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  1. Forum name: gallopinthunder New lineage: Love by Nat King Cole A heart lineage made up of pinks!! Technically, I made it based on the Michael Buble version which is the version I'm familiar with
  2. Hi I'm new to lyrical lineages! Just finished my first one, but I have a ton in progress (too many to list here...). This one is the chorus of a song I learned long ago. It's from an old folk song that gets used a lot. Still haven't figured out which version I learned. Forum name: gallopinthunder Lineages you made: The Cuckoo Bird Add to front page? yes Will you breed siblings for others if requested? sure
  3. My room has bright green walls that GLOW. My rooms a bit small not really and only has a bed, 1 1/2 dressers (full length and small), and a moon chair. I'm in desperate need of a desk. My books, papers, drawing stuff are all spread out on the floor though currently theres no clothes on the floor. Mainly because I'm doing laundry right now.
  4. I chew on my lips/inside cheeks too. I also will pick at scabs, but I don't do that as much anymore. Thank god.
  5. A horse- can't get cuz my family is dirt poor and we live in the suburbs
  6. I play the violin. At my school they have a freshman orchestra and a big orchestra for the rest of the grades. First semester it's symphonic orchestra. This year our freshman orchestra is huge and almost as big as our symphonic. I think they're are 30 to 40 freshman or something like that.
  7. I've had quite a few pets. We used to have 4 parakeets, but the dog knocked over their cage when they were outside and they... flew away. I miss them though especially their 'singing'. We have 5 cats now 8 in the past year. We started with just one, a cute grey and white female, that my dad picked up off the highway. Then 2 litters later we found homes for 3 of her 4 kitties (all girls) and now that other one had her own litter of 3 with two males. My cats need fixed badly.
  8. Storms. I love feeling the rain on my face, the tremble of thunder, catching hail, and watching lighning. Oh and the smell of rain. Swimming in the rain is nice too. Purring soft fluffy cats <3 Music. Horses. There's something about just being with them that makes me so happy. Drawing. I can do it all day. Fresh snow. It's so sparkly and white and just perfect. Day dreaming out the car window. Running barefoot outside. In mud, dirt, or thick soft green grass. Riding my bike with no hands. Free food. Sleeping in. Climbing trees. Even the scratches you get all over your
  9. Haha yes!! Game of thrones. I'm currently obsessed with that, cards (like playing cards not trading cards), black and white photographs, Muse, rpging, country (everything country. boots, horses, PBR, guys, accents, music you name it!), and Pilot G-2 1.0 gel pens (yes I'm very specific when it comes to pens).
  10. I did not know that was out yet. Right now I'm reading Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin. I just finished Insurgent by Veronica Roth (the sequel to divergent). In class we're reading Seabiscuit, An American Legend by who knows who. I of course am the only one in my class who's already read it. Next I'm going to read Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan (4th book in the Wheel of Time series). As you can see I like my books big. I love those big fantasy series.