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  1. How do you go about finding images for eggs/ hatchies/ etc. to post within the forum? The ones from the Wiki turn out poor quality and big (unless I'm missing something). So like this:
  2. I wish we could get another day to catch all those eggs... I forgot DC was on EST and was wondering why all the eggs stopped showing up I only got 25. Curse the 10 min interval. Lovely sprites and art as always! Anyone thinking about making a petition to get another day lol?
  3. Hancock listened to what Sideway told him, turning back to the nymph with the bomb strapped to her. "It is a little strange. They are trying to keep a town a secret too..." But why? Why were they so hellbent, going so far as to almost kill another person? "I'm sure she wouldn't make it easy. There's no way she would leave her here without a contingency plan." He said, going back to the nymph. Before Sideway left, he assured him they would discuss his blackout when time permitted. Now to the bomb. John moved to the front of the crowd that was surrounding the nymph. "Alright people, step back. I'm going to need you all to return to your places of business and homes..." His eyes went from the crowd to the billowing smoke. "Fire!" He cried, pointing to the stores behind them. People turned and cried out in surprise and the crowd started moving to either flee or put out fires. Hancock spotted that even behind the town within the forests, fires were cropping up. "Oh sugar honey iced tea." He was in over his head now. Hancock went to his Jeep and picked up the CB hand microphone and called it in. "Dispatch this is Deputy Hancock with the Mullberry police, we need Fire and Rescue up here ASAP. The thunderstorm must've started some forest fires up here, over." "Copy that, Hancock, over." The deputy set down the radio and ran his hands through his hair. Then he turned and cautiously approached the nymph. The bomb was strapped around her back. He did not dare to step closer, being sure this woman likely had a hand detonator as well. Wherever she was, she was probably watching them from the camera on the front of the vest. He could really use Raven's set of eyes at this point. Suddenly someone was talking to him, and shouting orders. Hancock turned to them, too grateful for the help to tell them otherwise. The man was quite shocked to see a younger man, wearing... ears and a tail? They looked pretty real to him, but he did not comment on them. "Apparently some rouge woman is threatening to kill this nymph if we don't kill a spy trying to expose the town. I have no idea about the fires." Introductions struck him as unnecessary and a waste of time right now, however his credentials could be helpful. "I'm Deputy Hancock from the police department of the next town over who's stationed here. I already called Fire and rescue up here. to help with these fires. I also have someone on finding that 'rat'." Raven was torn. She wanted to help Joseph, but she knew Hancock was going to need her. I have to help out there. The wolf said, tossing her head to the chaos outside. I'm sorry Joseph, I really have to go... It pained her to abandoned him, but she couldn't stay and hold his hand. Or... paw in this case. Raven dove through the doggy door with a sickly feeling lingering in her chest. It was not hard to find Handcock. And with the chaos on the street, no one paid her much attention. What is happening? She approached just as Hancock was relaying it to some young man. Raven recognized him from the diner earlier. I think I know who did this. I was in the flower shop when this woman came in. Joseph said it sounded like whoever was in the car. She bought some ninofern or something and then left. Hancock turned to Raven with an exclamation of relief. "Nitrofern, you mean? That would explain the fires... but why?" Why set stuff on fire? To add to the chaos? "We are on the hunt for a 'mole'. I already sent Gabe." What do you need me to do? At this point she didn't really care who heard or saw her. Including the pseudo-cosplayer beside them. ------------------------------ Another hand tapped on Garrett's shoulder. He felt soothed and just a bit bubbly. "Hey there, sure, we would be delighted." The man brought the confused group together and ushered them to walk along with Sideway. "We were in town investigating this." He pulled out the newspaper and handed it to him. "Hey, you must've been the one to write this!" As they walked, he tucked the newspaper back in. "We look for Bigfoot but," he lowered his voice. "I'm looking for any kind of supernatural creatures. Like, I''m pretty sure I already found an invisible woman. Don't tell anyone else though." Garrett said with a wink.
