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  1. The feeling remained, but her sword dissolved into bits of light and she let herself relax some. There was something around for sure but at the moment it was unimportant. If it hadn't attacked yet, it meant usually one of two things: it was smart or it was weak and smart. Movement caught her eye. A cloud of smoke. Through the haze, Gabriel couldn't tell who they were, but she sensed it wasn't what she had felt. The street was currently empty and the rain pattered steadily against the asphalt. About to turn and keep going movement again caught her attention. Was it just some animal seeking shelter from the rain? Whatever it was, it'd vanished into the shadows. "Hmm. Is anyone there?" She wasn't expecting a response really, but her gut was still telling her something was off. Hancock was impressed by Skinner's turnaround time and his overall process. "Lamb's tongue..." He muttered as he jotted down notes. "Never would've thought of that one. We really should collab sometime." As Skinner finished up he put his notebook away and wandered a bit. When the feline suddenly appeared, it took everything he had not to turn and leave right then. He was not particularly found of cats. However some proved for him to be able to get along great with. He didn't think this was one of those cats. "That's an excellent question." Hancock answered as he turned away from the cat, somewhat queasy. "Well, this young lady here is obviously being hunted down by the duo. She's in Goodneighbor now, though. And as a part of the unofficial code, my code, she's under my protection. Although... she's of course able to opt to not take it." He added looking over to her. Hancock sighed and ran his hand over the back of his neck. "Coffee sounds great, thanks." Trailing behind Skinner, he continued. "I'm hoping maybe I can put an end to it and help them all come to a compromise. What is this 'Artifact' anyways? Do you have any idea?"
  2. First Hancock was choking and blind, and then he felt himself being dragged away. It was a flurry of activity and the next thing he knew, he was in Skinner's house. Well it wasn't quite homey. It was filled with an assortment of things, and was more lab-like than anything. But it was a nice setup nonetheless. "No thanks." He politely declined between coughs trying to clear what felt like a glob of something from his throat. Hancock watched silently as Skinner worked, noting what he did for future reference. The woman's bleeding was severe. Shouldn't it have coagulated some by now? He thought back to the man and woman. Maybe they used some anticoagulant so it wouldn't. That was a surefire way to slow down someone you were hunting. Or make it a slow painful death. He shuddered, deciding then he didn't care for their methods of capture. They were cruel. And for what, some silly artifact? He shook his head. Raven scurried back as Skinner threw up a smoke screen, her eyes and sensitive nose burning. Hacking once for good measure, she then shook herself out and turned to peer at those left.
  3. I feel almost like we need more characters. I might add one more but I'm not sure. He'd be a demon... maybe.
  4. The air in her fur felt glorious as it did always. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, the chill in the air unaffecting her. First she smelled them, then she felt them. Or rather the air current they generated. She dropped like a rock a few feet and snapped her wings back open, painfully so. "Ruth nii!" The dragon cursed, circling back upwards to see who she'd nearly collided with. "I'm very sorry." Hovering, she dipped her head. "I wasn't watching where I was going."
  5. Alrighty then! I'll probably send her that way then. I personally would like to see how the Dragon Born and Ruvaak eventually interact.
  6. I swore I did... hm. Yes indeed you are and you're form should've been put up a bit ago. I didn't miss anyone did I?
  7. Raven is just by herself if anyone wanted to send someone her way.
  8. Everyone is just kind of gathered conspicuously at the edge of town. I'm trying to split it up a little. Maybe your characters can come across Raven and Corr in the woods in a bit?
