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  1. "Thank you so much." The she wolf was very grateful. Then she saw the blood drip from her mouth. Seeing a horrified Rayne, Raven did her best to comfort the pup. "Come away, let them help your mom." She herded the pup away with her wings, blocking her view. Raven looked back at Storm and the others sadly. She wished she could do something. In her deep thought, she didn't hear Lunar. "I think I know someone who could help." Would they let her though? Would Quinn even help the Guardians? It was worth a shot. "She's a wolf with healing powers like your healers. She has brought back some of our pa
  2. Raven's eyes widened in shock and her ears folded to her head. Did she tell her? Maybe Storm didn't want her to know. "He's another wolf. A bad wolf." She shifted uncomfortably. "Your mom should maybe tell you about him." "Why would you let her go!" Carnage was angry. "Because she didn't deserve to die." Vokun turned on Carnage. "I'm leading this pack now. Quinn was right." "You? You're a pup!" "Maybe so, but I know what's fair." Shadows snaked out and snatched the crystal from around Carnage's neck. They brought it back to him and placed it gently over Vokun's neck. "Deal with it
  3. Raven had no idea how big 'normal' wolves were supposed to be, so she assumed out of sight would be better for shifting. She preferred her wolf form to her human one anyways. If she thought she could get away with it, she would've chosen to walk the city in that form instead. It made getting a job and communication tough though. "Alright." The woman walked off to the nearby alley. The change didn't take more than a minute. Once completed, she stuck her head around the corner. Ears perked and tail wagging, the obsidian wolf gave a short bark.
  4. Raven's tail wagged back and forth across the cave floor after Rayne licked her. She listened as Kiji spoke and agreed silently. Pups were important to a pack. This pup in particular was important, being the alpha's daughter. A dark thought crossed her mind. If Carnage ever got a hold of her... it would all be over. He might even kill her just for fun. A shiver ran through her. Raven would never let that happen. If it came to it at this point, she would kill her brother. To her, he was no longer the wolf she had grown up with. She was also sure that he no longer cared if she lived or died.
  5. Seeing the pup was no longer in fear, she relaxed some. Despite the other wolves caring for her, the whole time Raven kept close watch. She could tell the others didn't really trust her around the pup but she understood why. Her thoughts drifted to Vokun. What if he had been raised here instead? The way she figured it, Carnage's actions had shaped him to the point where he would never be able to be a normal pup. How sad. When Lily came to her and healed her some of the haze she had been in was lifted. Slowly she opened her eye and blinked a few times, thankful it hadn't been permanently dama
  6. "Uhh... no not like that. Those are the 'mythical' lore type. My kind can shift at any time, but with the lunar phases our strength waxes and wanes. " Raven fell quiet when he asked why she was on her own. The enthusiasm dissipated and a darker aura surrounded her. "That's not something I prefer to talk about." Memories flooded her mind. She pushed them away. "I just need something passable." The shifter said, the peppiness slowly returning.
  7. Mackenzie sensed the powers surging in the area around her. Enough. If she was going to die, so be it. She was tired of living the way she was. Skidding to a stop, the demon exhaled and dropped back her hood. She turned to face where she thought the source was. Repressed frustration and rage boiled to the surface. The darkness around her quivered, but didn't come to her. Oh how it longed to. It missed her gentle touch and the power she lent to it to do wondrous things. It loathed the gleaming silver cuffs that drove it away from her. "In my defense, it's my" he lowered his voice "none-too
  8. Raven watched the older wolf. How surprisingly on the mark his rumors were. "It's nice to meet you, Rayne." But within seconds the pup was scuttling off, obviously distressed by the numerous wolves and... her wings? She turned and looked at them as though she was seeing them for the first time. "It's nice too meet you too, Lily." As the friendly wolf cared for her, she started to relax some. The warmth from all the bodies was beginning to chase the chill away. Another wolf spoke to her. Gingerly tucking them back to her back, Raven smiled bashfully. "Thank you." She was still uncomfortable des
  9. Raven was in awe that this alpha has left her to watch over the pup. If that's what it'd take, then she would do it. As of now, this pup was under her protection. Kind pack members began caring for her. "Thank you, thank you,..." Tears welled in her eyes. Complete strangers were kinder than her own pack ever had been. There's was no way she could turn on them now. "It's Raven." The obsidian colored wolf lowered her eyes to the pup. "If you wouldn't mind, could one of you try to unstick my feathers?" She half spread her large wings, the primaries had for the most part frozen together and moveme
  10. ((Raven has zero idea how anything works and is socially awkward. They're a good match )) Does she tell him? He seemed nice enough. "Ok... well, if you're going to help me I guess I should be straight with you. I'm a shifter. A wolf shifter." Her eyes dropped from his. "I've never been to the city. I've been living on my own to the west. Supplies are running short and I needed money." Sighing, Raven looked back up to him. "I need clothes. A shower I guess. But I don't know how anything works..."