  4. There were barks and growls. In her blind rush, she ran directly into Joseph. What happened? Are you ok? Looking past him she saw the woman was gone and only one remained. The wolf turned her attention back to Joseph, suddenly realizing he was actually in his wolf form. He was as big as she was, which started her a bit. Usually others ended up smaller than her in their canine form. Raven sniffed him over and found no blood, only the lingering stench of smoke. What was that? She turned to the door and half expected the glass to have been shattered. "I don't know." The angel moved to the window that overlooked the front of the diner and street below. "Oh ****." Grabbing Sideway she bolted out the door, down the stairs, and into the alley. The warm feeling returned but she ignored it. "That's what happening." A car was projecting a voice, a feminine one, in a metallic kind of way. "They are saying something about a person that is going to expose the town." Her eyes moved to the other side of town that he had mentioned. Before Gabriel could make a move on the car, it sped off. "They don't want whoever it is spreading the word." She turned and saw a group of six forming, all seemingly together. They had camcorders going, and numerous other devices in various pockets. "They look like more than the average tourists don't they?" Where was Raven? The angel turned from them and scanned the crowd. She would have expected for her to appear by now. Especially since any risk of her hiding place being exposed would lead to her possible recapture. Hancock was rolling into town just as a sleek vehicle nearly took out the front of his Jeep. "Jesus H. Christ!" He yelled as he slammed on the brakes and laid on his horn. "What in the hell is going on." Turning to his right, he saw a crowd amassed in front of the diner. "I take one day to myself..." The man muttered before he pulled up and parked, then jumped out. "Someone care to fill me in?" "A bomb!" "A girl!" "Someone said they are going to expose the town!" ""Expose' the town? Of what? More business!" Hancock's eyes widened in surprise but he quickly smoothed over his looks of worry and hungoverness and walked through the crowd. "People, people. My name is John Hancock. I'm a deputy stationed here a Goodneighbor from the next town over. I assure you everything is going to be alright." More questions arose and he raised his hands. "I know this is a time sensitive operation but I promise I already have my people working on it." He spotted Gabriel and made his way towards her, seeing Sideway as well. "Gabe, Sideway, what exactly is going on? If there really is someone trying to expose us, then we need to shut them down." Gabriel pointed to the group of six, one of which who was recording still. "I think it's one of them." Hancock nodded and turned back to them. "Gabriel since you have the most advantages I'm going to task you with finding whoever they are talking about. This mole." The angel nodded. Her form shimmered as she made herself vanish to those she did not want to see her. Then she opened her wings and snapped them down, taking off into the cloudy sky. It seemed a little odd to him to find the incubus and angel together, but he figured they had come together in the confusion. "Sideway, I need you to get those guys to leave. What is that on their vests, Bigfoot Hunters? Oh Jesus. That's the last thing we need right now. Have you seen Raven?" --------------------------- Garrett was returning to his group with a strained expression. They're going to have my head, Was the only thing that played over and over in his head. Someone was trying to expose the town. They could not have that. That meant all the creatures hiding here that was was supposed to weed out and report would flee. Someone nudged him and he had to bite his tongue to keep from snapping at them. "Why is that woman pointing at us?" Garrett turned and saw a stunning woman was talking to a man. The one that had called himself the deputy. They exchanged some words and then all of a sudden the woman vanished. Just like that, into thin air. Garrett turned back to Drew, the one that had nudged him. "Did you see that?!" But Drew had already turned back around. "See what?" He asked, looking up from Garrett to where he had been gesturing. The man groaned and shook his head. "Never mind." I found my first one. Pulling out his 'borrowed' phone, he relayed a description to his fellow agents also within Goodneighbor.
  5. Esther suddenly appeared in front of her, blocking her view of the store. The wolf, obviously put off, huffed and hardly moved. With her gentle urging though she eventually slunk back and out of sight of those in the front of the store. Instead she nervously paced back and forth, her nails clicking against the linoleum floors. A vicious anger began to take hold of her. She wanted to sink her teeth into that woman's throat. The woman was an embodiment of everything she had come to resent from her past. A walking, talking creature that echoed the place whence she came. Just be done with this already and leave. Raven prayed to herself. God forbid something started in the shop. Stay low and it won't. She then scolded herself. While the woman was bad news, it didn't necessarily mean that she was out to get her, right? BOOM!!!!! The sound rattled the windows, and what felt like Raven's very teeth. A growl ripped through her and she moved to go to the front of the shop, already expecting the worse and ready for a fight. Istanbul? He remembered that and not the last hour and a half he spent at Hancock's? Not to mention he could even remember how good she looked back then. She wrote it off as his usual flirtatiousness. Certainly he had to know it would never work on her, but she figured him to be the type that would try anyways just for the hell of it. A laugh was stifled at the water nymph part. The angel could only have imagined how that went. The recount he gave her however matched a typical night she would expect from an incubus. This couldn't have been good though. She did not know where he had been before he showed up at Hancock's, but she knew his story certainly was missing a lot of information. Not to mention he didn't even remember Hancock at all. "Your memory has more holes in it than Swiss cheese right now." Muttered the angel as she mulled over what to do next. He had talked to Hancock, maybe she should call him. Oh how she could use a stiff drink. "What about your phone?" She suggested. Maybe something on there would jog his selective memory. Before they could inquire further, a boom rocked the windows of the apartment. The angel was on her feet in a second, placing herself between where the sound had come from and Sideway. "What the was that?" The first lapse in formality she had came from the rush of fear of Raven's well-being. Almost instantly she was shaming herself for not finding Raven sooner. She turned to Sideway with a look of concern. "An hour and a half ago you were at Hancock's house talking to him. I know you think nothing is wrong, but you seem to be missing a big chunk of your memory. However, it seems as though now we have some bigger issues on out hands." Hancock at some point had passed out in his shed. He awoke with a start and looked around. What woke him up? Birds had flown from the trees they had taken shelter in from the rain. Something big must’ve happened. Hancock pushed himself up and wandered out of the shed and back into the house. Groggily he looked for his phone and dialed Sideway. It went to voicemail. Had the cell service tower gone out? Hancock then went to look for his keys. Gabriel unsuccessfully had tried to hide them in a cabinet. By the time he had found them, he was awake but had a headache. “I’ll be good enough to drive. Not like there’s a lot out here anyways.” He said to himself. Hancock headed to the covered portion of his driveway between the garage and his house, then started up his Jeep. Despite stalling it once trying to back out and grinding through a few gears, he did manage to get onto the road. —————————— There were a few screams from diners as a sudden boom made various glasses and plates rattle. The team of three all looked at each other, pale in the face. What the hell was that? Gathering their things they rushed out of the diner and onto the sidewalk. One of them, Sam, had pulled out a camcorder and was recording. “Where’d it come from?” Sherry was so shaken she was obviously fighting back tears. Garrett was alarmed too. A hand went to the glock that was safely nestled under his shirt and jacket for assurance. “I don’t know.” Garrett said, looking up the street one way before he turned and finally saw. “What the hell?” Tied to a car was a small, frail looking woman dressed in all green and wrapped in explosives. He then cursed, unable to communicate what was happening to his superior. They were going to have his head. Drew, along with Alex and Rick, all whipped around at the sound. With wide eyes they could see back from the way they came a crowd was amassing. They exchanged looks of worry and then without saying a word all rushed to the growing crowd. “What happened?” Drew asked Garrett who only shrugged. “There was an explosion.” ”is that... is that a person?!” Garrett noted that he should probably act more concerned for the well-being of the ‘person’. He however was concentrated on trying to figure out what was happening. I need to get word out to the Boss. Garrett slunk off, snagging a dinee’s phone on his way. Dialing the number burned into his head before the mission he waited for them to pick up. “Mission compromised! Mission at risk, repeat, mission at risk. Comms. has been lost. Send reinforcements!” He had no idea if the message went through or not. After all, service was spotty in Goodneighbor.
