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  1. (( *flies into this and screeches to a stop* Name: Raven Nickname: N/A Gender: Female Age: Young Adult History: Raven was stolen away from the Guardians by her older brother. He had chosen to roam with the Outcasts. She used to admire and look up to her brother. However now as she grows older, she doesn't always agree with him. The glamour that once surrounded her brother is fading. Mate: N/A Pups: N/A Pack that you belong to: Outcasts Personality: She's a timid wolf. Often she's afraid to speak her mind. Raven is fairly shy until one gets to know her. In times of fighting, she can be brash and very confident. She will stand up for herself if pushed enough. At that point, she can be fairly hotheaded. She's afraid of being judged because of her brother, but deep down wants to do the right thing. Power: Flight Appearance: Raven Additional comments: She wants to leave the pack but fear of betraying her brother and not being able to survive on her own keeps her there. Name: Carnage Nickname: N/A Gender: Male Age: Adult History: Carnage left the Guardians to join the Outcasts and brought his younger sister with him. He sees the leader of the Guardians who took the crystal to be selfish, along with the whole of the pack. He strives to "bring power to all". Mate: N/A Pups: (Adopted) Vokun/ Male/ Shadow Manipulation Pack that you belong to: Outcasts Personality: Carnage is very goal-orientated. He's focused on trying to find the larger crystal. He can be fairly selfish and hotheaded. On occasion he will lash out violently in frustration. Some of his fellow pack members bear those scars. Power: Ability to raise the dead to fight for him. There has to be dead nearby and it saps a lot of energy. Appearance: Carnage. He wears a mask of a wolf skull, but when he uses his powers, it burns away the fur around his face. His "eyes" are green orbs. I'm really bad at drawing. Additional comments: Leader of the Outcasts Name: Vokun *Nickname: Gender: Male Age: Pup History: His real father was the leader of the Outcasts before Carnage came. After killing his father, Carnage told him it was the Guardians that had done it. After that, Vokun came to think of Carnage as his new father. He strives to get the crystal to avenge his real dad and bring him back. Mate: N/A Pups: N/A Pack that you belong to: Outcasts Personality: Fairly perky pup. He's rather friendly and playful. Deep down there's a fire burning though that Carnage is trying to fan. He can get quiet and dark sometimes. Has the potential to be good, but Carnage has seeded his mind with hate and clouded the pup's perception. Power: Shadow Manipulation Appearance: Vokun is a dark grey pup. Shadows seem to shroud him no matter how bright the day might be. Talks to them sometimes. Can use them to hide. His eyes glow red on occasion. *Additional comments:
  2. Sounds interesting. I'd be willing to try it. Who wants to outline the plot?
  3. I clicked your Art Shop link and it linked me here and I wanted to first make sure I could indeed request/ buy art here? I absolutely adore your style and sprites. Second thing: If above is true, what is your price/ accepted payment/ etc.?
