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  1. One does not simply sass walk into Mordor...
  2. ........ Really dude? What are you five? *slap, slap* Get a hold of your self. *Bites back* Yes, I have no self control. Let's hope we don't have rabies....
  3. No. ((Please don't! I hate it when people copy my avatars and wolf sigs. Thanks.))
  4. ......Nope. ......Please don't? I'm very touchy with my avatars.... :/
  5. Nope. Who had the white dragon first? I'm watching you Rachel. 8.
  6. Hmmmm..... Kind of.....weird. I'll pass.
  7. Nope. Success is mine! I fixed the line thing that was in between my wolfs. Muhaha. Sorry, had to share.
  8. No, but your sig. on the other hand... :0 Please don't! Took me forever to find.
  9. Banned for having the same avatar as someone eles. <3 Writer's Block
  10. Mine comes from a wOlf name I go by, I used to go by StarWolf1010, but now it's raven. The 1010 is from my Xbox gamertag. As when I made that, I was ten, and it was the year 2010.
  11. Ahh..no. I'm bored and randomly popping up in some forums. As the RPs are pretty slow moving. Well perhaps, it is nice.
  12. Well on RP when someone is important, and they don't get on. Rarely. I understand you get busy. But don't join if you don't have he time as it holds almost everything up. And when someone is outside and they say floor instead of ground. Not sure why. Also when someone takes a long time to reply to PM and role plays. And when people shush me when I am trying to talk, I almost want to punch them or talk louder. I have a lot more.
  13. I adore wolves and Wolf's Rain. And I made an RP on it, in case anyone wants to join