  9. Hancock frowned at the bad news. Alas, it would seem as though he help wasn't wanted anyways as she opted to pay Skinner a large wad of cash instead. "Let me know if you need anything." He said to him, handing him a piece of paper from his satchel with his number scribbled on it. Hancock then refocused his attention on the group. An offhand question about wrestling bears had him cock a brow, but anything to break up this large, suspicious group was needed. "Sure, sounds great bud. Just don't hurt any of them, alright?" The man then looked from Idra and Jovanus back to the injured woman. "Skinner, I don't think she has much spare time." He commented worriedly. Address the more pressing matter first. Give Skinner a chance to fix her up. Keep the peace. He ran over what he had to do in his head again. "That's a little harsh, don't you think?" Hancock said to the man. "If it's artifacts your looking for, I have lots you can have. Why don't you two come with me and chat while my friend here patches up your... 'friend'." There was the friendly town she knew. A man had just offered to buy a woman something to eat. She smiled. Kindness was a dwindling thing in this world. "Here we are!" Donna reappeared with a plate of Monkey Bread (Gabe's absolute favorite). "Thank you!" Gabriel said excitedly as the plate was set down before her, just as the pair sat down a few seats from her at the counter. In a mere few minutes, the plate was empty. She was famished from her flight. "Wow, you even licked the plate clean!" Gabriel laughed and shrugged. "What can I say?" There was then a nag at the pit of her stomach and the smile faded from her face. "I really should get going." Donna nodded. "You all and your coming and goings." "I promise I'll visit you again before I leave." She pulled a handful of money (some of the bills stained with blood) and set them on the counter before leaving. Gabriel headed down the street, letting her senses guide her. That's when she got the all too familiar feeling. There was a demon somewhere nearby. Her attention refocused, her sword shimmered into existence at the ready in her hand. Slowly, she scanned the surroundings. Rain was beginning to fall. Looking down, she saw spots of what she assumed was blood begin to run. Raising her sword she lifted it and again scanned the area. Was Raven and Hancock in trouble, squaring off with a demon? There wasn't a lot to pick up, so it couldn't have involved the demon. However, that didn't mean it wouldn't soon. They were often attracted to trouble like flies to .
  10. ((I laughed pretty hard at Corr's question.)) Instinctively, Raven shrunk back from the roar. Her ears folded to her head, now ringing. That was certainly unexpected. With her nose twitching indignantly, she slunk further away from the beast and continued to only watch. While his size was intimidating, as well as his general appearance, he himself didn't seem to be hostile. Her suspicions were confirmed as he asked if he could wrestle bears. She couldn't help but snort and her toungue lolled out of her mouth in a silent laugh. I know where you might be able to find some, but I seriously doubt they are looking to be suplexed. ((I'll wait on Hancock until shadow replies))
  11. Ruvaak rolled over sleepily as light just began to reach her in her deep den. With a yawn she rose slowly to her feet and stretched, hearing a series of satisfying cracks and pops from her joints. Satisfied, she lumbered to the mouth of her den and basked in the sun's light. Her home wasn't as elaborate as others she'd seen. Maybe it was because she was more lupine than reptilian. Or maybe it was just poor choosing in habitation. Either way she didn't care. It was tucked away from others and that was how she liked it. With her dark fur now warmed, she stretched her wings. The sun on the flaps of dark, leathery skin between each of her wing bones felt heavenly. Nothing like a good sunny day. Flight first thing in the morning was both great and awful. For one, it was a great wake up call. However, it was rough trying to get the blood flowing into her wings and therefore strong enough to take flight. Once in the air however, it was fantastic. With a bit of a running start, Ruva was airborne and in search of some water to quench her thirst.
  12. I'm thinking about adding in my other OC whom I usually pair with Raven (I totally ship them anywhere else but that's beside the point) and I might send them your way instead. Edit: Here she is: Username: RavenWolf1010 Name: Gabriel Gender: Female Age: Very old Appearance: Like this, but with much larger wings. Wing size reference/ "Straight out of Heaven" Species/Powers/Ect.: Archcangel. Her powers include: - Healing (Reviving the dead is forbidden, but she can coax souls back into their bodies). - Resurrection (Her mortal form can be injured/ killed, but her Essence would remain. However it's possible with the right weapon for that to be destroyed as well.) - Manifesting armor/ her weapon - Dimension walking/ spirit walking - Manipulation of perceived reality (Limited and rarely used) Personality: RP'd History: Gabriel has been around for thousands of years. She's fought Holy Wars, demons, and the likes, making her a well rounded combatant and fairly level headed. In her recent history after a nasty battle with a group of demons. Using weapons specially forged to kill angels, she was gravely injured and forced into retreat. That's when she stumbled half-dead into Goodneighbor. There, she was nursed back to health by Hancock and Raven, whom she bonded tightly with. However, as soon as she was well she was called back to Heaven for another mission. Between missions or in times of great turmoil, she returns to Goodneighbor. Other: Her text is gray.