  4. She smelled the city long before she ever saw it. The acrid smell burned her sensitive nose. This was a bad idea... Raven paced back and forth nervously. She had never even been into the city. Who knows what creatures inhabited it. What if they were anti-shifter? Or as people commonly confused her kind with, anti-werewolf. Man up. Sighing, Raven shifted to her human form. Fur melted to clothing, paws elongated to fingers, ears shortened and became human ears. The whole process itself at first frightened Raven. She could remember the first full moon when she shifted with her parents. She was roughly five at the time. It was never overly painful. More like a dull ache that faded after a few minutes. And there was always a very warm sensation that flowed through her that faded with the ache. After her first change, as all shifters asked, she asked exactly how it happened. "Well," her father began to explain. "We are descendants of the great Norse wolf Sköll. He along with his brother chased the chariots of the sun and moon, Sol and Mani to keep them on time. When they weren't chasing the chariots they roamed the earth. Legend is our pack is the descendants of Sköll and mortals. The power of changing is from Sköll's blood in our veins." She blinked away the memory. I wonder if the blood would ever be diluted enough for us to lose the ability to shift. By now she was on the outskirts of the city. The suburbs. It wasn't so bad out here. Still much too crowded. She began to jog further into the city. It seemed to be fairly quiet. People who worked were likely already at work, and others had yet to be out and about. Looking around, Raven began to realize she had no clue where she was or where was what. Uh-oh. The city had too many smells for her to get her bearings. It was beginning to get a little overwhelming. The rising buzz of traffic started to hum in her ears. Too much. She shook her head and began searching for a place to duck out of the din. Her heart rate raised and panic started setting in. She hadn't expected the city to be this bad. You're ok. It's ok. Cakm down. Deep breaths. ((Edit: I'm thinking about adding another character. A Raiju. Opinions? ))
  5. Ugh. The dark, furry form in the depths of the cave stirred. In the low light two eyes opened. Raven blinked a few times and lifted her head. She'd been out late the night before and was feeling the effects now. Slowly rising to her feet she yawned and shook out her fur. Maybe I'll go down to the city... see if there's work. The canine sighed heavily. Despite being accustomed to living life by herself, she still missed her family sometimes more than others. A sudden tickling in her nose broke her thoughts as she sneezed. Am I getting sick? Could shifters even get sick? The pack's doctor would know. Raven huffed and made her way to the mouth of her den. Maybe I'll stop by the clinic while I'm in the city. Getting sick out here on her own could be dangerous. A sick animal is a dead animal. Would I go to a vet or a doctor? This must've been why the pack had its own doctor. What do you do when you're half wolf and half human? Raven trotted to the nearby river and lapped up water. From what she remembered, it would wind closer to the city the further north one went. That'd be a good starting point. Keeping on the soft, sandy bank of the river, she started heading due north. The morning sun soaked into her dark fur and warmed her skin. Birds chirped and the rushing of the river made for a peaceful atmosphere. How could anyone stand to live in the city? It was cramped, loud, smelly, and overall just seemed awful. At least it had to be better than how the humans lived. From stories she'd been told by her great grandparents passed from their parents, humans were foul creatures. Long before the pack had settled in the northern most part of the land mass, they had lived very close to isthmus connecting the two large continents. Humans would stray north and camp in their woods. Or worse, hunt. At one time, a frightened human had shot one of the pack mates and the alpha at the time was forced to pass as a human and go into a human city for medical supplies. They brought back stories of how they lived in filfth and how the air was suffocating. And the way they acted was incomprehensible to the pack. They always seemed to be st each other's throats for the smallest things. Sometime after that, as human run-ins became more common, the pack moved to the north. The hunting was never as good, but it was better than risking another encounter.
  6. Welcome guys! I kind of dig Aroara's RP idea. If you guys had something else you could mention it too.
