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  1. I checked and noticed that this doesn't have its own topic so I thought I might as well make one! I've gotten almost to the end of the game and have really enjoyed it, even though I've only really played it in short bursts over the years. Feel free to ask to swap friend codes for the game, I'm getting tired of linking with Amigo bot. Lol My favourite character is actually Agnes at this point, though it was a rocky road with lots of kind of okay voice acting exploding into fantastic before dropping back to alright.
  2. I'm getting to the point where when I do something wrong I can't let go. I beat myself up over it for hours and days after the fact and I can't stop it. My families moving ****ing again and I cant tell if its for better or for worse because we are going back to the place we moved from. I broke a picture I wanted to take with me and I can't pack it because now its broken and its my fault because I shouldn't have left in a place where I could step on it. My family is acusing me of pack ratting my clothes and possessions but I can"t help but feel thats unfair because I'm just given all these things from my siblings who I hardly ever see anymore I can't just drop these things. I just need help with all this anxeity and stress and emotions.
  3. I looked around for a while but couldn't find anything like this. I'm writing a fiction story, but I can't really figure out what everyone likes because I'm the person who likes almost any book. So I'm asking you guys, what do you value most in a fiction book? Do you like dialogue, descriptions or villians? As I've said I pretty much like everything in a book but if I had to choose one thing that I like over all else it would be an interesting villain. I've always really liked villains, especially well written ones and have sometimes found myself rooting for them more than the actual protagonist.
  4. I'm sitting here imagining a knight going up to a dragons hoard and finding all this weird stuff. "I've come to slay the might dragon andddd.... Why are there grandma sweaters?" Anyway I would hoard knowledge, any book, magic, scroll, and magical trinkets would belong to me.
  5. Name: Meep, or the Meep Gender:they them Universe: League of Legends, Species: They are a Meep, creatures found around the universe that are attracted to chimes, jingles and jangles. They are usually found around a champion named Bard, a being that travels around universes, and assist him in attacking and slowing an opponent. They normally exist in another dimension before being attracted by the chimes. Alignment: Lawful Neutral Appearance: http://imgur.com/a/HbXf0 Personality: I'm doing a bit of guessing here but Meeps are generally very curious and loyal. If they are following to someone they will work very hard to assist that person History: This particular Meep was simply exploring its considerably large universe when it was destroyed. It awoke in the dream, and then found itself floating in universe of valkemare Extra: not really
  6. My sister is getting married, and she is a lesbian. My family pushes Christianity a lot and while I do believe in my religion I tend to throw myself into a large amount of philosophy because of this. I want to celebrate my sisters marriage without getting a guilty feeling around my parents. It doesn't help that my sister has already had a huge falling out with my parents (more specifically my dad) and it split my immediate family apart. So now I'm really worried about whats going to happen, my dad has to face this huge rift now and my sister needs to deal with it to. I want to go to the wedding and be happy but I'm worried that the marriage could make this huge problem even bigger. It doesn't help that I was recently suffering from depression and my friend has anxiety so I have school to worry about as well. I also have been worrying about my weight so I guess this is the year of worrying. I just need some hugs, cookies, and reassurances that life will be okay.
  7. don't worry tabs I forgive you (though the joke is kinda lost now) good old times looking all over for that one cat, geez does everyone in that town own like seven cats? -totally not still salty flame is still salty-
  8. pffft that eevee anyway love your arts, I'm a fan of your dragon people! Always had a love for winged people.
  9. thank you very much! sorry for the lack of information to go off of ^^'
  10. That is not ok, your mother is handling that very poorly and it is not ok for her to do that. I think parents are ignorant sometimes because of the fact that some of them have this image in their heads of their children being absolutely everything they want them to be and when they realize that's not who you are they freak out. All the same, it's not ok for someone to go "well so and so were born a such and such sex, so I think of them as a such and such gender" I think very few people realize that your sex and your gender aren't the same thing. Having a sexuality different form 'the norm' is not a sin so don't feel guilty about it, your life is your life, live it the way you want to.
  11. oh wow, that sounds terrible!*hugs* I not very good with advice on parents seeing as I have no idea how to talk to my dad at all but I'll try. My dad is pretty similar, except he isn't very open about what he thinks unless its at the dinner table. However I do know that whatever your dad thinks, you are you, and if that means that your Pansexual so be it. Coming out can be difficult, do you have any friends or family you can trust to tell first? If so start there, with a friend or sibling you trust after carefully asking about their opinions on sexuality and gender. I know that getting shot down like that may have made you cautious about telling others about your sexuality, or afraid to bring the topic up around friends but telling someone can really take a weight of your chest. I'm sorry if this didn't really help much, but I just wanted you to know, that we are all here for you if you need someone to talk to.
  12. oh sorry! naw a pencil sketch is fine, I usually just forget myself and say almost none of the things needed and all of the things not needed. I'm sure I could assemble some non disorganized descriptions, what exactly would you like?
