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  1. ((*wraps Esther in arms and snuggles to death* I was going to intro Raven in her wolf form to play with Esther and then eventually shift)) The shop was close to the diner so walking did not take long. A rather disgruntled wolf sniffed along the store front to see if the dog was there. Sure enough she could smell her from underneath the door. Her tail began to wag and she let out a deep bark of excitement. Through the window she play-bowed to Esther, her former mood giving way to one of playfulness. Part of her hoped she would come outside and play, the other more human counterpart
  2. Raven flicked her ear and turned when a door above her shut. She recognized Sideway and wagged her tail in a way of returning his greeting. Time seemed to drag on waiting for this girl. Certainly she had a town to destroy, why was she taking so long? The wolf rose to her feet and huffed in frustration. The rain had soaked her fur and now she was cold. Hancock always poked fun at her unwillingness to commit wholly to living outdoors. While she didn’t like the conefinemnt of a house, she certainly didn’t take well to rain and snow either. Raven made the choice to abandon the stakeout. The girl w
  3. Old money sounds great! I like that concept. I’m thinking we should start bringing together the ultimate plot. A big baddie. Any ideas?
  4. The town is about 55 Miles away. If he maintained a speed of 45 mph it’d take him an hour and 13 minutes to get there (the speed limit is 55, usually slower at spots due to curvy mountain roads).
  5. She asked in “drive time” in her comment at least I think it was drive? It came out as “dive” so I’m not sure.
  6. Ok! I’ll let you know if I have any questions. The next nearest town is about 45 minutes to an hour away.
  7. Church is more colonial. I drew up the rough sketch of Hancock’s house and part of the town that has been talked about so far (besides the publishing). It’s not very proportional but I’m sure you can fix it up. I’ll PM them to you later. Edit: I’ll leave it up to you, I think personally the Fenrir killing Odin and Thor would prove to be interesting.
  8. That’s awesome pad! I’ll see if I have a time to draw some up. They’d be pretty basic but I hope they’d be enough. I’ll send them to you when if I get them. Thanks for the offer Well I never thought to put that much thought into it actually. If anything I would say it’s Protestant. It seems more fitting for Gabe and the overall town. But like I said initially, it’s a pretty open church but the pastor is a Protestant Christian. I was never raised religiously (besides an ocassional LDS Sunday service with my grandparents) so I’m kind of out of the loop with it all. I w
  9. Humans generally are the only ones who cannot see past the glamour (except a given few, i.e. Donna). And then there's those that allow them to be seen without glamour (like Gabe and the pastor). Sure thing, pad. It used to be so easy with the old forum to find the right grey you could still read...
  10. Hancock pulled up to his cabin, the gravel underneath his tires making a satisfying crunching noise. The cabin itself was a fairly standard place. Upon walking inside there was a small closet to the left. The same wall made up part of the kitchen's which was across from the living room and fire place. To the right, on either side of the fireplace, were two bedrooms. Or rather one spare bedroom and one he used for his office. Across from his office was a hallway that backed up against the kitchen wall and housed the bathroom and at the end, his bedroom. Generally in poor weather, Raven would st
  11. ((Raven wouldn't know it that extensively, she just is making faulty connections and finding someone to blame. This is really her right now. I knew only about Loki from the MCU after creating a character based of Skoll. I didn't know Fenrir actually killed them in Ragnarok.)) Hancock was deep in thought and really craving a drink. "I'll see you later, Donna." He pulled out a wad of cash (how Hancock made his money no one really knew, Raven always claims he is a male gigilo but in reality he buys/sells swords on eBay) and left money for the food and a generous tip. "Heyo kids, stay
  12. The bell tinkled aggressively, drawing Raven’s nervous eyes to the door. A man walked in and headed to the counter and sat down, asking for a steak. Her nose twitched and she turned back to Hancock who hadn’t even lifted his eyes from the paper. He was immersed in an article that had been written by Sideway on some interesting artifacts that had been recovered by the nearby town. “Fascinating.” “Hm?” Raven turned to him, head cocked. The bell rang again and her head snapped to the door. Her eyes went from the face of the girl entering to the mark on her throat. Something in her stirred a
  13. Alright everyone's characters should be on there now, including your newest one Pad. I've been waiting to move forward and introduce Gabe until everyone else starts their characters.
