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  1. ((I'd be fine if someone tried to kidnap Rain. Whatever keeps it interesting. )) Rain eyed the van warily. She wanted to check it out, though her survival instincts screamed at her to not to. Maybe I can find something out for them... She pulled her gun out, then walked forward, pointing the gun down. Now at the bottom of the stairs, she waited, watching for movement. She figured with all her fighting experience, she'd be able to take on who might be in the van. The fact that Vita had been sedated did slip her mind. Rain didn't advance, but merely observed.
  2. Rain smiled slightly. "Sounds like where I came from. Vegas." Rain shook her head. "The da** west coast always took our rain. Stupid rainshadow." Rain laughed slightly, her eyes drifting back towards the van. "You, see it to? Chester's van?" She eyed it warily. It was to dark to see inside. Or perhaps the windows were tinted exceedingly dark. Either way, she didn't like it. No one had gotten out of it. And there was someone still in it. ((Chester the Molester in case you didn't get the "Chester" reference.))
  3. Rain turned. "Oh, uh, sure." She sidestepped, making more room for him on the small balcony. The rain had began to slow. "So, Benjamin..." Rain felt akward. It had been awhile since she had a real conversation with anybody. Traveling took up one's time; and Rain was never really a talker. "Nice weather, isn't it?" She turned her face to the sky again, breathing in the scent of the rain. Rain actually enjoyed rain when she could actually escape it. The van still seemed to lurk. Rain pushed it to the back of her mind.
  4. Rain nodded slowly. She stroked Harry absentmindedly. "Lets start the research. I'll be back in a moment though." Rain stood and stumbled to the door, opening it and stepping outside into the cold. The cold seemed to snap Rain back into reality. "What the hell did happen?" She asked herself. Must have been the smell of liquor... Rain sighed, then groaned, folding her arms on the rail and burying her head again. "What's wrong with me?" She raised her head, blinking away the bluriness. A van rolled down the street. Rain had never trusted vans. Is it the one from earlier? Nah... She shook her head and straightened her back, shoving her hands into her pockets. Why was she here? Who was she really? All the questions plagued her mind, making her stress beyond belief. How she wished she could run, be free. Rain envied Harry. He enjoyed life as it came, never worring about what lay ahead. "Oh the life of a dog." Rain smiled, turning her face up to the rain. ((Is it the van from earlier? Or a random flower deliver van? :3 ))
  5. Rain stroked Harry. "He's so cute!!" She squealed, losing her tough facade. Rain was very, very, very, rarely, ever, like this. Otherwise, she was quite serious. As Lana offered her clothes, she shook her head. "Thanks, but no thanks. I'm used to sleeping in my clothes. I also have more comfortable clothes in my bag." She smiled and returned her attention to Harry. "Whose a good dog?" She rubbed his belly. "I wish I had a dog." She smiled sadly. Her gem glowed ever so slightly. Rain yanwed, stretching her arms. Her elbows popped, relieving some of the pressure in the joint. "Well, to work then? Or sleep..." She looked out the water-covered window. Then, she looked to Ben, wrinkling her nose at the smell of alcohol. "Gross." She mumbled. Rain had never cared for alcohol. Not after what she'd seen it do to her dad. Dad... Rain felt a flood of memories overwhelm her. She shut her eyes, burying her head in her arms. Harry wimpered and nosed her crossed arms. Rain's gem was bright, creating its own source of light. No, no, no, no..... Memories of her mother neglecting her rushed back; bullies shoving her down. Her hands clenched into fists. Harry whined now. Rain's gem had an almost blinding purple light. Wisps of memories flashed before her eyes. Ame... Her fathers voice echoed through her head. There was a flash of lightning, and a roar of thunder. The lights had flickered, but not gone out. Rain's head popped up. Her gem's light dissipated rather quickly, fading to darkness. The memories faded too, her own laughter echoing in her ears. Rain's eyes met with Harry's own soft brown eyes. She didn't realize it, but she was panting. "What?"