  13. I was wondering if you would draw an OC of mine Kestrel. She has stark white knee long hair that covers her right eye because of horrible messy infected scar reasons and wears a long dark blue coat that reaches down to her boots, also jeans. The coat is pretty torn up, and a white shirt is visible underneath it. Her left eye is green. Yay for unorganized info
  14. Original Characters Drabble thing I wrote The Party “No” Kestrel’s firm expression said it all, the denial was unnecessary, still Reega persisted. “You know I’m going to be fine, I’ve done this like, a million times” It was true, party crashing, along with just general interruptions was a bad habit Reega got into a long time ago. Kestrel often wondered where she got it from, seeing as she had never done something to inspire that particular fault in her, no, violence was Kestrel’s quirk, she stopped licking her blade a while ago and her work in soul crushing was permanently done but that didn’t mean that bloodshed wasn’t a major part of her job. She was just… less obvious about it, no need for Reega to know everything about what she did. “Reega you literally just slapped him in the face a few days ago, Roy isn’t going to appreciate your presence, besides, I hear that umm” here was the delicate part, it wasn’t exactly a lie, but it wasn’t exactly a truth either “Our dad plans to crash to and I don’t want you to… die” Blunt, and not entirely accurate, but enough to convince her not to go right? “If he shows up I’ll make like you and stab him” Reega said viciously, slightly proud of Reega’s aggressive behaviour Kestrel half smiled, before returning to her serious expression, she still didn’t want her to go. Kestrel knew very well that Reega could never bring herself to kill anyone, she got sick at the sight of elemental stones, and those were just implications of death, the soul crystallized. Besides, Kestrel wasn’t really afraid of Cody showing up, mostly just of how many people Reega would have to fight or what would happen if she was arrested, a lot of silver dragons rested on her head and Kestrel knew many unsavory personals willing to die for that money, which they would, if they touched a hair on Reega’s head. If Kestrel wasn’t there to make sure Harper and Reega got out of there in one piece they would actually have to use the fury element, which Kestrel wasn’t to keen on them doing. It was useful enough she granted, but it wasn’t reliable and it often inspired uncontrollable rage and bloodlust, which was her thing. Bloodlust didn’t look right on those kids faces, better to leave that to the veterans in the whole keep the world in relative order thing, then again, she, Emma and Aragon the 1st kinda failed at that, considering the whole Cody killed all the draconians thing. Kestrel was lucky Reega didn’t blame her for that. “I said no Reega” Kestrel said firmly, starting to lose her patience, raising Reega without help had been a harrowing task indeed, she scarcely believed she had succeeded, then again, something must of gone wrong seeing as Reega was arguing with her. “And if I come back to here that you and Harper have gone I swear I’ll burn Aragon’s house down” Reega cracked a smile “which one?” “Both” Kestrel said indifferently Several Hours Later “Soooooo did Kess say yes?” Harper asked “Nope” Reega answered “she said she was going to burn down both of the Aragon’s houses if we left” “That would make them mad” Harper replied, then letting the silence stagnate for a bit they sat together in perfect harmony. ………….. ………………... ………………………… ………….“so when do we leave?”
  15. I am the youngest with four siblings. Needless to say, we all fought a lot, but we all love each other to bits anyway.
  16. My problem isn't as heavy as others in this thread but I don't know where else to turn to. So today I was feeling fine, I heaved myself through school got home and rested. When my mom got home she pointed out that I forgot to do X thing and she was pretty frustrated. She told me I could sit down and enjoy myself for awhile and then do X. Later she tells me to come out of my room to go and do the thing, I was in the middle of a five minute video at the time so I told her I'd be down in a minute or two. When I came down she had started the new episode of the show we watched together, I was kind of miffed at this and told her so and my mom got really mad at me, saying that I told her I would be down and I didn't so she started watching. I started doing what she wanted AS she watched the show still miffed and then slowly just reverted into this really sad state and I was suddenly on the verge of crying. This isn't the first time I've had mood swings but usually it's irritation or anger that I'm slipping into. I run to the bathroom to calm down than come out to see that mom started working on it to. Then I just break down for no reason and I'm really freaked out about it. Mom reassured me and we talked about what might be the cause of it. The transition into to high school had been easy for me until this recent term. I have to have a permenant substitute for the rest of the year and I HATE her. When I talk or try to explain why something is late to her she just sounds so sarcastic and nonbelieving. My best friend is slowly transitioning into this jerk of a person and she keeps venting onto me about her family issues, which are really serious and I'm not sure how to deal with all this and I can't spend to much time around her without feeling really angry with her. Which is wrong because she's going through tough times but she won't stop forcing this issues onto me. All my friends that I really enjoy being around are halfway across the country and I recently learned that my older sister who is my only solace in this whole growing up thing is moving away. I'm so frustrated because everything is changing and soon I feel like I'm going to be left alone by myself...
  17. Fire emblem fates... so much Fates definitely worth all the wait and hype
  18. yay some valentines without a really pink heavy colour scheme!
  19. I searched but couldn't find any threads like this so here we are. Have you ever had something or someone you didn't like for no or for a strange reason? Post it here! I for one don't like at all the sound of nails on fabric, leather, chalkboards... Ect
  20. Thank you so much! I can't think of enough words that can convey my feelings of gratitude. It's times like these where I really just someone to support me and it seems that right now I'm in a lot of turmoil. I love my dad but he's just so... Expectant of me that when I slip up its ten times worse. I don't know if its right to be angry at him for believing in what he believes in or that its ok to judge someone for being so judgy. I truly believe he wants the best for us, in his own weird way, but his way is not my way so thank you for supporting me.
  21. I'm so tired right now and I don't feel safe to be me any more, my dad is against anything remotely similar to femenism and I actually ended up writing a speech topic about the problems with female characters. He got this whole "I am very proud of how you won the contest and all but your speech topic is rediculous" thing going and now I'm just nervous. I can say my speech just fine in a controlled environment where the only people judging me are students but with my DAD watching I'm afraid I'll just break down. This happens every time something remotely independent woman things come up and it just makes me uncomfortable. This isn't the first time he verbally hurt the girls in our family either, he has four daughters and he's already pushed out three of them, each of my sisters have a story to tell about how he made them leave but I can't leave and I can't fit into this cookie cutter image of a woman he has. I just can't deal with this for much longer
  22. Crystal Chronicles hands down, but I also adore Wind Waker and its cutesy design.