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  1. Carnage snarled as he looked out at the snowy mountain in the distance. Raven had said the Guardians were heading up it. "Fools" Carnage muttered. "I hope they freeze their tails off." The alpha huffed and turned to his ragtag pack. He'd been pushing them hard these last few days, trailing the other pack. Food and water had been scarce. No doubt if they kept going would some start to fall behind. If the pack was bigger, he would risk it. But in times like these, they needed strength in numbers. Carnage picked up the gem dangling around his neck and studied it. "It isn't up there, is it?" The w
  2. (( *flies into this and screeches to a stop* Name: Raven Nickname: N/A Gender: Female Age: Young Adult History: Raven was stolen away from the Guardians by her older brother. He had chosen to roam with the Outcasts. She used to admire and look up to her brother. However now as she grows older, she doesn't always agree with him. The glamour that once surrounded her brother is fading. Mate: N/A Pups: N/A Pack that you belong to: Outcasts Personality: She's a timid wolf. Often she's afraid to speak her mind. Raven is fairly shy until one gets to know her. In times of fighting
  3. Sounds interesting. I'd be willing to try it. Who wants to outline the plot?
  4. I clicked your Art Shop link and it linked me here and I wanted to first make sure I could indeed request/ buy art here? I absolutely adore your style and sprites. Second thing: If above is true, what is your price/ accepted payment/ etc.?
  5. She smelled the city long before she ever saw it. The acrid smell burned her sensitive nose. This was a bad idea... Raven paced back and forth nervously. She had never even been into the city. Who knows what creatures inhabited it. What if they were anti-shifter? Or as people commonly confused her kind with, anti-werewolf. Man up. Sighing, Raven shifted to her human form. Fur melted to clothing, paws elongated to fingers, ears shortened and became human ears. The whole process itself at first frightened Raven. She could remember the first full moon when she shifted with her parents. She was
  6. Ugh. The dark, furry form in the depths of the cave stirred. In the low light two eyes opened. Raven blinked a few times and lifted her head. She'd been out late the night before and was feeling the effects now. Slowly rising to her feet she yawned and shook out her fur. Maybe I'll go down to the city... see if there's work. The canine sighed heavily. Despite being accustomed to living life by herself, she still missed her family sometimes more than others. A sudden tickling in her nose broke her thoughts as she sneezed. Am I getting sick? Could shifters even get sick? The pack's doctor would
  7. Welcome guys! I kind of dig Aroara's RP idea. If you guys had something else you could mention it too.
  8. Forms [B]Username:[/B] [B]Name:[/B] [B]Gender:[/B] [B]Age:[/B] [B]Species:[/B] [B]Personality:[/B] [B]Appearance:[/B] [B]Weapons/ Powers:[/B] (If any- Limited to swords. Don't go crazy) [B]History:[/B] (If they fought in the war, where they've been hiding, what they've been doing, optional) [B]Other:[/B] Characters Angels Archangels: Michael, Raguel, Raizel Username: RavenWolf1010 Name: Gabriel Nickname: Rain Gender: Female Age: Looks to be in early twenties Species: Fallen Archangel Personality: She's kind but serious. (Rest in RP) Appearance
  9. War. Humans are selfish creatures. They constantly fight and bicker among themselves. And for what? To prove that one religion is more righteous than another? No, perhaps it's simply over a mad dash for power. They climb over each other, step on each others' toes, kill, and so on. They don't see that they are all one in the same. Race, appearance, religion. Deep down, they all are still just mortals. In their strife over oil, money, power, they leave their kin to slowly die of diseases and starvation. Not only, are they selfish, but they are naive as well. While one could be corrected
  10. ((I'll try bringing this back...)) Gabriel's eyes snapped to the male who had spoken. Had she seen him before? He certainly didn't look familiar. The angle shook her head. There were much more pressing matters at hand. Spreading her wings, she thrusted them downwards and rose into the air. Singed feathers floated down softly. "My ears are burning." Hancock said in a singsong tone. "Let's all calm down, shall we?" The voice shocked Raven. Turning, she saw Hancock. Don't go near him! Are you ing insane? "I got this, kid." He gave the canine a reassuring wink before facing Thirt
  11. Trying to bring this back now that it's summer.
  12. Name: VargrΓ€fta SkΓΆllsson Nickname: Raven Age: 19 Gender: Female Human or specified creature: Werewolf Power: Shifting to the form of a wolf, increased strength, heightened senses, accelerated healing Weakness: Wolfsbane, pure silver, daytime (unless the moon is still visible) Family: She has an entire family pack that inhabits the northwest sector. Raven is the eldest daughter of the alpha pair. Her siblings include a younger brother and a deceased younger sister. She also has aunts, uncles, etc. History: Raven has lived in her pack her entire life. The leadership role was go
  13. Ah yes, summertime! More time on hand. Anyways... The last few months I've been dying to RP. School had forced me to abandon one of my favorite ones I had started but that's life. I was thinking of maybe revival? I want to get back to using my usual characters and maybe some new ones. Or a Marvel RP would be cool. I need help with ideas but at this point I'm about ready for anything. I think I have come to dislike exclusive 1x1s. Or at least that is not what I'm looking for. Maybe more 1x3 or so. I'm looking for fast paced people who can keep up. My favorite type of RP is the
  14. MY FUZZY CHILDREN. *self inserts just to assure them it's ok*
  15. "That sounds..." Intimidating. "Great." Ruva was still a little shaken over the whole thing. Yet a hunt did sound good. And with this Fox Dragon... She smiled a little, looking him over. Small(er), spry, energetic. Maybe it was something she needed around. Many said she was a bit of a grump for someone as young as she was. "How about we meet at the grove? I have some errands I was going to take care of first. I'll see you there." The break in her rougher exterior was showing, and then was highlighted when she flashed him a warm smile. Well, at least warm for her. A different voice howeve
  16. Perhaps maybe before hand he was equipped with something because they knew that how she could speak? Maybe he has a mod that allows him to pick up the telepathy (or brain waves?) and decode it into what she's saying? Or at least reads it and knows she speaking, but not what she's saying?
  17. Donna was just bringing another tray of hot chocolate when an explosion shook the cafe. The tray clattered to the ground, forgotten, and she rushed back out of the kitchen. Smoke billowed from one of the neighboring shops and fire began to consume the inside. "Oh no..." Scambling for the phone, she punched Hancock's number in. From what she could gather was the source of the explosion bellowed out, demanding Hancock. "I sure hope so." He watched the flare slowly descend and nodded his head. "Excellent thinking." An explosion shook the window panes as he was turning to go back inside and
  18. That sounds excellent. So I forsee Donna eventually calling Hancock and Skinner as the others go out and investigate and bringing them into the loop.
  19. "Well..." Plan. They needed a PoA. "We have no idea what's coming so that makes it pretty hard to prepare." The man racked his brain for something. Anything. Tea. He needed tea. Turning from Skinner, he went into the kitchen. His boots crunched over the unfinished sweeping of the previous broken tea cup. Once he had poured another cup, he felt the embargo that had bogged his mind begin to let up. "We can assume that this threat would he here to cause harm to either someone in the town, or the town itself." Hancock paced now, his brow furrrowed in thought. "So we should find all of the resident
  20. We lost shadow... hm. I don't think they've Rp'd since we started it. There's one other too... I'm not sure what to do about that.
  21. I'm so awful at recaps, thank you. ^.^ Hancock, Skinner, Mina, Specter dude are all at Hancock's house. Raven just discovered Thirteen.
  22. I'm sorry about that there's a lot of action right now. There's a handful of other characters in limbo like RoD's that Sterling could interact with.