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  1. It really depends on how much time and money I have. But for the most part I've come to appreciate fast food chains and their ability to at leave provide calorie counts.
  2. I had about 5 fancy mouses and one hamster, every single one of them had faces I couldn't say no to
  3. I love everything about horse. They've been and still are my FAVORITE animal of all time. I've only worked and and ridden them, but I've never own one. One day I hope to. I think they're beautiful graceful creatures, and I could not express in words how much I love them. Horses rock!!!
  4. I'm allergic to dish soap and particular detergents in their liquid form. I also have a mild allergy to shellfish and crustaceans, but I eat it anyways 'cause I'm a fiend for seafood
  5. A smart phone I like with internet access Why I don't?: It's way more expensive than it's worth
  6. Where do I start... Relaxing at home Being with my boyfriend Good Food (especially ice cream) A good night's rest Day off from work and school Rain Kpop Horses Cute outfits Traveling And many other things