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    I always want 2nd gen purebred black. PM me to trade!

    Black dragons I already have:
    40 of 512

    **I need mates for my holiday Dragons!**
    Generation: Pairing (dragon I need)

    Gen 2: Purebred Winter (for my Yulebuck)
    Gen 2: Solstice x Heartseeker (solstice needed!)
    Gen 2: Purebred Red Copper (for my lurker)
    Gen 2: Purebred Nebula (for my lurker)
    Gen 2: Purebred Olive (for my marrow)
    Gen 2: Purebred Hellfire (for my sweetling)
    Gen 2: Purebred Pink (2 needed)
    Gen 2: Purebred Magi (for my marrow)

    ***Other Dragons I'm Looking for***
    Generation: Pairing (dragon I need)

    CB: Blusang (Just want a breding pair. Will pay nicely).
    CB: Black or Red (Black is most important)

    Gen 2: Tea x Ice (Ice)
    Gen 2: purebred only Black (Black)
    Gen 2: Pink x Lurker (Pink, EITHER gender of lurker!)
    Gen 2 Heartseeker x Red (Red)
    Gen 2: purple x spitfire (Purple)
    Gen 2: Geode (Purebred from stone)
    Gen 2: Purebred preferred, less picky (red)
    Gen 2: Purebred Lurker

    Gen 4: 2-breed tinsel stairs, unrelated to Galletian Victory, Army, Bronze ivy, or Hypnotizing.

    This section is mostly for my reference! :)

    5th element dragon registration:

    5th Element Spreadsheet:


    Silver Locket waiting list:
    cyntinell: (notification only)