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  1. For me it's still with error :V
  2. Same here, "HTTP ERROR 500" from Chrome, even with everything cleaned up. On Opera works fine tho. There are problems with Chrome lately 😧 Edit: I'm located in Germany, Win10
  3. @TJ09 right now everything's fine. I suppose it was a problem with Chrome or something and now it seems to be fixed
  4. @Fuzzbucket few other users had problem with sort of the dragons too, with firefox and chrome (topic still exist), so I'm not sure what is at fault, that's why I've created this topic 😧
  5. Hello! I have an issue with breeding, when I want to do so, I have this Error: " An error has occurred. Forums · IRC Chat" And really, I don't know what's happening. First problem iwth dragon sort that's still unrepaired, now this 😧 And everything on Chrome. But cookies and so onm are cleaned and still nothing. When I've tried to do breeding with Opera- everything's fine.
  6. @Gluria I've did it with Chrome, but problem still exist :C With Opera everything's fine
  7. I have the same problem. When I wanted to move my dragons, I've noticed that there they are in the same order they always were, but when I'm looking at my scroll, it's just a mess ;_; EDIT: When I see it from link https://dragcave.net/user/<nickname> then everything looks ok, but when I see it from my account, theeen it's messy and sort by date Heres the link to screenshot: LEFT from account, RIGHT from user-link
  8. I don't get the event, tho, buuut I like the new eggs! I want to see what's inside! @_@ tehehehehe~ Merry Christmas ♥
  9. Goo, goo dragon rangers! Tututuuu~ I can't wait to see adult ones! ♥
  10. Oh my God @-@ I'll trade a soul for a red one </3
  11. Well, it was a fine day, I guess. I'm back in the game after (almost) 5 years of my absence. There's many new (for me) dragons I haven't heard off! So many to catch, to know and so on, and I'm so confused! So my weekend was full of dragons~ but it's hard to go back to the way I played since, well, I don't have friends who still play here anymore :<
  12. For this Christmas I would like cb gold wyverns... 1 or 2 ;-;