  7. Forms [B]Username:[/B] [B]Name:[/B] [B]Gender:[/B] [B]Age:[/B] [B]Species:[/B] [B]Personality:[/B] [B]Appearance:[/B] [B]Weapons/ Powers:[/B] (If any- Limited to swords. Don't go crazy) [B]History:[/B] (If they fought in the war, where they've been hiding, what they've been doing, optional) [B]Other:[/B] Characters Angels Archangels: Michael, Raguel, Raizel Username: RavenWolf1010 Name: Gabriel Nickname: Rain Gender: Female Age: Looks to be in early twenties Species: Fallen Archangel Personality: She's kind but serious. (Rest in RP) Appearance: Like this Weapons/ Powers: She has a sword that she calls Ekaitz. She also can control weather. History: Rain is a high ranked, and highly respected war general for the angels. During the war, she lead many successful battles against the demons. After the war, she was put in charge of keeping the other demons in check. Other: She now has a mark on her chest of the Fallen. Username: RavenWolf1010 Name: Marchoasis Nickname: Raven Gender: Female Age: Looks to be in her early twenties Species: ("Fallen") Angel Personality: Sullen, but kind. She enjoys helping the humans, and is currently a senior resident at Mercy Falls Hospital. (Rest in RP) Appearance: Like this, and she has black wings. Weapons: She can shape-shift, and has a basic sword. History: Raven was the offspring of an archangel and demon. After her mother, the archangel, was killed, she was raised to take her mother's place, ignorant of what she was. Username: RavenWolf Name: Ezekiel Nickname: Zeke Gender: Male Age: Late twenties Species: Archangel Personality: Mostly, he acts like a total prick. Peel back the defensive layers though, you just might find your dream boy. Appearance: Tom Hiddleston-ish Weapons/ Powers: A sword called Mareak, meaning Tides. History: Ezekiel fought in the war with much reluctancy. After, he became a car insurance salesman. When he grew tired of that, he took to being the gossip girl of Heaven, and relays rumors and information to anyone who listens. Other: He's brother to Rain. Nephilims Username: CharonDusk Name: Sheridan Nickname: Sherry Gender: Male Age: Early twenties Species: Half-demon, half-human Personality: Suave and silver-tongued, Sherry is a charmer through and through. Whenever in a new environment, he always seeks out whoever appears to be in charge and tries to win their favour with honeyed words and by stroking their ego. But at the same time, he goes amongst those who are pushed down, oppressed and angry, and with that same sycophantic tone he stokes the fires of rebellion, urging them to rise up and attack their "overlord", which is normally the same people he has been sucking up to. Then he just sits back and lets the fires burn. Sheridan thrives on pandemonium, feeling truly alive when in the middle of the fallout caused by his actions, his playing the sides against each other. For him, there is no greater joy than in manipulating those he considers weak-willed, regardless of their social standing, and takes immense delight in orchestrating the downfall of people who are in the higher rings of society. He is little more than a conman, using his powers to his advantage, taking what he needs before casting aside his "playthings" in search of the next big score. Appearance: Possessed of a height of nearly seven feet with a physique so slender and elegant as to appear feminine, Sheridan is pale-skinned with facial features that are soft, like full lips and wide eyes, that belie a sharpness to his face, portrayed in his blood-red eyes and razor teeth. A trio of scars run from the top of his right eye socket, all the way down the side of his head to just above his shoulder. Black hair streaked with white falls in thick curly waves down to his knees, though he normally keeps it tied up into a bun. Across his body are numerous swirling black tattoos. When out and about, Sheridan normally wears a pair of immaculately pressed black pants over knee-high and heeled boots, a white shirt with a red pinstripe vest and a floor-length red coat. His accessories consist of a red fedora, around which is a black ribbon holding in a single black rose and feather, and a choker necklace that is a simple black ribbon with a silver bell on it. Weapons/ Powers: Illusions - Sheridan has inherited watered-down versions of his mother's powers, only capable of using two abilities in particular. One is the ability to cast illusions, to manipulate what a person sees, hears, even physically feels. However, this power weakens with as the number of people present increases, with it being at it's strongest used against one person and it's weakest when there's more than a group of 5 present. As well, once cast on a person, further castings on the same person are less effective to the point where the victim is immune. As a result, he uses this ability sparingly, normally either to escape a tricky situation or when he's stealing. Siren Song - When Sheridan sings, he can entrance people, making them susceptible to his commands. However, there are numerous drawbacks: 1) Once a person hears his song, it won't work on them again. 2) Large groups, whilst entranced, are very difficult to control, most of them instead just appearing catatonic. 3) It only works whilst the victim is in range of his voice. The further they are, the weaker it becomes until they snap out of it completely. 