  13. ((Pad's character is way outdoing my own. I like theirs a lot more. I might go back and change Hancock.)) Raven, upon exiting the cafe, could hear quite the commotion down the street. Must have been where Hancock went... Torn between solitude and curiosity once again, Raven unknowingly started humming It all sure smelled interesting. Maybe I'll just watch from the sidelines. Hoisting her bag up on her shoulder, she glanced around. The fog was beginning to lift, but a rumble of thunder promised rain. Not enough cover. She jogged into the treeline and shifted. Struggling out of her clothes, she stuffed them as best she could back into the bag and loped off to observe. There was indeed a lot of people. Some familiar, some definitely new. There was a huge grey man, of whom Raven immediately took a dislike to with an instinctive growl. The wolf moved low to the ground, keeping a low profile. There was Hancock, in the middle of the fray, playing mediator. She shook her head. That man was insane. "Ok, ok, all of you knock this off." Hancock was growing increasingly worried as more people were egging to fight. There was a familiar man; one Hancock had seen around. He had hoped he might lend a hand, but upon seeing the square-shaped paper which, judging by the man was a business card of some sort that he handed out, his hope deflated. Is he really using this as a buisness opportunity? "Everbody, let's just take a time out. There's a lot of you, so allow me to introduce myself now. My name is Hancock, and you all have just stumbled into the nice town of Goodneighbor." He scanned the group, seeing one or two familiar faces from those he'd seen and invited. "Now, listen. Goodneighbor is supposed to be a haven for misfits. A safe place. I can't have all of you trying to kill each other now. Those seeking solace here are under my protection." He shot a direct glare to the sharply dressed man, and then at the woman. "Now, if all of you would be so kind as to disperse, in an hour I would like to welcome you all personally at my house with some refreshments and get to know you better." A stab in the dark, but he was desperate. The woman was bleeding and running out of time. He backed up some and carefully kneeled beside her, casting a watchful glance every so often at the group around him. "I'm a little short on supplies right now," he said to the man claiming to be a doctor. "You have anything on you?" Gabriel absolutely loved rain and storms. It often made for the most spectacular sights and flights. Upon descending into Goodneighbor, she felt right at home. She landed on the east edge of town, unaware of the mess further west down the main street. No, she was set on finding Raven and Hancock. It'd been nearly two years since she'd last seen them. While both had tried to get her a phone to stay in touch, electronics like that simply did not hold up in interplanar travel. After that faux pas, Hancock had decided to keep a phone for her at his house for when she came back for a few months. Utilizing a bit of town's Glamour, she tucked her wings to her back out of sight as she strolled down the street. She still clad in armor but appeared to be dressed in simple jeans and a jacket. The town hadn't changed much in the two years she'd been gone. Out of all the houses, only one had gotten fresh paint and seemed to have been moved into. The rest of the houses and stores appeared just as rinky dink as when she'd left them. Well, besides a large but faded burn mark going up the side of one of the stores. I'll have to ask him about that later. Unsure where else to start, she headed to the cafe. The cafe was emptier now than it had been ten minutes ago. The mortals must've sensed something and cleared out. That meant something must have been happening. "Is that Gabriel I see?" Came a bright cheery voice. Donna came around from behind the counter and pulled the angel into a hug, careful to avoid crushing her wings. "Hey there, Donna." Gabriel said, hugging the much shorter woman. "Goodness! It's like you've gotten even taller!" "You know I don't grow." Gabriel said grinning. "I just must be getting shorter then! Darn old age." When Gabriel hugged her, she could sense her life force was waning. She has less than a year, if that. She quickly pushed the thought away and forced a big smile. "Where is everyone? It's like a ghost town in here." "You just missed this big commotion. Some young woman came in bleeding and John ran off after her, Raven following a bit after. Today, we've seen quite a few characters come through. Lots of new faces. A lot of the old residents moved on so there's only a few left scattered here and there." "So I see." Gabe sighed and absently fiddled with a menu. "Got any goodies for me? The flight here was a long one." She sat down at the counter while Donna went around again. "Let me fix something special up for you."