  11. Raven straightened some when the alpha questioned her. "My bro- alpha, sent me out here on a death mission. He sent me out in the midst of a blizzard to follow your pack, and for what? To make sure you guys didn't find the crystal before him." Her injured eye was froze shut with blood. Her wings and feathers were frozen together. Her whole body shook from shivering. She was a sorry sight, but the anger that burned in her for her brother was obvious in her molten silver eyes. Carnage looked down at the injured wolf. "Pitiful." He was about to step over her to join Slade when he stopped
  12. ((I was thinking the same thing. We should leave it up to Cat to decide. Maybe she can update it in the first post? Also: I was hoping you'd bring up the smell. She bathes in the river, but forget those clothes. She has no idea. It'd also be good cover for her own 'dog' smell. )) Raven huffed indignantly at his response to her smell. She bathed two days ago! And, she smelled like the outdoors (she was proud of her acquired smell). Dumb city dweller. Doesn't know good smells when it hits him. Then he pushed some money into her hand and started walking off, leaving her alone again. S
  13. Suddenly the door opened and there was a man. Gabriel didn't move, opting to instead watch the man. She stood as still and silent as a statue. The angel had dissipated her facade and should've been visible. Humans are so oblivious. Mackenzie's blood rushed in her ears and her heartbeat thrummed in her chest. That presence she'd felt earlier hadn't gone away. Someone was tailing her. The demon was running now. Squatters within the building looked up groggily as she passed. Gotta hide. Gotta hide. She muttered string after string of curses. If only these cuffs were off. Her power would ret
  14. Raven shifted uneasily. Finally, she spoke. "I am Raven." She couldn't claim to be a lone wolf, they'd smell the Outcasts on her. "I was of the Outcasts pack." Her teeth were chattering now from the cold. Her legs felt stiff. Please.
  15. ((Sorry! I thought I ok'd it in my last post. )) Gabriel sighed and jumped from the building. Opening her wings, she glided down. While she was in plain sight, a human had to first be aware of her existence to see her. Or, she had to reveal herself to them. When she landed a glint of gold caught her eye. It was flaking gold lettering. This place needs some TLC. Mackenzie moved uneasily through the streets. Did that human follow her wanting revenge? I need somewhere to lay low. A long abandoned apartment building caught her eye. That'll work. She jogged over and started looking f
  16. Raven paced back and forth, still a bit away from the cave. They'll kill me. They'll see him in me. They'll never trust me. Her anxiety about the whole situation was driving her mad. But the hypothermia symptoms were starting to crop up. She didn't have much of a choice if she wanted to live. Stupid Carnage. I was right. Finally, she took a few tentative steps and stopped. A few more, stop. Now she was just beyond the cave. She could smell the overwhelming presence of the other pack. Oh gods... please don't kill me... Carnage licked his maw excitedly. "One of you," he barked. "Go scou
  17. Blindly scrambling, Raven dove into the nearest alley. Her chest heaved and blood rushed in her ears. What is this? A panic attack? Weak! She was a warrior. A little city shouldn't get to her like this. Her senses came back to her and the blind panic faded to a dull uncomfortableness. I can do this. Stepping from the alley, she grabbed the nearest passerby. They smelled faintly of... dog? Not like a pet though. "Excuse me, could you point me to the nearest job site?" If Raven was being honest with herself, she had zero idea of how to get a job. She could wing it though. Who wouldn't want someo
  18. Mackenzie was in line fidgeting with her cuffs. Her mind has started to wander. What if I cut my hands off, remove the cuffs, and put my hands back on? Humans can reattach severed limbs, surely I could. "Next? Next?" Someone tapped her shoulder. In mere seconds she had turned and grabbed the wrist and pulled a knife, holding it to the man's neck. His face paled and he trembled in her grip. Everyone in the restaurant had grown silent. In the whole process, the hood had fallen back from her face, revealing intricate tattoos that started at her temple, close to the hairline of her brown, wild ha
  19. Raven lifted her head from the snow slowly. Her teeth were beginning to chatter almost violently, and her body shook, trying to get warm. My brother is a fool. Now her hand was forced. Turn back and face her brother, or be at the mercy of the Guardians. If only this wasn't all new snow. I could've built a snow den. Struggling to back to on top of the snow, Raven winced as the wind battered her. She had to do it. Creeping forward, Raven slowly approached the cave. Hm. Carmage look around at the small carcasses and bones scattered around their current encampment. Before they pushed on, the
  20. ((Both are accepted! I'll go ahead and start us off.)) Raven stumbled into work barley on time. She went to her locker and exchanged her backpack for her white doctor's coat and pulled it over her scrubs. "Long night?" One of her interns asked from behind her. "Don't you have rounds?" She snapped. The intern straightened from surprise. She was usually much more friendly. "Yes, Doctor." He scuttled away sheepishly clutching his clipboard. Raven sighed. All last night she had continuous nightmares. By now she could only remember bits and pieces, but one that rang out in her mind was the one
  21. Rules 1. Follow all DC rules 2. No godmodding 3. No killing without permission 4. Choose gens wisely. Remember that each except one and six have benefits and drawbacks. Forms You can chose to be a human, experiment, or a Gen I. Gen I is generally anti-other gens and hunt them down. Same with most Gen VIs. [B]Username:[/B] [B]Name:[/B] [B]Gender[/B] [B]Age:[/B] [B]Gen Number:[/B] [B]Power/ Gene Splice/ Etc.:[/B] [B]History:[/B] [B]Personality:[/B] (Optional) [B]Appearance:[/B] [B]Other:[/B] Characters Username: RavenWolf1010 Name: Subject 8
  22. "Breaking News... May 31, 2187 An explosion shook the small town of Ely, NV early this morning around 3 A.M. PST. The exact location of the explosion has yet to be determined. No fire or smoke is visible, nor is any obvious destruction. Some are calling it a seismic event. However, no seismic activity was recorded at the time of the explosion. Locals are claiming it was from the 'secret government facility' north of the town. When investigated further, we were denied access to the strange, unmarked building. The government of the United States refuse to comment. For continuous updates on
  23. Carnage heard a squeak behind him. Oh, that was a voice. He looked down, seeing one of the runts of the pack. She proved to have a valid point. "Don't get yourself killed." He flicked his tail, dismissing her. She was one of the more valuable wolves of the bunch given her abilities. That was until it came to fighting. Then she was a resource they would have to waste resources protecting. Raven squinted against the wind. Was that a shape up ahead? A momentary break in the snow revealed it to be a Guardian wolf. She dove into a snowdrift and tried her best to cover her fur in snow. The