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  1. YUCK Hot dog in a bun with cream cheese
  2. One does not simply swim breastroke into Mordor
  3. Never had them, yum? Apple Pie
  4. Nope again I'm just following people's posts.
  5. TRUE TPBM has watched the swimming part of the olympics
  6. Never had it... but Yum Sugar cookies with the frosting on top
  7. One does not simply ride a Thunder Dragon into Mordor....
  8. True, sometimes. TPBM has swam a 25 yrd/mt of the butterfly. Or has watched Michael Phelps do it.
  9. A dragon got angry and flew you to OZ. Then the munchkins got angry because you were so tall and fed you cookies till you exploded. ((I am so bored.))
  10. False TPBM has swam at least a 50 yard/meter freestyle