4) Sheridan can't stop singing otherwise the spell stops, not to move or even to breathe. So he is extremely vulnerable while singing. Due to these drawbacks, he only uses this ability in the most desperate of situations. Weapon - Sheridan does not possess a sword. Instead, he owns a short dagger that he calls Solas Na Gréine. History: Born towards the end of the war, when his demonic mother met and fell in love with his human father, despite it being against her family's wishes. To protect the soon-to-be-born son, the couple fled the battlefield, hiding amongst the humans in an attempt to find some peace. And for a while, it worked. Until Sheridan was a teenager. A roving band of angels met in combat with a group of demons near to the family's home, and when it became clear that one of her siblings was involved in the fight, his mother went to the aid of the demons. She never came back, and the surviving family tried to flee when the "angels" came calling, but only Sheridan escaped, left scarred for the remainder of his life. Ever since, he has made his way in the world by using his powers to his own gain. But what he truly seeks is something far beyond dangerous: a weapon which can kill both demons and angels, and with it, revenge on those who killed his parents. Other: Best way to make him flustered is to earnestly be nice to him. He doesn't know how to react to someone actually WANTING to be nice to him for the sake of it. Demons Username: RavenWolf Name: Mackenzie Gender: Female Age: Mid-twenties Species: Demon Personality: Rp'd Appearance: (Working on it.) Weapons/ Powers: Mackenzie possess the power to manipulate shadows. Her moods can also affect this power. History: Mackenzie wasn't around until a few months after the war. However, she was picked up by a band of angels, and stuck in a prison until recently. Her prison break though, left her with a severe weakness- the inability to use any of her powers, due to the enchanted cuff on her wrist. Other: Username: Kirito Name: Aaron Gender: Male Age: Mid-twenties Species: Demon Personality: Rp'd Appearance: (Working on it.) Weapons/ Powers: Aaron can manifest weapons from his own blood or if permissions given another'. He can also melt in and out of shadows at his leisure. History:During the war Aaron stuck to himself only fighting when he needed to for himself. That was one of his rules look after yourself and only yourself. After the war he became a P.I trying to contribute a little to this so called human race.((Yes he your stereo typical P.I with trench coat and cigarette Username: CharonDusk Name: Malice Gender: Male Age: Appears early twenties Species: Shadow Demon Personality: This guy can be summed up in one word; jerk. He is loud, brash, so foul-mouthed he would make a sailor blush and, above all, loves pulling pranks on people and laughing at their expense, though these pranks are rarely designed to do more than slightly embarrass the target - if they are human or Angel. Demons rarely walk away unharmed. Always happy to start a fight – usually between two other people, - numerous are the time he has wound up starting a mass bar-room brawl, only for him to be nowhere in the fray, instead seated somewhere inconspicuous, watching with a beer and a huge grin as the chaos unfolds. Appearance: Malice possesses sharp, narrow features and lean but muscular build at just over 6 feet in height. His almond eyes are a deep red shade, with reptilian pupils and a small scar running under his right eye, with faint barely perceptible markings running from the corners of his mouth up to just below his cheekbones, teeth that are incredibly sharp, and his black hair has a slight curl to it, reaching down to his midback and is always worn down: all of these traits combine to give him quite an intimidating appearance when you first meet him. Mal wears a black full-bodysuit, covered with a heavy black hooded cloak depending on the weather, and is usually barefoot unless forced to wear shoes. With regards to accessories, he wears a gold choker necklace inset with a single large red stone, and when out and about he wears a pair of black aviator-style goggles. Weapons/ Powers: Shadow Manipulation - Malice can manipulate shadows, giving them a physical form - mostly whips/tentacles - with which he attacks. Due to the nature of his power, using it in well-lit places is very difficult. Familiars - Malice has a number of familiars, small shadow creatures that are permanently near him. They are sapient, though they will rarely do anything without Malice telling them to, and they are also extremely photosensitive, dying in strong sunlight. On their own, they're no threat and normally only on a scouting mission, but as a group, they can be formidable in dark areas. Sword - Malice possesses a traditional sword, similar to those used by medieval knights, which he refers to as Solas Na Gealaí. History: Very little is known of Malice's past before the war, and he prefers it that way. During the war, he made his living by effectively ruining the plans of the other demons, using his familiars to spy on their plans and then finding ways to sabotage them by any possible means, be it by attacking them himself or by leaving "anonymous" messages to the Angels. As well, he took particular delight in watching battles between the adversaries before "cleaning up" by picking off any demons that survived and dragging away demonic corpses to refill his larder. After the war, he took to traveling the planet, taking up the self-styled mantle of "demon hunter" by night, private bodyguard by day. Other: Loves the taste of demonic flesh, but human or angel flesh makes him sick, which is why he has no interest in them.