  6. ((What kind of dog?)) "DOGGY!!" Rain bent down and pet the dog. She laughed as his wet tounge rasped across her cheek. "What's his name?" Rain asked as she wrestled playfully with the dog. She pet his head and stood, brushing excess hair from her sweatshirt.
  7. Rain nodded. "It did, but the extra blood is running down my face." She grumbled, wiping her face the the piece of cloth. "Thanks." Rain noticed the rain slow to a stop. "Oh where was this five minutes ago?" She shouted up at the sky. "Unbelievable." Rain shook her head and continued following Lana.
  8. Rain followed. Her gem glowed faintly as she walked with the small group. It began to rain and Rain began cursing and swearing up the ying yang as blood ran down into her eyes. "Son of a mother piece of ." She grumbled. That was only a minor swear compared to what she was thinking. Rain pulled her jacket over her gun so it would not get wet.
  9. "Im really beginning to get sick of you two's . Seriously knock it the off." Rain rubbed her temple."Sure, I'll stick around and help you find your boyfriend." Rain's hand went to where there was blood dripping. "God son of a mother bi***." She swore under her breath. "Im so going to make some people hurt. And it will be you two if you don't quite that bickering. Jeeze, you aren't some junior high girls." Rain's head throbbed with her heartbeat.
  10. Rain wiped the blood from her mouth. "Who the were those guys?" Rain was obviously really, really, off. One man had tried taking her gun. He left with a shattered arm, and nose. Bas****s. "Nobody beats the out of me and gets to live to tell about it. What's the plan?" Blood dripped from her head where the butt of a gun had come down.
  11. Raven stopped at the lake and bent down to drink.
  12. "I have ridges yes. But Oliver Cromwell does not sound in the least bit familiar. My mother, she wrote me a letter... Before I was born. It said very few things. One of them, was.... I had Dragon Blood. Rain was uncomfortable with the tension between Lana and Benjamin. "Ok, both of you chill the out before I put you in your places." Rain's stormy grey eyes were serious.
  13. "My name is Rain." She looked to Benjamin, then to the new guy. "I'm new around here. I came from... Well, I can't really remember." Rain shook her head, then slipped the necklace on. "What is this talk of descendants?" Rain tilted her head. Her hand had dropped from her holster to her side. "Should I know something?"
  14. Rain's eyes widened. She pulled out her own glowing necklace. Rain held the gem. It glowed brightly, and it's temperature was quite warm. Though the temperature seem to fluxiate from hot to cold. "You're not." Rain held the up the gem by the chain.
  15. Rain turned, slipping the necklace into her pocket. It had grown very hot, and now was ice cold. What is it doing? "Depends on whose asking." Her hand rested on the hoilser of her gun. Despite what the girl had said. Roxy's glare snapped to the kid who approached. Benjamin... Must have been the guy from earlier... "I'm fine." Rain's icy glare altered between the girl and Benjamin. Though the light was dim, it could be seen that Rain's expression was hard and emotionless. The sky overhead was still dark and heavy. And seemed to almost grow darker.
  16. Rain narrowed her eyes. She shook her head and holstered her gun. Why bother? As she turned, Rain nearly shrieked. A man, stood directly in front of her. Her hand went to her gun, but the man grabbed her hands. He seemed as though he was homeless. Judging by his clothes, he was. "Do not worry child. I shall not hurt you." Rain twisted her arms out of the man's grasp. "Isn't that what all creepers say before they steal little girls?" She whipped out her gun, pointing it at the man. The man raised his hands. "You've heard the voices, haven't you?" Rain blinked. Her aim wavered. "Who the hell are you?!" "The messenger." His hands went slowly to the bag slung over his shoulder. Rain didn't stop him, but backed away. He pulled out a shimmering gem. It was in a necklace that had a silver chain. The gem was a storm grey, along with bits of blue. "Wha...What's this?" Rain lowered her gun, and holstered it. "You have dragon blood in you, do you not?" He titled his head. "You mean... My back...." The man nodded. "You're dragon blood, seems to be more awoken than others I have met." Rain shook her head in disbelief. "Others? You mean I'm not alone?" "Yes child, what do you think brought you here? 'twas the voices, isn't it?" "I... What am I?" "You're a hero, destined to save the your ancestors. Take this." Rain took the stunning necklace. "Find the children." When Rain looked up, the man was gone.
