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    GOAL: To learn enough to become as good of a Mentor as mine was.
    WISHLIST: (Will breed whatever I can on my scroll in return.) [Breeding/Lineage Code information noted at end of list.]

    CB/PB-low gen eggs/hatchlings needed:
    Aegis (6), Black alt (1 female), Caligene (1 female), Chickens (2), Garnets-Coast (6) & Alpine (7), Heartstealing (4), Mistletoes (3m/3f), Mugamort (6), Neglected (1 male/1 female/1 ungendered), Zombies (2).

    Coppers: [Red (3m/1f)];
    Metallics: [Gold (4m/4f), Silver (7m/5f)];
    Shimmers: [(Gold (1m/2f), Silver (3m/1f), Bronze (2m/1f)];


    Heartseekers X Ribbon, Vine, Solstice, Horse,
    Ridgewing-Blue, Ice, Bleeding Moon, Holly, GW;
    Sweetling X Solstice, Bloodscale, Black Marrow,
    Shadow Wlkr, Vine;
    Radiant X HS, Solstice, Rosebud,
    Rosebud X Dreamer, Black Marrow, Bleeding Moon,
    Royal Blu;
    Arsani X Blusang, Tsunami, Neb-Purple, Spring, Ice;
    Val '09 X SoulPeace, Black Marrow, Royal Blue, Lunar-male;

    1) CB in front of the name means the dragon is Cave Born,
    2) Prairie is my scroll/stable name. Other names in the first position of the name indicates another breeders' scroll/stable name;
    3) Usually the next word indicates what breed the dragon is;
    4) Sometimes the second word indicates or includes the breed of the non-dominant/other breed parent, sometimes breed nicknames are used;
    5) The third word is usually the "Common/Call" name usually created from ancestors names or the dragon's original HTML code;
    6) The number at the end of the name is the generation level,
    7) The letters in front of the end number are detailed below:
    P = Purebred, p = Purebred hybid or PB dragons that have different related breed colors (ex: 2 headed Lindwurms or Glories);
    E = Even gen; C = Checkerboard, M = Mirrored;
    S = Stairstep, s = spiral, Ss = Stairstep changing to spiral, sS = spiral changing to Stairstep;
    V =Vertical, U =Unusual, A =alts inside, M=Multiple or Messy. Ex: CB Tootie Fruitie Cereal Fight PsSA7 means that this is a Cave Born Tootie breed of dragon whose non-dominant parent's breed is a Fruitie, and its Common/Individual Name is "Cereal" whose HTML code was something like hITgF, that is a 7th gen Purebred spiral that changed to a Stairstep lineage with an Alt in its lineage.

    "Circle" lineage ex: http://dragcave.net/lineage/h0Ncc