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  1. Ah, ok. I understand now, thank you for clearing that all up. And I meant to add your form is accepted Felix.
  2. Yes that's the idea. She doesn't know though. It was one of his last ditch attempts to help her. My thinking was that upon escaping she might've seen Thirteen in his statue state or recognized the stench of metal that was either present on Juan (assuming he had contact with Raven though) or just in the facility itself. There's something there that's starting to trigger the memories. That sounds good! If they are werewolves the only issue might be that Raven would've bumped into them if they were originals. Unless they haven't shifted since being there, or there's some other explanation of some sort. Otherwise it's easy to play a "oh it's been awhile" card.
  3. Hancock shook his head. "I wish I could. Unfortunately, the premonitions I get are limited to only feelings." He answered as he followed Skinner back into the house. Thats why we came back here. Maybe you could do something to refine it and he can get a clearer image. Raven longed to shift back into her human form, curl up, and take a nap. The chill from the rain had soaked into her fur and she was starting to shiver. I've been through worse. We should just get Gabriel, she would be able to do something. The canine rose to her feet, fairly steady now. You guys firgure it out, I'll get Gabe in case all else fails. With that, she headed back down the steps and down the dirt drive to the town. She was dying to see Gabriel. It'd been nearly two years without contact. Despite the press of doom all around her, exciemtent flickered at the thought of seeing her friend. Donna nodded, seeing that everyone had simmered down some. Getting down slowly she straightened her apron and replaced her trusty rolling pin. "Now that's out of the way, who wants hot chocolate?" But Gabriel was shoving by people and dragging a somewhat dazed Dameon through the door into the rain. "You're not welcome here." "Just the angel I was looking for." Dameon grinned cockily, pulling the blade he'd had hidden in his jacket and slicing at her upper arm. The blade sliced through her jacket and skin like a knife through warm butter. The angel exclaimed in surprise as blood flecked with gold quickly soaked the already sopping jacket. However, Dameon looked past her to see a large, reflective looking man. And... what the hell was that? A mountain lion? The rain obscured most of what he could see. The momentary lapse in attention was enough for Gabriel to drive her sword into his abdomen. Dameon looked down in shock. " ." His form began to dissolve. Flesh sloughed off into inky, writhing masses and socked into the ground, staining the sidewalk. Then muscle, and finally bones all together liquified and marred the ground as they vanished. He would be back. Gabriel exhaled and braced herself against the wall. Her sword dissolved into small partlicles of light and shee raised her hand to clutch her opposite arm. The blood oozed, but it was healing. The blade could've seriously injured her form, but thankfully she'd dispatched Dameon before he could do any more harm. He wasn't an easy opponent. Something must've distracted him. It didn't matter. He was gone for now. The wolf headed down the street uncaring. Humans by now were tucked into their homes taking shelter from the rain. She didn't have to worry about anyone questioning her. Raven inhaled deeply, trying to pull in any scents to see if Gabriel had possibly left the cafe. The rain washed out almost everything, leaving an unusual lack of scents. But... what was that? She inhaled again, a taste of metal settling on the back of her tongue. Ick. That was strange. The town was old enough though that picking up rusty metal when it rained wasn't that strange. It was just that it'd never happened before. As she appoached the cafe, she saw something looming in the middle of the street. Odd, but it was Goodneighbor after all. As she got closer, the stench of metal began to grow overpowering. Now she was becoming unsettled. Something in her stirred and began to writhe, screaming that she turn back and run. Memeories surged against the dam in her mind. The wolf slowed to a stop. Her hackles rose and a growl rumbled in her chest.
  4. It wouldn't effect her any different than another animal mauling her only because her change is entirely physical and 'magic' doesn't play into her changing forms at all. If she wasn't an artificial werewolf, it probably would but even then I doubt it'd be much of an effect than any other injury. However, she doesn't know it but in efforts to help with her PTSD Hancock has given her a almost internal glamour over some of her more worse memories. That would leave her vulnerable to adverse effects from Zeke. Yet upon seeing Thirteen, the emotional response is going trigger a shattering of the glamour. Again, Raven has kind of claimed Goodneighbor as her turf. She won't take too kindly on other wolves moving in. That, and she is pretty much a loner. And well, werewolf packs shunned her so she's resentful.
  5. New characters are fine, but Goodneighbor seems to be getting a little cramped. Edit: Maybe we could expand it a little and add some more area... I'm thinking maybe as big as Hach, UT. There is still all the forest area surrounding it.
  6. Sure! I think they might butt heads at first because she sees the valley as her terf. Then from there she'll either resent her or maybe end up crushing on her (Raven never understood the whole heterosexual stigma ).
