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  1. On 11/5/2019 at 4:37 AM, Ruby Eyes said:

    White Dragons can prevent your eggs from dying for 6 hours by warding them.


    White Dragons have a power now? I'm so out of the loop lmao

  2. Hi there! I'm just curious, is it normal for fogged eggs to die? Three of my Halloween eggs became sick so I fogged them, and then the next time I checked my scroll they were dead. I always thought if they were fogged they were guaranteed to eventually get better... that's how it's always been for me until now :$

  3. I got to the end of the Tsoko storyline and we both said we weren't going to the dance and kept baking. What does that mean?? I don't understand. Did I fail to woo him or was that the best outcome? Please help I literally logged onto the forums for the first time in years just to post this ha

  4. I recently found a nice server with nice people on it. I'm making a house on it. It's kind of cottage-y looking, which fits considering I'm building in an ice spike biome.

  5. these things have like vanished off the face of DC now o.o

    A part of me hopes it stays like that because I want them to be harder to get in the future so simply having them makes them more special.

  6. I just scanned the first page of this thread and it was all cute introductions and had a warm feeling to it and then I skipped to the last page and it's all debating and back-and-forth's and it made me forget I wasn't on tumblr for a second.

  7. My eyes are blue on the outside and go green the closer you get to my pupil. In florescent lighting they look blue, and in direct sunlight they look green, occasionally brown but that's only happened twice.