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  1. Very pleased to have had the opportunity to gather "old" eggs. It was a delight to see them again. Thank-you TJ, spriters, creators, and all the artisans who contributed to this dragon & egg.
  2. I think this is 👍, as long as original artisan receives credit. I'm glad someone thought of it.
  3. Awesome! It's great that the eggs will be available for a week! Thanks TJ!
  4. No Mint-upside or otherwise, but thanks for the possibility.
  5. Very cool looking, esp the Hydros. Even the egg is so well deliniated with scales. The fires are splendid too and adeptly created. A wonderful pair to close out the winter and finally welcome in Spring. Thanks to TJ and all spriters! Plus receiving the heads up for the first of April. Awesome!
  6. Nice looking new dragons so far. I always enjoy the second revel when the dragons grow up. Can't wait!
  7. Very cool looking. Thanks to TJ and spriters! Plus the heads up for first of April.
  8. My ❤ goes out to TJ and all contributing spriters and artisans. Thank-you for all you're doing to provide a fun event for the entire cave!
  9. Thank-you TJ and all the Spriters to make this release smooth and interesting.
  10. Happy and wonderful holiday to everyone! Plenty of fun for everyone! Enjoy and thanks to TJ and the splendid team of spriters & moderators.
  11. Yay! Another Halloween holiday. Thanks to all of you who worked so hard on the overall event and the Tales Event plus the old and new dragon components!!!
  12. Another fabulous Dragon Cave Halloween event! Happy Halloween to all and fun hath begun to all those who have made it beà!!
  13. Thank-you TJ and everyone who took part in organizing, creating, promoting, and following their creative whim and artistic license to make the best we all can admire.
  14. Thank-you one and all who made these lovely eggs turn into fabulous dragons. Thank TJ for another great release!
  15. I'm on board with the release ju a few hours behind the beginning tho. Happy Autumnal Equinox to all and may everyone's event be balanced and a fabulous Fall to all!
  16. Thanks for the new pretty eggs. Thanks to the spriters too.
  17. The incredibly intertwining story and relations presented and possible with having the other half of the Xenos family now is awesome Birdz! Thank-you for all your creativeness now, past, and future!
  18. Swirly, Swirly - for eggs and being on the first page! yahoo!
  19. Wow! There is something/someone for everybody in this release-2 headeds, friendlies, fluffies, dwarves, gorgeous color spectrums, airborns and earthbounds. An abundance of dragonmania filling the skies and crawling the earth. What a wonderful pile to jump into and not come up for air for months, especially for those who like to breed, crossbreed, and create further dragon thrills. Thank-you TJ, Spriters, and everyone involved in this extraordinare dragon and 14th Birthday event!
  20. Happy Birthday, DC! And to all who are connected with the longevity of our favorite pastime. Cheers. Happy, happy 🎂! and many more.
  21. Yay!!! More new dragons. Thank-you TJ and the spriters and anyone else involved in these lovely critters.
  22. Better late than never. Wonderful to see the Festival of Eggs again. Thanks to TJ and Spriters!
  23. Complete oblivion. If I hadn't seen all the new baby dragons in the nursery, I still wouldn't know. I got out of knowing when the new kids would be arriving after the long holiday season. Thanks to TJ, spriters, creators, and fellow dragon enthusiasts.
  24. Thanks so much TJ and spriters and moderators. Another lovely Valentine Day's event and release is behind us. Thank-you for all you do.