  8. War. Humans are selfish creatures. They constantly fight and bicker among themselves. And for what? To prove that one religion is more righteous than another? No, perhaps it's simply over a mad dash for power. They climb over each other, step on each others' toes, kill, and so on. They don't see that they are all one in the same. Race, appearance, religion. Deep down, they all are still just mortals. In their strife over oil, money, power, they leave their kin to slowly die of diseases and starvation. Not only, are they selfish, but they are naive as well. While one could be corrected in time, in enlightenment, the combination of the two is a self destructive one. Humans destroy themselves before they get the chance to learn. And those few that are wise, those that can see past just themselves, get lost among the much louder, much more dominant fools that are too narrow minded to broaden their views. In their own mind, they are right. Now of course, they had help. Many powerful politicians in office, had been those influenced by our lesser kin rather forcefully. They were those out to start trouble. We let them run rampant; let them stir the pot. When it got out of hand, however, we would take care of it. An 'accidental' death. The mortals would be none the wiser. But then came the much more powerful ones. They'd managed to worm their way into high places. General of Wars, Presidents, right under our noses. They set the humans against each other, and let them nearly destroy themselves. Of course we had to step in at that point. We had to set the world straight again. But we were led into a trap. The demons were waiting. Thus began the War that Lasted Centuries. It was at that point that I realized, we are no better than them. Humans. With our petty arguments and wars of our own, we were just like them. The war left the world in turmoil. It took another century after that, to set the world back on track. While most of it had been resolved, humans, demons, and angels, still butt heads. Our and their presences are known- but as the years have worn on, slowly we have inked out of their existence. But with darkness on the rise again, another war seems to be on the horizon. -From the journal of the archangel, Michael. Est. date written- 2015 A.D. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Basically, you're either a demon, angel, or human. Since the war was long ago, humans would now be skeptical of the existence of such creatures. Angels mingle with humans (despite the fact they aren't really allowed to). Angels and demons don't get along. There will be a possibility of the allowance of halfbloods. I haven't decided yet. This time around, they will be allowed. But, how many depends on ratio. The setting is a city hugged by forest and mountains. Rules - All basic DC forum rules apply. - No super overpowered characters. Angels and demons are pretty powerful though. They are immortal, but can still be injured badly. - Minor cussing is allowed. - No killing without permission. - Try to keep numbers even as far as gender and species goes. Doesn't matter that much though. That should cover it all for now.
  9. ((I'll try bringing this back...)) Gabriel's eyes snapped to the male who had spoken. Had she seen him before? He certainly didn't look familiar. The angle shook her head. There were much more pressing matters at hand. Spreading her wings, she thrusted them downwards and rose into the air. Singed feathers floated down softly. "My ears are burning." Hancock said in a singsong tone. "Let's all calm down, shall we?" The voice shocked Raven. Turning, she saw Hancock. Don't go near him! Are you ing insane? "I got this, kid." He gave the canine a reassuring wink before facing Thirteen. "The name's Hancock. I believe I'm the devilish fellow you've been demanding to see. Now, what can I help you with, sir?" How could he be so nonchalant about this? The thing just blew up one of the stores and killed a man. Now it was likely going to kill Hancock. Raven took a step forward. If it attacked, Hancock wouldn't have a chance. If she distracted it, then maybe he would. The wolf crouched, about to spring. Hancock raised his arm to stay her. "Trust me," he said over his shoulder. "I got this."