  14. Indeed a good question. I’m not doing any other RPs as of right now so I shouldn’t be dropping it. I have time here and there to read and see what going on but not always to reply . Accepted and welcome back. I still haven’t had a chance to sit down at a computer and add character forms but after my meet today I should.
  15. The way I picture it is there’s a small church where a pastor lives, but he’s open to everyone and just wants to help. Very friendly and understanding. ((I almost want to make him more than just an NPC now...))
  16. Yep! Come on in. I’ll add your characters later when I have access to a computer.
  17. Alright! You two are accepted so feel free to start whenever. I'm thinking we need a big underlying plot to keep the RP interesting and alive. I also think we need some more people. and someone to play the baddie (if it connects to Raven's backstory like in the original I feel like I might unconsciously be more biased? But I'm pretty sure I could do it fine).
  18. ((I'm going to go ahead and start now since I have the time. That way as more people join they can jump in.)) Hancock. Goodneighbor Cafe. 8:30 A.M. It was a dreary morning. Clouds blanketed the sky, an angry purplish-grey that promised storms in the afternoon with an occasional rumble of thunder for emphasis. Fog filled the streets. Hancock sat sipping his morning coffee in the town's little cafe as he awaited for his order. A few locals sat at the counter, drinking coffee and quietly chatting. The diner was otherwise empty except for him. "Can I get you a refill, John?
  19. Here's the OOC for forms, recaps and questions.
  20. Characters Username: RavenWolf1010 Name: John 'Hancock' Schnider (sh-ny-der) Gender: Male Age: Mid-30s Appearance: Here. He's 6'3" with a lanky but muscly build. Often wears a black canvas trench coat, jeans, and boots. Species/Powers/Ect.: Chemist of sorts. Works with magic and spells. Has a limited sense of premonition. Personality: Hancock is a very charismatic and easygoing guy. He is generally diplomatic and acts as the town mediator and unofficial leader. In times of strife, he's the guy to crack an awful joke to try and lighten the mood. Under hi
  21. You feel a tap on your shoulder and someone reaching into your pocket. By the time you turn to see who it was, they're gone. As you check your pocket, you find a small folded notes that reads: Feel out of place? Can read minds? Or just very out of the ordinary? Boy do I have the place for you! Goodneighbor. A place for the unordinary. Goodneighbor is a (rarely) quiet, rural town centered in a mountain-hugged valley surrounded by forest. It's safe haven for those who can't find a place to call home. Those specifically being
  22. RavenWolf's Wishlist [WIP] Caveborn Purebred Any gen unless otherwise specified Other Lineages and Hybrids Holiday Caveborn unless specified otherwise
  23. ((Hey guys, I'm going out of town tomorrow and I don't know how my response time is going to be. Feel free to just kind of drag my characters along. I'll do my best to keep up.))
  24. (( Oh dear )) Raven shook out her fur. The older pack members could communicate while in their wolf form. She wasn't sure if she left before they had the chance to teach her or if it was only in their species. Dang. She shifted back and adjusted her hair and clothes so they were acceptable again. "I eat anything and everything. Well, veggies less so. But everyone needs a balanced diet. Oh, I don't do raisins. Other than that I'll eat it." When he asked for the money back she pulled it back out and placed it in his hand with a shrug. "Sounds good to me."
  25. Raven exhaled with relief. Rayne was being fed. She hadn't thought of that. You're so selfish. Again Raven folded her ears to her head ashamed. The she-wolf turned her back on the meat having ate fairly recently. The other members needed it much more than she did. Unsure of what else to do, she paced back and forth in a less densely populated part of the cave. Should she keep watch? She knew the Outcasts were going to be another few days before they kept moving. Carnage wouldn't admit it, but he was getting sick. She could hear it in his voice and they way he tried to hide the stiffness in his