  6. As Sideway took her hand a comforting warmth spread through her. It was something she had never experienced before and it was quite delightful. The angel pushed the thought away. She followed him as he waved her on towards his apartment, letting her wings rest against her back. All the while her concern was growing for his well-being. When he answered as they entered that was when she knew something was truly wrong. "Is he... Sideway, you are telling me you do not remember Hancock? John Hancock? The man you have known for years?" In her usual stoic features worry had set in. The casual question of her own well-being was left unanswered. "How is it you can remember me, and not him?" Of course he did not know. He didn't even know that he couldn't remember Hancock. "Come on now, you must be joking." Oh how she hoped he was kidding. "This does not make sense," the angel muttered to herself. She braced her hands on the kitchen table and leaned back. The day had gone from bad to worse seeing as how she still did not know where Raven was. The most she could do was just pray she was alright. It was more likely than not she was holed up somewhere out of the rain, too salty to come home and stay in the house. "Hancock would know." Would he? Sideway had just visited, talking over what had happened and they couldn't figure it out. "He wouldn't." At this point, she was mostly talking aloud to herself, Sideway momentarily forgotten as she considered the next best course of action. She could handle this on her own. Under her belt she had thousands of years of experience. Hancock was drunk anyways. With a deep breath in and a deep breath back out she straightened and turned back to him. "Do you remember anything from this morning?" With the second jingle of the door opening, the hair on the back of her neck stood up. Every fiber of her being screamed for her to leave, but firmly to the ground did her feet stick. The breeze of the opening door brought her the reek of cigarette smoke. A growl rose up in her throat. Her instincts of her mammalian brain vied for control over her voice of reason. It's just a customer, it assured her. You're overreacting, it said. And yet her gut was still telling her to get the hell out of Dodge. Any other time she would have been gone before one could blink an eye. Now she found herself not wanting to leave this 'Joseph' to face the danger she sensed alone. "Esther," she urged. "Something isn't right, can you feel it? Something is wrong..." Her voice was low, barely a whisper. Silently she lowered herself to the floor and allowed her body to take on the form of that of a wolf. She was beginning to feel the wear of shifting too much in a day. Another change or two and she would be forced to recover in one form or the other. At least if she were in this form she could defend herself better. The wolf folded her ears to her head and crept towards the breakroom door. From behind an array of flowers she hung back, watching intently the people who had come in. One seemed to be the polar opposite of the other. Light and dark. Ironic. The one perusing the flowers reeked of smoke. So much so it almost burned her nose and eyes. Raven determined she did not like her. There was a familiar hardness about her, but she could not quite place it. All she knew was that she had to be the one. The one that made everything in her scream to bolt. Please let me be freaking out over nothing this one time. -------------------------- After some resting, Drew brought the team back together. "So, we lost the keys to one of the vans. A minor set back We still have the other half of the equipment in the other van until we find the other keys. They can't be too far around here, we've only been here what, an hour? Sam; you, Sherry, and Garrett go and start asking around at the diner up the road. Take the recorders with you. Alex, Rick and I will check around in the shops and see if anything turns up there. We'll record tonight on the east edge of town and see if we can't find anything." The group nodded and murmured in agreement. "Alright team, break!" The crew started moving to get what they needed done. Garrett was starting to stress. Without his phone he was left without comms. There was always his computer but it needed to be charged, and wifi to connect. He prayed nothing would come up until he found his phone again. The trio once ready headed down the street and towards the diner. They entered into the increasingly populated diner and headed for a booth to set up. Donna was working frantically back and forth to get customers served, leaving her little time to talk, and even less time to attend to customers. "Excuse me, miss," one of them tried to say. "Sorry, sug, busy." Was all they got. If she had not been as busy as she was, the thought to call Hancock and give him a heads up would have occurred. Yet the thought was pushed to the back of her mind as she tried to remember how table three liked their coffee. Garrett was constantly scanning the diner, trying to see if he could spot any inhuman dinees. To his naked eye though they all looked normal. Wasn't there another agent coming to help him? There had been some fleeting mention yet he never got confirmation. What they had told him was that his directive would not interfere as he had a singular target. Garrett, on the other hand, was told to spot and report. So much for that.