  7. Accepted! Oh boy, they thought it was about to hit the fan in the cafe. Just they wait.
  8. Hancock was scrambling down the street in the rain. He had to find Raven. He had to find Gabriel. Something big was coming, he could feel it. But what it was exactly, he didn't know. There was no shaking the impending doom he felt. His cool, friendly exterior evaptortaed as a tense, serious one took its place. The rain fell steadily now, and thunder rumbled every few minutes with a flash of lightening. Where could that wolf had gone? He cursed, wishing he still had another shifter around to help. Alas, she wouldn't have gone far. Rushing down the street, he didn't even notice the ruckus at the cafe. There. The large man that had asked to fight a bear. What was in his hands? He prayed it wasn't some other misfortunate animal that had been chosen as one of his opponents. Growing nearer, he could see a disgruntled wolf. "Raven!" Hancock ran up to her and Corr. "What happened?" His eyes raked Corr accusingly. Bear mauled me. The man could see the wounds now, knitting slowly back together. They were jagged slashes. "I see. Come further into the barrier, it'll help." Something's wrong, isn't it? The wolf's amber eyes were locked on Hancock intently. He knew she'd be able to see the lie if he tried. "Yes. I feel something is about to happen. Something big." Raven struggled from Corr's arms before dropping clumsily to the ground. The wounds were mostly closed now, but it had a toll on Raven. Who else knows? Hancock shook his head. "No one yet. I didn't want to cause a panic." The wolf mused this over before looking back at Corr. Hancock followed her eyes. "Why don't you go to the cafe? I'm sure everyone headed there with the rain and all." Where's the guy that took you? He seems to know his magic. Maybe he can do something. Skinner. That was a good idea. "Alright, come on. We're going back to my house." Do you know which direction it's coming from? Maybe I can go check. Hancock shook his head. "No, not yet. Let's just meet with him first." They both took off at a dead sprint for Hancock's house. As they passed the cafe, Raven slid to a stop. Isnt that Gabriel? Donna was standing on the counter and everyone seemed primed for a fight. Hancock slowed and looked. "Donna has it handled." Raven didn't think so, but Gabriel was there. From what she knew, Gabriel could level the whole town if she wanted. Or something like that. Gabriel had it handled. It wasn't long before the duo reached the house. "Skinner, I think we have a big problem." Raven flopped down panting. She needed food, and she was beginning to wear herself thin. She needed rest. However, whatever she needed to do she would to protect the town. Even if that meant running herself into the ground, or laying down her life.
  9. Raven cocked her head. Hunting? It'd been such a long time. And never with anyone. "Sure." She blinked in surprise.
  10. Hahaha Should I add or make a post of how Hancock founded Goodneighbor?
  11. No, she isn't. She knows pretty much everything. She wasn't fooled in the first place and Hancock went and explained everything. She didn't even bat an eye. She was just like "I knew it."
  12. I'm tempted to make Donna a sheet. She's a fairly constant character but she wouldn't take part in any of the fights really.
  13. ((Gabe is pretty focused on Dameon right now but had she not been I agree the response would've been entertaining.)) A voice of reason rose above the snarls and other din within the cafe. "All of you need to calm the heck down." Donna, the waitress and long time resident of Goodneighbor, stood on the counter with her arms crossed. She was a plump woman, and wasn't that tall. Overall, she had a more sweet nature than intimidating. But standing on that counter, armed with nothing more than a rolling pin, and facing down varieties of the Supernatural, you had to give her some serious credit. Fear wasn't even eminent on her face or in her posture. She meant business. "You." She pointed to the small canary on the table across from her. "Would you do me a favor, hon, and either join me up here or maybe go back in the kitchen for a bit?" She then turned to Dameon, her eyes narrowing dangerously at the demon. "You need to get the hell out of my diner." "Just what makes you think that I'm going to listen to some old hag-" CRACK. The rolling pin was thrown with enough force at Dameon's head to break in half. He howled with pain and started to curse again, the tendrils that had appeared around him vanishing. Donna pulled another from her apron pocket. Scanning to see if she had any other challengers. "Now either you all calm down or take it outside. I will not have my diner torn up by you kids." Gabriel's eyes widened at Donna's display.She began to edge back out the diner door, an iron grip on Dameon's bicep.
  14. Raven was startled by the sudden impact and let out a yelp. Once she realized what happened had she been able to blush from embarrassment she would've. "I'm sorry." She muttered as she hurriedly picked up the flowers and pushed them over to him. "Oh, you're welcome." Her usually sour attitude was replaced with a frazzled, instinctively friendly one.
