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  1. true TPBM has had chocolate covered strawberries recently
  2. argh what am i doing here again and what are you doing here?
  3. A Hope for Christmas and his mate Purity Rayne have successfully bred and now have this beauty if anyone is wanting one pm me to let me know
  4. that's because you eated my cookie
  5. Rachel, Darien took my cookie! *looks at Darien and stuck out her tongue*
  6. I sent my hope egg to Guillotine so now she has one of her own edit: hope believes and her mate purity garnet frost have successfully bred and there is now a hope egg waiting to go to a new home.... I will pm the next on the list
  7. thanks purplehaze edit: just got a message back from Guillotine about my hope egg.... she was still interested and asked me to hold it for her since she is egglocked for 21 hours
  8. Forever Hope and his mate Purity Caveborn Ruby have bred successfully to produce this Hope Egg....let me know if any of you are interested in it.
  9. your welcome....take your time I am in no hurry since I know you have been pretty busy and all.
  10. will do hang on edit: A Future of Hope A Lifetime of Hope here you go Purplehaze
  11. here is the updated list of my Hope dragons: Hope of a Newborn Forever Hopeful Hope Believes Joyful Hope Easter Hope A Hope for Christmas A Future of Hope A Lifetime of Hope Forever Hope
  12. I will message one of the two on the bottom of the list....I have a hope egg to share
  13. have you pmed anyone else? I will try one of the others that have not been contacted yet....let me know who