  7. After discerning there was no threat the angel relaxed and her armor and sword vanished with a blink of light. "Yes... you are right." She had overreacted. Since when did she overreact? Gabe was notorious for her level-headedness and yet here she was jumping to conclusions and leaping headlong into nothing. The angel checked his knees and finding no blood seeping into his pants she determined it was not serious. He asked about going somewhere dry and she nodded her head. "Good idea. You live around here, do you not?" Gabriel stood up from her squat and extended her hand down to him for assistance, continuing to shelter them from the rain. Then she furrowed her brow and looked back down at him. "Was that before or after Hancock's?" While she did not doubt that he could have managed to find and go home with a woman in the short time since leaving Hancock's something did not add up. "Are you... feeling alright, Sideway?" Raven thanked him and took up the lovely cup. Awkwardly she took a sip and gave him a strained smile. The tea was hot. Very hot still. The shifter did her best to play off the pain and nodded. "Delicious." Gently she set the cup back down and struggled to find something to fill the silence. "So... the rain, do you like it?" Idiot. Raven scolded herself. She lifted the cup to take another sip, this time blowing on it before she drank it. Where on her tongue she could still actually taste, the tea made her taste buds dance. Her face lit up. "This is really good!" She exclaimed and took another drink. Just then she could hear the door of the store open. The smile was wiped from her face and she turned towards the front of the door. Setting down the cup Raven stood up and narrowed her eyes. Has she been in her wolf form, her hackles would have been standing on end. Hancock dug out some other pictures and looked through him sadly. He recounted the times he had shared from his sister, and how he had lost her. There had been an accident not too far from here. He had not been sure how long he was out for but when he came to, there was no sign of his sister. She was just gone. He looked and looked for hours upon hours through the expansive woods. Eventually he had made it to Goodneighbor and the residents had helped him look but she never turned up. They said she was dead, probably dragged off by a mountain lion or something of the sorts. He never believed that though, never for a second. That was why he stayed in Goodneighbor. He built a life for himself here and waited. Just in case she ever came back. While he lived here he met a man by the name of Skinner. Skinner was one to open his eyes to the world much larger than himself. It seemed for whatever reason, Goodneighbor just attracted the non-human creatures. The geography and isolation of it is something he thought always brought them here for safety. Working with Skinner, they made it a safe haven for those creatures and would help them along or find a place for them in town. Until one day Skinner had up and vanished without a word. Hancock was upset at the loss of the man he had come to call a dear friend of his, but life must go on. Now he was the sole protector of the town (well, more the facilitator than anything). Sometimes he wanted to leave. He wanted to shake the responsibility off his shoulders and just go and live his life. Maybe meet someone special (there was not a lot of options in Goodneighbor after all) and have a family and live happily ever after. However he knew that was never going to happen and had made his peace with that fact.
  8. The archangel was beginning to grow more and more worried as there was no sign of Raven. "Where could that girl have gone?" A thought crept into her mind and planted itself. What if They have gotten her? Her efforts were fueled further. Heading back into town she swooped low. What glamour did not take care of, her own angelic powers did, leaving her unseen to all those she did not want seeing her. It's getting close to lunchtime now... Maybe she went back to the diner. Upon flying overhead the angel spotted a form sprawled lifelessly in the parking lot. Please don't be Raven... Please don't be Raven... Gabriel tucked her wings to her back and fell from the sky down to the earth like a rock. At the last moment before hitting the ground she snapped open her wings as a parachute and landed on the ground in a run. As she neared she could see it indeed was not Raven much to her relief. Instead, she found Sideway just coming to. "What happened? Did They take her? Where are They?" The angel's armor materialized, along with her sword, as she readied for battle. Her eyes darted all around them watching for movement. "Are you alright?" Gabe asked fretfully as she lowered her sword and squatted down. She used her wings to shield them from the light rain despite the fact they were both already soaking. Gabriel did not know Sideway well. Over the years, mostly through Hancock, she had gotten to know him and what he was. An incubus. Despite what he was, Gabriel had never found a reason to have to kill him. To the extent of her knowledge he had not killed any human beings (intentionally), only fed. That was fair enough in her book to overlook her heavenly duties. Not to mention he was a well-liked resident around Goodneighbor, and by both Raven and Hancock. Raven hung back silently as her friend Esther tended to her master. Curiously she watched as the dog brought him things he needed. Then she watched him clean himself up (the sanitizer smelled lovely, like flowers) and remove the bandage from his arm. She could not help but stare and lean close to see the rune better. It was beautiful, in a terrible kind of way. The man moved to come out of the nook, putting them close to each other. Raven scrambled back and stood up abruptly and noticed he had blushed. Rather bashfully herself she took a strand of her short hair and twirled it around her finger. "My name is Raven." As he fretted over her she found it would probably be best to just acquiesce to his kindness. "Sure, tea sounds nice." Had she ever even had tea? She was not sure, but today she was going to be drinking some tea. ---------------------- ((These are NPCs for the most part.)) Garrett went to check his phone again, only to find it missing. Searching his pockets frantically turned up nothing. "Hey uh..." He had not bothered to learn most of the crew's name and way paying for it now. The man tapped on their shoulder. "Have you happened to see my phone?" A woman turned and shook her head. "Nope, sorry Garrett!" She was one of them that he liked the least. Always so cheerful and peppy like a damn high school cheerleader. He groaned inwardly and moved on to go back outside to the van and look around there. No cigar. The doors of the van were locked. "Uh.. hey, Sam? Could you unlock this real quick so I can check for my phone in there?" From the threshold he checked his pockets for the keys. Confusion was eminent on his face. "I swore put them in my pocket. Hey Drew, do you have the keys?" "Are you telling me your cheeto-fingers of yours lost the keys?" "No... I was just asking if you had them." "No, I don't. And you better find them or we're stuck here and down to one van." Garrett's suspicion started to rise. First a phone, now keys. He turned back to the line of rooms in a 'U' and scanned them suspiciously. Was one of the creatures already out to get them?