  15. ((PS pad, Hancock just handed Skinner a hedgehog and walked out. )) Dameon had only just entered when he saw a yellow blur make a beeline for his head, land, and dash off. He was about to cuss it out when he felt something wet start to soak into his hair. The demon froze, becoming still as a statue. Then his eye twitched and he slowly brought a hand to the wet spot and back down. Did that bird just... The cafe exploded with energy. "Are you kidding me?" He didn't care what mortals saw. He would burn their eyes from their sockets for all he cared. Dark crimson and black tendrils of energy spouted from him and whipped menacingly around him. Dameon zeroed in on the little yellow canary that'd perched itself on the table. "You." The bird was far too unbirdlike for it to be normal. It had to be one of the creatures that was 'magical' in some aspect. Why it'd picked him to on, he didn't know. Or care. He was out for a different set of wings now. He was just about to send one of the tendrils of power that'd manifested to snatch the bird, but a voice stopped him. "Stand down, Dameon." Gabe had been about to ask another question when she felt the tell-tale chill. Another demon. This one was more powerful. And familiar. "I apologize but I have to go." Her eyes narrowed some what suspiciously at the first demon. Had he summoned the other one here? She didn't know for sure. It was unlikely, given what she'd figured out about him. Besides, if it was who she thought it was, there was no way a demon like Malice worked under him. Gabe scrambled for the cafe. Her sword shimmered into existence in hand as she threw open the door of the cafe. Behind her, lightening flashed and her wings flared out on either side meaninglessly. She looked like an Angel of Death. "Stand down, Dameon." ((A second showdown of the day. Hopefully Donna can maybe talk sense into the two of them.))
  16. @pad Seeing as how Zeke was just MINCED to death, does that mean you're done with him or will he be making a reappearance later? Boy, that was quite a mental image though.
  17. Nope, any gender goes with her. And yes, despite her being unsettled, she is interested in talking with him.
  18. Accepted! Dameon and Gabriel are going to have a ballpark with Sterling. Ones going to try and maybe 'erase' the mistake, the other is going to try and make friends. Oh boy I'm personally scared for her. But Dameon is really a doof who's ego is bigger than it really should be. He needs someone to either burst that bubble or open his eyes more gently.
  19. Thankfully for Hancock, Skinner had reappeared. He was much better versed in runes and whatnot. He made it a buisness, Hancock took it up to help the Fae that came through. It would seem the conversation was going to be over his head. Once determined that the 'old man' didn't prove a threat he edged out of the conversation. As he was walking by, Skinner slapped something onto his arm. It was a sticky note with a smiley face on it. Raising a brow he watched as it shimmered and seemed to melt into his arm. The face was now on his skin in blue ink. "This comes off right?" He asked Skinner quietly, half joking. "If not, well, I always wanted a tattoo." He continued to the kitchen and set the hedgehog in one hand and grabbed the broom by the side of the fridge with the other and began to sweep up the shattered remains of his tea cup. "Shame. That was one of my good ones." It was as he was about to bend down to finish up getting the pieces that he suddenly froze. Just as abrupt he stood and the broom clattered to the floor beside him. "Something's wrong." The man moved swiftly to the door, handing Skinner the hedgehog (whom in his head Hancock had named William) as he passed. Then he picked up his discarded satchel, shoved a number of things into it, and rushed out the door with barely a "I'll be back." "What in the .... Dameon spun around as the house he'd just come from seemed to come to life. Heavy metal blasting within shook the panes and could be mutely heard from down the street. "This town is one freak fest after another." Even in his numerous years on earth, this by far was the strangest thing he had yet to witness. Shaking his head and now fairly spooked, Dameon moved on further down the street, away from what he would ironically call "Hell House". There were some things about. Certainly they weren't human. Dameon could tell from their alluring life forces: stronger and very different from humans'. Yet, what they were exactly were difficult to tell; most likely because of the town's inherent Glamour effect. He growled in frustration and slunk into the shoddy cafe. Upon entering, the cafe seemed to become soaked in an almost tangible darkness. The bell's usually cheerful chime seemed to even be dampened. Dameon liked the obvious power that rolled off of him. He didn't care if people noticed. He wanted them to notice. He wanted them to fear him. Their fear only fueled his power. Little did he know that the town's glamour would work against that too. ((Raven was already done. For Gabe I'm still waiting on Dusk. ))
  20. I love MCR too. And yes, feel free to put in a form. Shadow you're char is accepted.
  21. I'm not sure you saw this since it kind of was lost with a bunch of other comments.
  22. Yes, yes he is. Or at least it was the idea anyways.
  23. I thought we were in early morning in the RP?