  17. Rain heard a skirmish. She was still a ways from the town. She pulled out her gun and side stepped silently towards the sound of the fight. Her gun was aimed at the ground, but that could easily change. Rain caught part of sentence. "...Benjamin."
  18. ((That's very true, I'm quite active. I'm not really use to such formal RPs...)) Rain looked up. The sky promised rain. She sighed and shook her head. Rain. Just what she needed. The (city or town?) up ahead looked promising for shelter, and food. Rain hadn't eaten in twenty four hours, but she was no stranger to the ache of hunger. Beef jerky was always available to her, yet that was for dire emergencies. Rain felt a drop of rain fall on her head, bringing her back to the present. Grimacing, Rain pulled her hood over her head. For security, her hand rested on her holstered gun. You never know what you'll run into when you venture into a new place.
  19. ((Hello! I shall join. Please note though, I may not always make the five sentence minimum... I shall do my best though. Name:Rain Gender:Female Age: 19 Human/Hero: Hero? Appearance: -Eyes: Storm Grey -Hair: A dirty blonde with blonde (natural) highlights -Skin: Tan -Height: 5'6" -Weight: 116 lbs -Build: Muscular -Clothes: •Black Sweatshirt •Solid Grey T-Shirt •Dirty jeans •Convers that are beginning to fall apart *Her 'distinct ridges' are beginning to become more and more detailed... Personality: Rain is the silent, indtidating type. Her icy look tends to put people off and send them the other way. She doesn't trust easily, if at all. And she is kind of dark. Not quite emo, but not a cheerful person either. (Kind of like Batman...) Biography(at least a paragraph, please): Life for Rain sucked. Her mother died in labor, leaving her with her dad. Her dad cared for her, but began turning to alcohol to drown his sorrows; leaving Rain to fend for herself. She went to school, and was constantly picked on. One day, she snapped, and ended up beating her bully to a bloody pulp. Thus began her interest in self-defense. She went to martial arts, and Judo as a young girl. Her father continued to grow worse, until he met another woman at a local bar. They were quickly married. Since Rain's step-mom first saw Rain, she's hated her. Always "forgetting" to feed her. Rain's father had sobered up, but not enough to realize what was going on under his nose. One day, when Rain was in her room changing, her step-mom waltzed in and saw her back. Rain was around sixteen then. She shrieked and called her a monster and "servant of the devil." That's when Rain snapped and attacked her. She'd had enough of her crap. Soon after of giving her step-mom what she deserved, Rain packed up clothes, food, and some money, and fled. Never turning back. She blocked those memories. Rain also changed her name, from Ame, to Rain. She'd forgotten her last name, or really, cut off all connections to her past life. Along her journey to the west coast, she acquired a hunting knife, and a Springfield 9 mm from a concerned gentleman (He had a daughter that had been nearly abducted when she was 17). Rain didn't know it, but she was following the call to Dragones, CA. Other: She is single. Though she doesn't warm up to people easily. I'm honored you contacted me. But might I ask, why me? Or was I just a random choice? ))
  20. "Raven." She said, looking around. She pulled out and arrow and pulled her bow over her head without taking her eyes off of something. She strung the bow, and let an arrow fly. There was a squeak and a thump as a squirrel dropped to the ground. Raven trotted over an picked up its still warm body, takin out her arrow and returning it to her quiver. "I've always wanted to try squirrel."
  21. Raven shrugged. "I guess so." She fiddled with her bow string. "If I touch people, they just... Die." Raven looked down.
  22. Raven shook her head and shifted into her human form, sporting a bow and arrows. "Well, I'm going to follow you guys around. I have nothing better to do anyways."
  23. Raven observed the situation. (Lol, I have no idea of what she can do.)
  24. ((I actually don't really know what's happening, sorry.))