  9. (( me: go comfort him raven: uh... my mom is calling I have to go *makes a phone with her fingers* )) It was almost quite suddenly the man began to cry. Raven was alarmed and distressed unsure what to do. She wanted to leave. Badly. Consoling people was not her strong suit. She did not know what to say or do. WWHD. What would Hancock do? He would stay, as she knew she should. What help could she offer him though? The wolf folded her ears to her head and backed away, looking as though she were about to run. Esther seemed to have had it handled. Raven hardly knew him. It's alright, really. She said from a distance. With an exhale the shifter shifted to her human form and moved towards him. The discomfort on her face was obvious but she did her best to give the man a reassuring smile. Please stop crying, she begged in her head. Despite having dried off, her clothes were still damp. She however did not feel the chill. A hand reached out gingerly to console him but she dropped it back to her side. I wish Gabe was here... she'd know what to do. When she was sad, she wanted to be left alone. Whenever she had woken up from a nightmare though and Gabriel was there, she would come in and hold her until she was able to go back to sleep. I wouldn't want a stranger holding me. "You and me both." Sideway left, leaving Hancock to brood. The stress started to set in despite the numbed state he had tried to leave himself in. Not to mention Gabriel had taken his alcohol. He stood up and paced some. Then he sat back down and watched the rain fall. What were they to do if it all hit the fan? For the longest time they had lived in a comfortable peace. Sure, incidents had come up here and there but they were fairly easy to dispatch. Plus, a feeling had never preceded it like this before. Hancock proceeded then to go to his single-car garage but there was nothing there for him either. "This way Johnny! Hurry up, catch me if you can!" The taunt echoed in his ears. He pushed the words away and headed to his shed and locked himself in. There he went to a few boxes on a shelf and pulled one down. Within it, he pulled out a shoe box. A relic of long time passed. In the shoe box were a handful of pictures. They were yellowing and fading but of what the picture still showed: Two kids playing tag. "Forever and always, sister." Gabriel flew to the spots her friend frequented and found them abandoned. Usually after storming off she would come to at least one of them. The fact she was not able to found in any worried her. Raven was a creature of habit. She liked having a spot she had established as safe and when she felt threatened that was where she would seek solace. That, or she would be hunting and nowhere did the angel find her trolling her usual spots either. A croak next to her nearly sent her plummeting from the sky. A string of curses in mixed languages tumbled from her mouth and thankfully were whisked away by the wind. "You scared me, bird friend." Rain fell gently around them, wetting Gabriel's clothes and hair it to her face. "Have you seen Raven? I know you tend to follow when she is hunting for her kills." The raven cawed and the archangel was not entirely sure if it was really a yes or no. "Well, thank you." The raven croaked and peeled away from her, disappearing into the forest below. Every once in a while she would see it come by. With a small smile she recalled how the first time Raven came across Goodneighbor she followed the raven here. And after that, she started calling herself Raven. Hancock had told her he suspected that she had had another name, but she rarely diverged much about her past like that to either of them.
  10. Ah I forgot to add the part about her name. Well, I guess I didn’t really forget, I didn’t want to go on a tangent. Today is the day she has all her flashbacks I guess. yes, Lucy was Raven. After escaping, as a big middle finger to ‘Mother’, she changed her name. I was going to go in depth another time. It felt too unoriginal to just give her the all-too-common stereotypical name like that so I thought I would give it more of a background. Someone who just escaped from under a oppressive ***** and looking to shed anything that had to do with her, including the name she’d ‘given’. Raven basically picked the first thing she saw, which happened to be a raven. The same one that followed her to Goodneighbor and hangs around (and was chilling with Sideway). I had an idea to work him in at some point, just hasn’t come up yet.
