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  1. Well hopefully i'll end up programming video game AI, or working at my local university researching AI development.
  2. im not sure what the guy above me is doing but (assuming 9 and 0 got mixed up) 20,084
  3. I got a fairly bad glitch while playing mass effect 3 multi player, it was the last level of the match, I hit a massive lag spike and was teleported outside the stage geometry. I couldn't move or shoot and had to quit the match so my team could finish it.
  4. Started LoL not to long ago, been playing random heroes. Saving up for the champion Orianna.
  5. To not require sleep, in order to function. In others words the ability to stay awake 24/7 without getting tired.
  6. Darksiders then most likely Dishonored.
  7. I've played Skyrim quite extensivley and can say, one of the greatest improvements (for myself) i found was in the magic system compared to Oblivion. Playing a High elf mage i was so very happy to see improvements over the old system of casting.
  8. Well let's see i would have to say, Sten from Dragon Age Origins Faith from Mirror's Edge Kaiden Alenko, Liara T'soni from the Mass Effect Series Carth and Canderous from Knights of the Old Republic Emil and Grimoire Weiss from Nier
  9. If you are in the market for RPG's i would highly reccomend Nier and Dark Souls Nier- a very gripping yet sad story decent combat, just note you will have to beat the game multiple times to feel the full weight of the story as different plot points are revealed on differnet play throughs. Dark Souls- One of the hardest yet most far game i have ever played, this game has the most responsive and probably one of the best combat systems i have ever played, just note this game is very hard