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  1. Raven shook her head. I ate a deer not to long ago.
  2. Funny, I was about to say the same to you. She tilted her head.
  3. Raven dodged past the look a likes. Maybe they were like her? She decided that she shouldn't kill them. Yet, they had made the advance, and Raven had merely been defending herself. Stop, all of you. I'm not going to harm you, unless you harm me. Raven watched them all with narrow eyes. She swung a large paw at any of the copies that came near her.
  4. Raven narrowed her eyes. They were grey, unlike a true wolf's. She bared her long fangs, snarling viciously.
  5. Raven heard some commotion. She flicked an ear, then turned it towards the sound. She turned her head, capturing the sounds with both of her ears. She rose to her feet. What's going on? She trotted over to the body of water.
  6. (( :3 )) Raven walked around. She couldn't go to the city. Whenever she touched someone, they... Died. This had confused her, yet didn't really bother her. Raven preferred to roam as a wolf through the forest, as she was doing now. With a sigh, she laid down in a small grassy clearing.
  7. I FORGOT MY PASS! Narcism killed the cat Username: RavenWolf1010 Name-- Raven Crawford Nickname-- Raven Age--18 Gender-- Female Additional Power-- She can shift to a wolf Weapon(s)-- Bow and Arrow Strength(s)-- Strategic, and I don't know what else to put. Weakness(es)-- She is vulnerable after she shifts from wolf to human. It drains her of most of her energy. Arch nemesis(Optional)-- Current relationship status-- Single Crush-- None Spouse-- ..... Personality(Required)-- Raven is a serious person. She doesn't tend to try and make jokes. And she's not friendly, at all. Though once you get to know her, she'll warm up to you. She is also a loner. You would have to approach her, as she won't come up and say hello to you. History-- She doesn't really know where she came from. Looks--
  8. "Oh my." Raven fidgeted with her armor. "We should go soon then."
  9. Raven smiled and walked towards Xiri. "How has it been my friend?" She asked. "Everything good I hope?"
  10. ((Oh, we'll then here-)) Raven dodged tree trunks. She eventually made it to the castle walls. "XIRI!" She shouted hoping that someone would hear her.
  11. ((Ok.)) Raven spotted Xiri's town in the distance. She smiled and decided to pay her a visit. She switched to wolf form and ran across the large plane.
  12. ((Alright then... How should I start out now?..... Usually I'm better ))
  13. Thank you! I will defiantly look for it!
  14. ((Username: RavenWolf1010 Character Name: Raven Age: 18 Gender: Female Species: Werewolf? Appearance: Minus the wings- http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-qZPv6LB1LG8/TdyT...rior-angel2.jpg If werewolf is aloud, wolf form- http://c2.api.ning.com/files/dAV5XlMFRGsX1...dSpiritWolf.jpg Personality: RPd History: Raven was trained in sword and bow. She's an excellent shot. (That's all I can really think of currently.) Name of your castle: Dire Other: What is the name of your king?: : King Davian Lendal Here is a werewolf description- Werewolf- A race of human and wolf hybrid. They have two forms. One human and one wolf. Their appreance of their wolf form can vary, depending on how much wolf DNA carried over when bit. Their looks can range from a standing wolf, with human qualities. Or, a full on wolf; In this case, they are larger than a normal wolf, due to the human gene mixed in. Werewolves are most often very territorial, but otherwise, a friendly race. Is this alright? I can edit if need be, but I have a wolf obsession, and this sounds like a really cool Roleplay.))
  15. I'm on an iPod, so I can't copy the location,Only the image. Is there another way to get it into my sig?
  16. Well, yes, coincidence. My friend sent me a few blue/ Purple ones. Knowing I love them. Then peeps did the same. And thank you! (I'll make sure to send you some flowers. ; ) )
  17. Oh thanks. And I did the same. And got the same response.
  18. I know you can't rearrange, but is there a way to get them from hiding each other? Or to get them to stop all being on one side? See?: http://dragcave.net/valentines13/RavenWolf1010 They are all on one side...
  19. RP Advertisement Name of RP: Wolf's Rain RP Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=145406 # of active RPers:2 Plot Summary: The last wolves on Earth are trying to make it to Paradise. Other: RP Advertisement Name of RP: Warriors: Into the Wild Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=146352 # of active RPers:2 Plot Summary: The plot is based on the first book in the Warrior series. Other:
  20. *Squee!* My first V day on DC! I hope I get all the V day dragons!!
  21. Found that out a while ago myself. As for the lineage, Zombie King Jozhu is fine. ( lovely name.)