  11. Hancock's warning echoed in her ears. The man seemed nice enough, though. Of course that was how She seemed. "Just one more prick, honey." The young girl relaxed her muscles that strained against the numerous hands holding her down. This was her favorite doctor she had decided. The woman always was very kind and gentle whereas the other male doctors were more brutish. She was fairly new for Eight could not recall ever seeing her in passing. The experiment inhaled sharply as the needle met her skin and burrowed into the vein on her arm. "There, now are we going to listen and behave, right?" The girl nodded, eyes wide with nervousness. With a nod of her head, the woman made the various pairs of hands disappear. Eight sat up slowly and her eyes darted to and from the faces surrounding her. A snarl crept up in her throat. "Back up." Snapped the woman as she reached for the girl's hand. "Come with me now, I promise they won't hurt you again." Her wild eyes darted from the hand back to the faces around. Finally she took it and slid off the table and onto the floor. "Mind the IV." Chirped the woman as she lead Eight to another part of the facility. Over the coming years the two had begun to form a bond. She taught Eight how to read and write, taught her etiquette and manners, and sometimes would even bring her the good food from the facility cafeteria so she would not have to eat the 'nutritious' slop she so often was forced to eat. The amenities she provided her softened the harshness of the tests she had to endure daily. Every little thing was accounted for and studied. One day as they were reading together, the woman she had come to call Mother suddenly stopped reading. "What is it?" Eight asked, a sinking feeling filling her after so long of being at peace. "All this time, and you don't have a proper name! No little girl should be running around being called only 'Eight'. I think we should give you a proper name." The experiment had never given much thought to it. Her life was filled with a series of numbers, not names. Everything seemed to have a number. Except of course the characters in the books. Those were fiction though. "If you could have any name you wanted, what would it be?" She went quiet, thinking deeply about all the names she knew (which was not very many). "Lucy." Eight said after some time. "Like the girl from the Narnia books." "Lucy it is." As Raven got older, she started having more questions that no one seemed to answer. Mother came around less, furthering her hurt and anger. Her first change came on the full moon when she was 16. It was terrifying and she had little control over what happened. After that they began training her in fighting which would ultimately be their downfall. The older she became, the more out of control she became. Eventually she was so out of hand that on the weekly guards were being sent to the infirmary after being mauled. By the age of 17 she had already attempted escape twice, all resulting in her recapture and following punishment. Once she discovered that her beloved 'Mother' had been the one overseeing the various painful procedures she underwent, that was when she really went AWOL. Unable to study her without putting her under she was for the most part scraped. One fateful day (ironically around the time she turned 18) Raven made her escape, erasing all that she could of the Mother that marked her. "...ma'am." Raven blinked and recounted what he had said to her. Cattle and sheep? Ah, a farm. Where was his farm now? Wondered the wolf. A sudden bashfulness came over the man, something Raven was unaccustomed to. That's alright, I wouldn't want to be a burden to you. The uncertainty and unease of the situation left her wanting to remain in her wolf form, lest anything happen. Surely no evil man would have such a loving dog as Esther. Her feelings were mixed and unsure. Hancock scratched his head and took the phone from him and looked over the messages. He then handed it back with a thoughtful look. "Your phone... the location services are off? Maybe someone did find you." That was the problem with these phones. It left people susceptible to private information getting out. "It still doesn't make sense as to why they'd just leave you out there. Until something else crops up, we don't have a whole lot to go off of." It was just then Hancock's gut twisted; his premonition senses were tingling. "Not to belittle your issues at all, but I have a feeling something big is coming. I got the feeling this morning too." A sudden, sobering seriousness overtook John as he spoke. There was obvious worry in his eyes. "Maybe what happened is connected to that. If it is, we have quite a hell storm coming our way, Sideway." Maybe Gabriel and her angels had an idea of what was coming. Unlikely, after all they do not tell the future. Hancock's gift was a typical blessing and a curse. While he knew things were coming, he would never be able to know what it was until it was here and it was too late. --------------------- The mountain road in the rain proved treacherous. Most of the drive Same was white-knuckling the steering wheel. By the time they had made it into town half the party was feeling sick. "Anyone have some ginger?" Moaned a party member. "Alright team, we'll head to the motel down the road and take some time to recoup." The train of two vans passed various shops and a diner, along with a pharmacy and a grocery store. Drew was nominated to book rooms. Once that had been done, they all divided them and stuff into the two rooms. "I'm getting some pretty strange EMF readings here, Sam." From the bed which he was sprawled out on Sam groaned and sat up. "It's probably just the mountains. Lord knows you can't get reception for here." One of the other men, under the name of Garrett, quietly took out his phone and texted. 11:14 Arrived in the town. No obvious abnormalities. Awaiting orders. 11:14 Updated Directive is to remain in town until further notice. Report any unusual information and sightings of supernatural beings.
  12. It looks awesome! Is the deck raised? I can’t tell from the pic. I wasn’t sure how to draw stairs/ a raised deck. Aside from that it’s perfect! You brought it to life! edit: also, accepted!
  13. In case anyone is confused by Felix’s post, we have come together with Goodneighbor’s ultimate plot. We figured that it’d be most interesting to keep it a secret, but if you really want to know we could tell you guys (through PM though ). As time goes on it will all become more clear... edit: I’m not sure when I’ll have the time to dedicate to a reply. I have a meet tonight that’s righr after school. Come this next week though I’ll have lots of time.
