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  1. Pops in. Poofs away. As you can obviously see, I've been working on a new style and things to branch out on. Especially shading and anatomy!
  2. EDIT: Added Nerain. Pops in with Fakemon redesigns. Santor: Dragler: Nerain: Click them for full size. I'll try to sprite them later if I can. I decided that I will certainly be using them outside of PF, but they will remain here, as well. -poofs again- EDIT AGAIN: Lookie here! Look what I did. I made a new Dragler sprite. I'm probably beating a dead horse by trying to revive this project, but hey, why not? EDIT....: ....I'll just keep editing with the sprites. Whatever.
  3. Posts something to show that I am not dead. Also, happy new year.
  4. I have read this over... more than five times. I really, really appreciate the critique! Either way... Yes, I do know that I need to work on traditional. A lot. I haven't drawn on paper in months. But I'm leaning toward staying a digital artist, it's a lot more fun and takes fewer materials. Program: FireAlpaca. Shading, yes, that's one thing I definitely need to work on. I was doing the color wheel shading at one point, dunno why I stopped. And I do agree that it needs to have a bit more contrast, and that my shading is... A bit bland, and flat. Shading: I'll work harder in the future. Backgrounds are always fun when it's nighttime! More stars. Got it. And nebulae... I try. xP Usually I don't put much detail into the background unless the image is focusing on it, which doesn't happen all too often. But I'll try to do harder! My stylllee. I do like the cartoony style I have at the moment. That's not something I'm going to change, but rather improve on. I like to keep it unique to myself. In the meantime, have some other derps I've drawn in the past few days(In no particular order of when they were drawn) :
  5. The thing is, the background actually was lined. The blur tool just made it look like it wasn't. I usually do line the background things, but with certain effects and stuff it just makes it look lineless.
  6. Here's something I spent a few hours on. I'm quite proud of the result. This one was inspired by a RP between Gabby and I, where Sir Deathwing and her character Sir Shinaho were searching for Frost together. I experimented with some effects and textures, like the field and the lens flare. And the blur on Shinaho's wings. Overall, I'm happy with how it turned out. And if you want to know his owner, Sir Shinaho belongs to the fabulous Gabbycat17 on deviantART.
  7. Here you see Moon's thought process go from "RAINBOWSPARKLES" to "SPARLKDAJADLKWAEJDLKEFJWE" to "I'm calm now, I'll just doodle some cutes" to "let's draw some depressing crap and torture my babu!" in one photoset.
  8. I should probably add that I don't do signatures... Sorry, you two.
  9. Miiine. I mostly do Kirby based art. You can see that I really have an obsession with glow. xP
  10. (Click to see full size images) Some more OCs. AND HERE COMES THE SOUL POWER
  11. Some of my latest derps. I wasn't kidding when I said I'm obsessed with Kirby. oDo Lillian has wings. Drag the image if you can't see them.
  12. After eight months of inactivity on this thread, I finally get off my lazy butt and upload something! I've decided to go about and draw the Fakemon I created in Project Fakemon. As you can see with Dragler, some have gotten huge design updates!
  13. I'm afraid that updating sprites isn't exactly going to happen for me. Like I said, I lost my spriting muse, and the sprites would be absolutely horrific if I did try updating. I guess I'll draw them and post them to my art thread when I finish.
  14. Aaah, I'm sorry for my absence. My mind has been obsessed with Kirby for the past... six months. It seems like I've lost my spriting muse, but I can draw some Fakemon of mine in my current style. Some of them, especially Constriler, have gotten huuuuge design updates. Though Constriler's design is just tons more fins plus horns. I've been in a drawing mood lately. And adding tiny details onto tiny little sprites is too much work, while drawing allows tons more freedom and detail. I might even draw some derps for the things I was supposed to finish months ago.
  15. I'm afraid that I've abandoned the project. I'm sorry. <:/
  16. Hunter held her ground as Kari attempted to push her- her bulk allowed for this and when Kari asked for the directions, she blinked. "Hold on a second." She climbed the tree and looked out. "It's that way," she called down, pointing east. Hunter felt her fur stand on end and she looked down at the Flareon again. Slowly she climbed down and growled slightly. I don't trust it. I want to trust it, but I can't for some reason! She thought. "Come on." She said, making a gesture with her tail. "Let's go." "Hmm!" Sir Deathwing grunted. Quickly he ran after Drake, apologizing under his breath. "Emily and I heard you. Come on," he called to the half-bat. Emily narrowed her eyes and shrugged, jumping toward Sir Deathwing and landing on his head. The red knight spread his wings and prepared for flight, as well. "Let's go."
  17. Hunter frowned. Most people that saw her would just scoop her up and hug her for a while until she struggled to get away. She never knew why- maybe it was her fur? "Speak your name, Flareon." She growled. Her tail twitched as she said that and her wings half-opened in an attempt to look bigger. Hunter slowly walked forward to observe it. It looked like a normal Flareon. But something seemed off about it. "Why are you here?" She added quietly.
  18. (I'm kinda stuck. Psycho Cat hasn't replied yet and I'm not sure what to do with Sir Deathwing and Emily. ^^''))
  19. Hunter didn't respond when Kari pointed out her colors. "Coi ui eschoup ekess itrewic woari persvek Achiusk Caesin." She said, thumping her fluffy tail against the ground. "But I know my way around. I live here, in fact." Hunter spread her gigantic wings as she stretched. "That crow that was bothering me doesn't. He just decided to take my NOVA-dang tree and attack anyone who sits in it. I saw you enter that weird... thing back there. You know that red puffball, right?" She asked, folding her wings. "The next time you see him, could you tell him and his friend to not train in..." She used one of her claws to point in the direction of where Emily destroyed the dummy and left a crater in the ground. "That general area? Lots of rare animals live there in that area and I don't want any to get hurt." ((Edit: I drew her. Cx [X]))
  20. "Never heard of you, although it is a pleasure to meet you. You may call me Hunter." "CAW! CAW! CAW!" She narrowed her eyes. A low growl deep in her throat showed that she was getting rather ticked off. When she inhaled, her fur rose on end and when she let out her breath, a green fireball shot right at the crow. "SHUT UP!" She yelled. Quickly she darted down the trunk, clinging to it while upside-down at the base. She looked like a giant round squirrel like that. She had missed, but gotten the point across. The fire dissipated in midair right before it would hit Kari. The crow was now on the "tree" that was the TARDIS, and it had decided not to take any more chances with round creatures. "Thank you." She slid to the ground, turning so she would land on her feet. Hunter wobbled a bit- she hadn't touched the ground in days and it felt awkward having solid dirt under her feet. "Now." She looked up at Kari. "Who are you two?"
  21. Hunter jumped as she was poked, staring at Swift Feather. Her shyness immediately taking over, she lifted into the air with a few loud flaps and ascended a few branches. Her sharp claws dug into the branch as she peered down at Swift Feather, spreading her huge, brightly colored wings. "Who are you?" She asked softly, twitching her fluffy tail. "Were you going to use that branch...? I was taking my nap on the one below it before that rude crow woke me." Hunter added, pointing to the crow, which was trying to gesture to her and Swift Feather frantically. She yawned, revealing a set of sharp teeth. "Can you make it go away...?"