Just know everything will be alright. May it all turn out well for you!
  17. Turn your monitor or phone screen upside down Why are ALL my dragons green? Are you joking my face?
  18. In his red white striped shirt Why are my dragons ALL green? Are you joking my face?
  19. Pepe has powers deep from Frog Land Could I have a cuppa?
  20. @Fuzzbucket :lol: Those are actually funny comics! My answer to the question: A circle has no beginning
  21. Beavers chew wood! Why am I holding a boomerang?
  22. Princesses. Beautiful princesses. Then I will burn all the knights and princes that tries to save them to crisps!