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  15. I don’t think it’s wrong to ship them, I was thinking the same thing. They’re both kind of on the outs of their kind. It looks amazing!! The only thing I can see is there are trees kind of in the middle of the driveway where he probably would’ve cleared them (did I put those there? Oops), the garage/ secondary patio is a little big (I’ll see if I can find a size reference and then PM it to you), and I don’t see his shed (yet?) behind the house. You really brought it all to life though and it’s awesome!! The inside of the house, the bathroom maybe a little bigger somehow (just to fit a bath/shower combo)? Move what you have to make it work if need be.
  16. Yes it makes perfect sense. And yes for the record she did speak. I'll wait to reply in case you want to edit that in. If not I'll just go ahead and reply tomorrow morning.
  17. The man listened intently to Sideway as he recounted what he knew. "You should take a swing in Raven's batter box, lord knows she could use the edge taken off her." He slurred over the rim of his glass more to himself than anything. While he had been devoting his attention to Sideway, in the back of his mind he continued to worry about Raven and what trouble she could be causing now. Hancock sighed and set the glass down then leaned back and folded hands across the back of his head. "You've heard of Rohypnol, right? A roofie? I'm sure you have at some point or another. What it sounds like to me bud is that someone spiked your drink last night. But you only had a drink before bed last night, right?" He sat forward and rubbed his chin. "Can incubi (is that the correct term?) even get roofied?" The man wondered aloud. "If you had, it would explain why you don't remember a thing. Most people never do and the only reason why they know something was array is the fact they wake up somewhere and can't remember how they got there, sound familiar?" Who would roofie Sideway though? Despite the inappropriateness and insensitivity of it, he could not help but find himself holding back a laugh at the fact Sideway had been the one to get drugged. A reverse roofie. He made a mental note to write that down somewhere later. His insensitivity and lack of filter could directly be attributed to the amount of alcohol he had been drinking. The sizable bottle that had in the beginning had only been a quarter of the way drank was now a quarter of the way empty. Just as he was moving to pour another drink Gabriel seemed to materialize from the shadows and took up the bottle. "You need to be sharp tomorrow, we have issues to address." She carried the bottle with her and out the front door as she left the two men to find Raven. "Ok, mom." Hancock said dejectedly before moving to instead get some water. "Any belligerent ex-lovers that would be out to get you?" With a wink he began to rinse the cup and filled it with water. "I mean overall you seem to be alright. You're not dead in a ditch, you don't have any obscenities drawn on your face, it just doesn't all add up. Those numbers... have you texted back at all? Or heard anything else?" For the most part after the initial encounter, Raven did not regard the man. To her he posed no threat and for that he was not on her radar and allowed her to relax for once and enjoy herself. The wolf took up tug-of-war against Esther, careful not to pull too hard. When he had appeared at the table whence they played she was surprised some. Mid-game Esther had dropped the rope and was seemingly unpleased as she faced the man. Had he said something? Raven cocked her head and whined. He called her a he. Immediately she snorted disdainfully, but her friend Esther was quick to correct him. Pretty? Her tail wagged eagerly. He thought she was pretty! In a 'I'm-a-graceful-predator-that-could-also-eat-you' kind of way. She would take what she could get. With his final comment on her fur color she looked down at her paws. Raven had never given much thought to her fur color. Then again, she was fairly isolated from any other kind of wolves. Given what she was, normal wolves often feared her and werewolves exiled her. Hell, she did not even have a soul of her own. Gabriel told her that once. It had to do with the way she had been 'made'. It was almost like she was a synthetic person, or a robot. It was why Gabriel could not find her unless it was by sight. The wolf sat and let her tongue roll out, making her look cheeky. If you think I'm pretty like this, you should see me in my other form. (( Hancock: Raven stop exposing yourself! You're going to get everyone caught! Raven: [Read at 5:27 P.M.]))
