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  1. Hi! I know not everyone cares about inbreeding, but upon accidentally breeding one of my silvers to his sibling yesterday, I realized it might be nice to have something like a checkbox on the breeding page to exclude potential mates that share the lineage. I don't know a lot about programming but it sounds like a solution that wouldn't be too difficult to implement or too obtrusive, it wouldn't prevent people from breeding how they want if they don't care, and would save a bit of time for those of us who'd rather not inbreed their dragons. Sorry if this has already been suggested, I searched the forum and didn't see a suggestion quite like this but it's possible I missed something.
  2. @Vrael I'm on EU Nordic and East unfortunately. It's not a high level account though, so maybe I could create new one for NA since I know a lot more people that play on NA, not much of a loss except the few champions I've collected, ahahah.
  3. I'd love to have friends to play LoL with but I sorta suck, hahahaha
  4. Pokemon x, Nier Automata, original Phoenix Wright trilogy, A new leaf, Witcher 3.... um.... X'D probably a lot more. I can never focus on only one.
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    I dunno if people are being active and stuff on this thread, but I'm doing Nano for the first time this year and I'm having a great time so far! trying not to be too critical, just getting the story out on paper even though it's hard, and I've been good and writing pretty much every day if I can. I'm on track to 'win' this month, although if i manage to write every day for the rest of the month, I'mg considering myself a winner regardless of word count
  6. Lady Artemis, I've got the same thing happening so it's not just you. :/
  7. Yaaaaay locked my scroll with new eggs AND i managed to get a zombie. eUe
  8. ;u; lol i still haven't gotten mine. All curses on slow internet.
  9. :3 Melon is all grown up! ^^ yay! 8) I'm afraid to breed him, tbh. X)
  10. and Melon *still* hasn't gendered. XP
  11. 8) Melon has yet to gender. *waits nervously*
  12. LOL. Now I can't unsee it.
  13. Thank you! ^^ I am very happy to have him.
  14. :3 My darling Melon has arrived. X)
  15. I don't have screenshots, bbut in Assassin's Creed (the original 1st game) whenever I start a fight too close to a wall I end up vanishing halfway inside it. X)
  16. Aww! D: I missed this release. And the hatchies are so cute. ;__; lol
  17. The thing that bugs me most about the issue, other than the fact that it shouldn't even be an argument anyway, is the self-contradiction that seems to be going on all the time. NO ONE has a good, logical argument against it, only "Well, my RELIGION says it's wrong" or "It's just gross" or "It's unnatural." None of which are good or valid arguments. Last I checked, a big part of Christianity was love, compassion, and not passing judgment on others. So all the people that go around screaming ""ALL LIFE IS SACRED" go and discriminate, discriminate, and discriminate people to death. Yeah, real logical guys.
  18. Well... I don't think I'll be catching any of these because I have to board my flight quite soon. Drat.
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    2013-05-05 - May Release

    There are a couple on the completed list that I'm just crossing my fingers for. I'd love to see some nice two headed dragons. An something with colors we don't see as much - yellow, orange, etc.
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    2013-05-05 - May Release

    OOh thank you. :3 If I find way to get my cell provider to let me use internets overseas, I'll be doing some catching. **rubs hands together**
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    2013-05-05 - May Release

    I just realized I'm going to be on a flight on the 21-22 and then most likely without internet for the next... indefnitely. WHy, cruel world?
  22. esnym

    2013-05-05 - May Release

    Is it even possible to get a pair of each without a gold trophy? I should be getting mine soon, but I don't know if I can make it.... O_o Does anyone have a good strategy? Cause I suck at math.
  23. esnym

    2013-05-05 - May Release

    RIGHT when I'm leaving for vacation? Oh come on... Still, this is very exciting. I'm just sad I can't be here.
  24. I can't turn my brain off at all. I generally don't fall asleep til 3 or 4 AM. X__X Not good, considering I'm in college and have to get up at 7 or eariler to get to class.
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    The way I see it, the definition of "cheating" uses deceit somewhere within it. If all partners are aware of the arrangement and enter it of their own free will, it certainly isn't cheating. It's also not immoral by itself - only people involved can make it so - but isn't that the case with traditional marriage as well? Historically, men have had lot more freedom in who they marry, when they marry, how well they treat the missus, when/if they choose to leave, whether to have partners on the side... Not to mention the vastly different social consequences for identical behaviors. Does that mean that marriage is the tool of hell and oppression and should be abolished from society altogether? Obviously not. If people are happy with a relationship, they should go for it and make it legal. Personally I think I wouldn't love the idea of being in a polyamorous relationship myself, unless it was a perfect triangle where everyone loves everyone because I'm afraid of potential drama. But other people make it work, and it shouldn't be a big deal to the rest of society.