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  1. Sorry I already sent it ^^' Omg the Pokémon ones are so cute! Do you still have Mimikyu?
  2. Ahah now that you said it I can't unsee the doggo
  3. Just made another Among Us cookie if anyone wants it!
  4. Omg ahahah Can I have a crow too? They're so cute when they stare at you at night 👀
  5. Oh wow thank you! I didn't know him ahah
  6. Sure! Is you scroll name also BatPopsicle?
  7. Hello guys!! Happy holidays ❤️ I was hoping someone could explain to me what this cookie is, I can't seem to find out if it's a reference to something ^^' Sorry to who made it ahah Also I made these three if anyone is interested :3 OMG they are so cute!! Do you still have #11 by any chance?
  8. Omg, if they are related to the moon then the werewolf in the game’s museum may be a hint to them!!
  9. Yay halloween!! Loving the treats so far, the werewolf one cracked me up And yeeeeeeeeessss, old ones for who missed them \(^•^)/ I won't be able to play the story until tomorrow, but I'm sure it'll be fantastic as always <3 Stay safe and have fun everyone!
  10. It would be epic to let us catch past years' eggs (and treats from the Halloween event!). There are a lot beautiful eggs that were released when I was not a member of this site yet, so this would be a dream come true The lasting time of the event for me, this year, was enough, but I see that for a lot of different reasons can make one feel stressed about not being able to collect all the eggs. I totally support these ideas and hope for their implementation in the next events!!
  11. OMG, is the Enterprise that I see???
  12. This is actually a genius idea! It would be fantastic to complete past collections Happy hunting and happy Easter everyone!! \(^•^)/
  13. Wow this is my first "end of event dragons wall" ever! Why am I so excited?? I'm going to save some of the non-valentine eggs with just a few hours left, hopefully they'll find a new home with me ❤️
  14. Just finished the story: it's sooooooooo cute I'm dying (>o<) ❤️ And the mother is described as "scarlet" when we see her in the village, so we also have a color?
  15. Oh wow the new hatchlings look sooooo cute!! I absolutely love the story/game this year, the protagonist is so relatable lol I'm trying to play like a good hatchling and figured it would be bad to steal the gold from the fountain, but maybe I'm missing something since I have no animals in the inventory, other than the doggo ( ). Maybe at the end of the event, if the story can be replayed, I'll do everything I lost before.
  16. I have the same problem on mobile, but on computer it works fine, so I figured it's too complicated of a page for the phone to load (if this does make sense lol)
  17. Ow, I really hoped the last game would have been the house decorating from Valkemarian Tales; I left mine a bit messy and I would have loved to fix it 💔 It's always fun to destroy other people's forts anyway muhuahah Also this is AMAZING. Chapeau!
  18. Woooow the new adult dragons are amazing ❤️ The event is super fun and I love that I can finally decorate my own tiny little tree, yaaaay!! It's almost identical to the one that I have irl (minus the dragons lol); if you're curious it's here The only thing that is bothering me is my old gingerbread house: if I try to remove, add or just slightly move anything, it goes from this... ...to this Even by moving the tree or the door I can't seem to take away this glitch 😕 Does anyone have any tips?
  19. I'm registered since 2012 and I never expected to be still here 7 years later, celebrating DC's 13th birthday! I never get tired of all the little creatures we can collect, and of course I'm looking forward to know what will come out of these beautiful new eggs Thank you Dragon Cave; happy birthday and many happy returns!!! 🎉
  20. This would be fantastic!! I'd sign a petition for it u.u
  21. The feesh should have a name! \(°o°)/
  22. Wait, am I dreaming or is this a wolf Link reference??
  23. Is it a Smash Bros egg that I see?? This year's eggs are the best!!
  24. For now I found only one with the mana symbols changing If it's yours thank you for making it!