  18. What is 'toy house'? Is it a place to store characters? Also: is he affected by lunar cycles at all?
  19. I was thinking about it and maybe it’d be a chance for me to introduce a new character (I have an idea forming in my head)? But I’m not sure where pad was going to go with his other one
  20. "What are you looking for?" "More information." "Aren't you like... an angel-pedia?" Gabriel did not like it when Hancock was drinking. He turned snarky and tended to make a joke out of everything (and they all seemed to be dirty, somehow). Of course that was better than the latter when he would instead isolate himself so she tolerated it. "I have accumulated thousands of years of information, some of it is bound to fall through the cracks at one point or another." She found the book she was looking for just as there was a knock at the door. The angel looked up, muscles tensing. "Were you expecting anyone?" Quietly the angel asked as she set the book down and materialized her sword. "I... uh... was I?" Hancock rubbed the stubble of his face as he tried to remember. However, Gabriel was already at the door. She threw it open with her sword at the ready, pointing it to the center of the visitor's chest. "Oh, it is you." Her sword lowered and the tenseness relaxed as she stepped aside to let Sideway in. "I will warn you that he has found his way to some liquor. How much help he might be to you now is... negateble." Without another word, Gabriel let her sword de-materialize, grabbed the book, and headed into the office before shutting the door to give them some privacy. How rude was it to become intoxicated when expecting company, especially when they were seeking counsel. "Ah! Sideway. I forgot you were stopping by. I, uh, treated myself to a few drinks. Would you like one?" He preemptively poured him a glass and left it between them before sitting down at the kitchen table. "You said you were having some trouble with something... oh yeah, remembering last night?" The less-than-graceful wolf charged in as Esther opened the door, nearly skidding headlong into a lovely arrangement of flowers. Taking the towel that Esther had so thoughtfully given her, she dried herself off some and then the puddles of water she had created when she came in. She then discarded the towel and turned back to her fellow canine, mirroring her bow. Esther was large, nearly the size of the average wolf, but Raven still had a few extra inches on her. The wolf yipped and then tore off into the back, careful to avoid the delicate flowers that lined the shop and made it smell heavenly. On her way to the back she slowed, finally registering the man at the counter. Her eyes settled on him and looked him over curiously. His scent was... abnormal at most. Then again, this was Goodneighbor, full of abnormal. She shrugged it off and continued on. --------------------- "Look at this!" The man wiped his cheeto-dusted fingers and handed the paper to his friend. "It's a Bigfoot sighting! I told you!" The friend snatched the paper from his hands and adjusted his glasses. "Bigfoot," he read aloud. "Is he among us? Drew this is just some small town's desperate attempt at a story. Look at how poorly it's written. This is nothing." The man tossed the paper over his shoulder which landed on a small pile of other newspapers with similar pictures and titles. "Aw Sam, come on man. The town isn't too far from here, it's on our way! What's the harm in stopping there for a little while and just testing the waters. It's the small towns where the weird stuff always happens and just think if it really is real!" The two were sitting in a van in the parking lot of a convenience store in the larger town over. They had collected local newspapers all in search of the infamous Bigfoot. Another van was parked across from them where three more people ate and searched thing on their computers. Sam sighed and thought to the inconclusive data they had been gathering. The mounting debt he had acquired from buying all of the equipment and vans he had purchased in hopes of a big TV corporation picking them and their travels up loomed over him. They needed as many opportunities as they could get at this point. "Alright fine." Drew clapped his hands together eagerly, dropping his chips and spreading the grimey dust everywhere. "Alright team, in about two hours we will be heading to this little town to the East called Goodneighbor." Drew handed the now-stained-orange-with- fingerprints newspaper to Alex, who then handed it to one of the three other people. "Radar says it's raining." Piped Drew without looking up from his phone. "Ponchos out, people. We are just doing a dry run on this one."
  21. And Sideway is accidentally behind it all. ok! If everyone else agrees then sure! I’m going to start thinking up some more flesh to it. such a pretty doggo
  22. That's not a bad idea, but I don't see it being a big plot. Definitely like a side/mini plot. Unless of course it draws in more big baddies?
  23. ((*wraps Esther in arms and snuggles to death* I was going to intro Raven in her wolf form to play with Esther and then eventually shift)) The shop was close to the diner so walking did not take long. A rather disgruntled wolf sniffed along the store front to see if the dog was there. Sure enough she could smell her from underneath the door. Her tail began to wag and she let out a deep bark of excitement. Through the window she play-bowed to Esther, her former mood giving way to one of playfulness. Part of her hoped she would come outside and play, the other more human counterpart prayed that she might let her inside. Raven gave little thought of the actual owner of Esther, forgetting that the dog was simply that still: a domestic dog. Perhaps it was her loneliness that attributed to her seeking out a companion. As far as she knew, there were no others like her in town. Certainly even if there was, none of them would share her story. Not to mention either that they might alienate her, just like werewolf packs she tried to join had. Raven barked again, ears up and eyes bright with eagerness. Hancock was dreaming of sipping a pineapple daiquiri on a tropical beach when suddenly he woke with a start. Mere inches from his face was another face. "Ah! Jesus ****ing Christ!" He fell up and over the side of the couch with a dull thud. "You stink like alchol." The angel turned from the man and picked up a half drank bottle of whiskey. "We talked about this, Ra- Gabriel?" He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and blinked a few times. "You're back!" John stood up and went to her, wrapping her in a hug. "Yes, it has been a long time." Remarked Gabriel as she returned his hug. "Is Raven here?" She looked over Hancock's shoulder into her room, of which seemed abandoned. "It is raining outside." "You know I haven't seen her since this morning..." The man sheepishly rubbed the back.his neck and dropped his eyes. "What did you do?" He and Raven more often than not butted heads. Mostly it came up when he tried to help her. "It wasn't me this time, Gabe. She said something about Fenrir and walked out." "Fenrir? Son of Loki, giant wolf Fenrir?" Hancock only shrugged. "I'm not that savvy in Greek mythology." "It is Norse and I thought you of all people would know." "I know of some of the 'magic' they use, and I barely know that. That's about it. Hell, I know more about Eastern medicine than mid-western." "Odd." Gabriel rubbed her chin and started perusing the many books that lined various bookshelves in the house. "What did she see or do when she said it?" "A girl walked into the diner." "You are not much help." Hancock took the bottle of whiskey from the table and shrugged again. "My memory is a little fuzzy." The angel sighed and shook her head and went back to searching as Hancock poured himself another drink.