  14. I was in the midst of a reply last night but stuff came up. I'll try and reply later today. My chars. are kind of out of the loop anyways.
  15. Both accepted. I'll be out of commission until tomorrow afternoon. Sorry guys.
  16. The cashier looked as if he wanted to say something but shook his head and relayed the order to the cook of whom grumbled something about 'not being a Starbucks'. Raven was finishing up when the familiar scent of earth washed over her. The tinkling bell had announced yet another arrival, however she hadn't bothered to look up until now. A man in a suit stood out against the much more drably dressed patrons. Curious. His overall persona put her on edge. It echoed men she had met in her past who always felt entitled to everything. Yet his smile was seemingly genuine, and his earthly scent was calming. Curiosity won the best of her and she stood, and slunk by him "Since when did this place start hosting business meetings?" She muttered, looking him over before turning to leave, now satisfied. She of course, crashed headlong into someone coming in. The contact sent something like an electric shock through her as she jumped back with a growl of surprise. Once the initial shock had been replaced with the registration of understanding, her mumbled a quick apology and ducked out. Hancock was huffing as he ran to catch up with the woman from the cafe. She wasn't hard to find with drops of blood dotting the sidewalk. The sight he came upon was not quite what he was expecting, however. There were now two women, one of whom's arm was elongated and had a branch-like appearance, and the other who was from the cafe. They obviously were locked in battle. One of these days I'm going to get myself killed, John thought as he walked up shouting. "Woah, woah, woah. I don't know what the hell forest you two came out of, but you can't just duking it out in the middle of my town. Now while I'm all for the occasional catfight (not really I'm more of a pacifist if I do say so myself), you guys can't do it here." He slowly moved himself between them, his eyes darting worriedly to the glimmering, injured form of the woman who was now behind him. "Let's say we just talk this out over some coffee or something? Maybe a stack of pancakes? There's the cafe back there and it has the best banana hazelnut pancakes around."
  17. Yes, I just added your form. Go for it.
  18. Yes, one Main Street. Nice to see you, pad.
  19. Here's an awful map. This is just the main town. Like Raven and Hancock have their own things either in the forest or on the outskirts.
  20. Donna observed the spectacle with a furrowed brow. "Why don't you hold off on that? Let me have a chat with John." She looked to where he sat and saw he was already getting up. Raven remained unmoving though. "What was that?" He asked as he walked up to the counter, eyeing the untouched coffee. "I don't know, but I haven't seen her before and she was bleeding." "Bleeding?" His expression shifted to concern as he sprang into action. He tossed two twenties at Donna with a hurried apology before scrambling back to his satchel he had stuffed into the booth and running after the woman out of the cafe. "Well then," huffed Donna as she took the abandoned coffee and money. "Back to work." This is one strange town. I don't know if I'll ever get used to it. Raven sat still sulking, eyeing the untouched food. Despite eating already, she was actually pretty hungry. Her stomach eventually won out, and she began wolfing down the gravy with biscuits. Hancock had left in a hurry chasing after some woman who had reeked of blood. It seemed interesting, but not enough to investigate yet. Most blood made her queasy anyways. The smell dredged up too many memories of fighting. With a huff, she shook the thought out of her head before it could get any deeper and focused on her (swiped) food.
  21. Sorry! I thought I might have missed someone's forms. Yes, you are.
  22. I thought about that and wanted to make a map... hm. I'm going to give it a shot and if it does work it will look awful probably but it'll be better than nothing.
  23. I love your concepts. Welcome to Goodneighbor.