  10. Trying to bring this back now that it's summer.
  11. Alright cool! Plot ideas?
  12. Name: Vargräfta Sköllsson Nickname: Raven Age: 19 Gender: Female Human or specified creature: Werewolf Power: Shifting to the form of a wolf, increased strength, heightened senses, accelerated healing Weakness: Wolfsbane, pure silver, daytime (unless the moon is still visible) Family: She has an entire family pack that inhabits the northwest sector. Raven is the eldest daughter of the alpha pair. Her siblings include a younger brother and a deceased younger sister. She also has aunts, uncles, etc. History: Raven has lived in her pack her entire life. The leadership role was going to eventually be passed down to her. However when she was seventeen, she and her siblings snuck out during a thunderstorm (despite their father's warning). While they were crossing the usual quiet river, a surge of floodwater swept her younger sister off her feet. Floating debris had smashed into her and rendered her unconscious. Despite Raven's best efforts, she ended up drowning. After that, Raven left the pack and started going by a different name. Children/Pets: N/A In a relationship: No Picture or Description: Human Form Wolf Form (Grey eyes) Wolf form size ref Additional notes: She is strongest during the waxing gibbous, full moon, and waning gibbous. During this time she can heal faster, and survive on smaller amounts of food. It also does tend to make her temper shorter and quicker to launch headfirst into a fight.
  13. Ah yes, summertime! More time on hand. Anyways... The last few months I've been dying to RP. School had forced me to abandon one of my favorite ones I had started but that's life. I was thinking of maybe revival? I want to get back to using my usual characters and maybe some new ones. Or a Marvel RP would be cool. I need help with ideas but at this point I'm about ready for anything. I think I have come to dislike exclusive 1x1s. Or at least that is not what I'm looking for. Maybe more 1x3 or so. I'm looking for fast paced people who can keep up. My favorite type of RP is the more open world aspect in which more people, the better. For reference my usual chars are: Raven - Escaped experiment - Wolf Shifter Gabriel - Archangel who is earthbound
  14. MY FUZZY CHILDREN. *self inserts just to assure them it's ok*
  15. "That sounds..." Intimidating. "Great." Ruva was still a little shaken over the whole thing. Yet a hunt did sound good. And with this Fox Dragon... She smiled a little, looking him over. Small(er), spry, energetic. Maybe it was something she needed around. Many said she was a bit of a grump for someone as young as she was. "How about we meet at the grove? I have some errands I was going to take care of first. I'll see you there." The break in her rougher exterior was showing, and then was highlighted when she flashed him a warm smile. Well, at least warm for her. A different voice however sent the break slamming shut. It was somewhat familiar. A figure emerged from the shadows. That's why; it was the Dragonborn from earlier. Her hackles rose on their own accord. "Well..." Truthfully, she had little idea. "Your guess would be as good as mine. I don't reside in the 'main caves'." Her amber eyes were transfixed on his hand upon his cheek. So strange. The slim, opposable digits fascinated her. Her eyes moved to his face. She had never seen a human so close before. Albeit, the Dragonborn wasn't quite human and had some dragonesque features to him, the form itself was still akin to a human's. The wolf dragon was both intrigued and put off. Her curiosity had her wanting more.
  16. Perhaps maybe before hand he was equipped with something because they knew that how she could speak? Maybe he has a mod that allows him to pick up the telepathy (or brain waves?) and decode it into what she's saying? Or at least reads it and knows she speaking, but not what she's saying?
  17. Donna was just bringing another tray of hot chocolate when an explosion shook the cafe. The tray clattered to the ground, forgotten, and she rushed back out of the kitchen. Smoke billowed from one of the neighboring shops and fire began to consume the inside. "Oh no..." Scambling for the phone, she punched Hancock's number in. From what she could gather was the source of the explosion bellowed out, demanding Hancock. "I sure hope so." He watched the flare slowly descend and nodded his head. "Excellent thinking." An explosion shook the window panes as he was turning to go back inside and he whipped around. "That can't be good." From somewhere inside the house a phone rang. Hancock rushed to it. "Hello? What? I'll be right there." The man tried to keep his cool as he hung up the phone and turned back to Skinner. "I think we might've been too late." John ran a hand through his hair and ditched his satchel. Going into his bedroom, he then returned with a sword etched with runes. He muttered a few words and the runes hummed to life. "Gabriel helped me with this." The man looked up at Skinner. "Our threat just blew up one of the shops. I'm going to bet it's not going to be too friendly. It's asking for me, so I'm heading into town." With that, he turned to Mina. "You should be safe here." I hope. Inhaling deeply he tried to control the nerves that now shook him and walked into the rain, making a beeline for town. The noise that came from the wolf was something primal. Just what the do you think you're doing? She wasn't stupid enough (yet) to try and attack, knowing full well from the looks of it this thing could definitely kill her. Yet she wasn't too smart either as she indirectly challenged it. It looks like you're 'peace' already ended. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. If you're going to kill Hancock, you're going to have to go through me first. It wouldn't tals much, she knew. But maybe it could buy him some time to think of something. The archangel was buffeted by the force of the explosion hard enough to crack the glass window of the cafe. She sneered, her sword rematriealizing along with her armor. This guy was going to get it. Her eyes moved past to the store, however. There was a mortal in it. Barely alive, but there. Gabriel sheathed her sword and snapped open her wings. She then rose into the air and divebombed the store front. Once inside, her wings half unfurled to stop her fall, and she clumsily rolled to a stop. The airflow had unintentionally fanned flames and embers around. She was running out of time. Wait, there! Crossing the burning room she found an unconscious man littered with glass and books. The angel grabbed him by the arms and easily pulled him free and into a fireman's carry. Flames nipped her wingtips, and the heat was nearly unbearable. Hustling out of the store and into the rain, she coughed violently and heaved the man onto the nearby grass in a glass-free spot. Smoke and soot streaked her face but the rain was making quick work of it and washing it away. The same went for the man, who'd now stopped breathing. "No!" Her hands floated over him trying to find signs of life, or anything she could heal. However, his soul had already departed and was too far gone to try and call back. Her hands curled into a fist and slammed into the concrete sidewalk in front of her, sending spidering cracks through it. Slowly she rose to her feet, sword drawn, and very pissed off.
  18. That sounds excellent. So I forsee Donna eventually calling Hancock and Skinner as the others go out and investigate and bringing them into the loop.
  19. "Well..." Plan. They needed a PoA. "We have no idea what's coming so that makes it pretty hard to prepare." The man racked his brain for something. Anything. Tea. He needed tea. Turning from Skinner, he went into the kitchen. His boots crunched over the unfinished sweeping of the previous broken tea cup. Once he had poured another cup, he felt the embargo that had bogged his mind begin to let up. "We can assume that this threat would he here to cause harm to either someone in the town, or the town itself." Hancock paced now, his brow furrrowed in thought. "So we should find all of the residents and let them know. I don't think it's a good idea to go in guns blazing. Maybe we can talk them down." Raven swallowed the snarl that gripped her when she heard the creature speak. Hancock? What did this thing want with him? She didn't think he was looking to move in. Her instincts were still screaming at her to run, cutting off her question. Dare she speak? I've never seen this... thing before, and yet... Maybe this thing wouldn't even be able to hear her. It didn't smell organic. In fact, it didn't smell like anything at all. Thats not weird. Gabriel turned around when she sensed a life form she'd tuned herself into. "Raven?" Through the downpour, she could just make out her large, dark form. Her posture seemed to be rigged and defensive. Gabriel followed where she was looking to the large form stopped in the street. The warm light from the cafe provided little help in trying to discern what it was, but squinting, Gabriel could just make out a... statue? She could hear a voice but the rain drowned them out. Donna smiled brightly. "No cost, it's on the house." The waitress looked up to the reptilian looking man, and winked. "I took a few self defense classes in the city. I'd be more than happy to show you a few things." With that, Donna went into the kitchen and spoke with a very concerned cook. To him, there had been a rowdy group of teenagers that'd nearly gotten into a fight. Now she was giving them hot chocolate? He shook his head and obliged, helping her. She reammgered a bit later with a plate of mugs topped with whipped cream. Thay oughta keep the peace.
  20. We lost shadow... hm. I don't think they've Rp'd since we started it. There's one other too... I'm not sure what to do about that.
  21. I'm so awful at recaps, thank you. ^.^ Hancock, Skinner, Mina, Specter dude are all at Hancock's house. Raven just discovered Thirteen.
  22. I'm sorry about that there's a lot of action right now. There's a handful of other characters in limbo like RoD's that Sterling could interact with.
  23. Ah, ok. I understand now, thank you for clearing that all up. And I meant to add your form is accepted Felix.