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  1. Wasn't the movie supposed to be released (or was it already?) soon? Maybe it is. Or maybe, it's a mosquito? I can't tell. Ninja'd again.
  2. I heard there was a "The Dress" egg lurking... Hmmm. Whilst stalking through scrolls (trying to figure out which one it was), I never saw a white and gold egg. Just, blue and black ones. Hehehe. Edit: Just found it! I have say, this time I am seeing white and gold.
  3. Perhaps it's the pink cabbage rose? Just a guess. Edit: Ah! I was foiled. Oh well. Hahaha.
  4. So far, I've gotten a rose-looking egg, and a pearl looking one. I'm looking forward to gorging on chocolate and hunting for my second set of eggs today. Happy Easter everyone!
  5. Rain didn't seem phased by being forced into the bed with Madigan. In fact, it further eased her racing thoughts. Pressing her back to Madigan's she wrapped herself around Anubis. Though she was slightly uncomfortable with her wings, it didn't matter as she began to doze off. The rumble of thunder stirred her, and she rolled back over, instead wrapping his arms around Madigan. She shifted to her human form and slipped her hand into Malak's as they walked. Now, she was too stunned to speak as colors swirled around her. It was better than the Kingdom.
  6. ((Thank you all very much!! I'll being my replies now. )) That shut Ezikiel up. He trudged towards the grand entrance- sore but functional. Exhaling slowly, he took up a steady pace. Though he was not quite sure where he was heading, he knew if he trusted his gut, it would lead him to CeCe. However, he couldn't shake off the imposing doom feeling that hung over him like a wet towel. War is brewing... The Guardian thought forlornly, looking up at the heads of thunderclouds that were moving in. And I have a feeling that Raven and that other Guy have something to do with it. Rain looked from Anubis to Meela, and stroked her lightly. "What is it?" She rose to her feet, padding almost silently into the hall. The distant rumble of thunder made her stiffen with surprise. From her window, she could see lightening flash. A few moments later, another rumble of thunder. The rain always seemed to ease her. Pulling herself from her thoughts, she returned her gaze to Meela. "Where are we going?" She whispered, tilting her head. You made that... When you were seven? Now she seemed to be more impress by how creative he had been at such a young age. Though Angels were supposed to be gifted in just about everything, Raven had never been much of an artist. Coming from a big family, Lexi had always had someone to fall back on if needed. She frowned, and nodded slowly, turning her attention to the vital monitor on the screen beside her father's bed. "Listen, visiting hours are just about up. If you want, I can take you home. Or you could stay with me. Either I'm fine with." She offered her a warm, reassuring smile.
  7. ((ER... Sorry guys. I've been 'busy'... Thank you for waiting!! What have a missed? And where have I left off? ))
  8. How do you attract more dragons? Mine has said the same thing for the last five minutes. And I have 10/10 of everything. Am I doing this wrong?
  9. ((Bump. We need more characters... Female ones.))
  10. Overhearing the conversation between Dotzrus and the Mother, Zeke staggered towards them, leaning on a pew. "Who cares what they are, if they're happy?" Seeing her uncomfortable, Lexi changed gears. "So it's just you, your brother, and your parents?" The wolf was in absolute awe, drinking in the bright colors and flowers. It is? She asked, studying the cross. How? Eventually, she gave up on the whole sleep thing and sat up, stroking Anubis. "They still haunt Raven and I... The Souls. During the war, there was so much confusion of where Hell stopped and Heaven began, that many were left stranded in between... and now..." Sighing softly, she rested her head on her knees. "They work their ways into our dreams, into memories..."
  11. "Good," she said with a small nod. "Good. So, everything work out? There were no problems with money?" She wasn't going to let the poor girl go home on her own after seeing the conditions she lived in. "Would you like to call your family? Let them know your father is alright?" Right. She responded immediately, already bounding through the paths. Her wings flared out on either side of her, adding more of a bound to each step. Rain, unable to sleep on her back for obvious reasons, shifted from side to side restlessly.
  12. ((Poor Jean. No one listens to her. )) Upon arriving at Stark towers, his phone returned to normal. He then walked through the grand entrance. "Wow, this place is pretty nice when you use the actual entrance." As he slipped his phone back into his suit, he headed over to the stair access. Wanna race? Uh, sure. Ok, readysetgo! Wade launched himself up the stairs, out of breath by the fifth floor. Hey didn't this place have a basement? That'd be located in the secret stairwell only accessible from Stark's suite. What? This place is just really confusing. Maybe that's to keep their enemies confused. After raiding the fridge (also after realizing it had already been raided by Deadpool), Tony had made a sandwich and now ate as he sulked. This wasn't fair. This was his place. Didn't he have some say in where he could and couldn't go? He tore a bite out of his sandwich, glancing at the screen. That's it, I'm going back down. He felt sober enough; It had been at least an hour. Finishing his food, he grabbed the stress ball and headed downstairs. "What's that? Someone needs a lockdown? Hm. I wonder who could do that." Tossing the ball in the air he leaned against the table, eyeing Loki. "What's the plan, Cap?"
  13. "Sir, I have located Wade." "Oh?" "He appears to be lost." A screen slid up beside the camera feed in the basement, showing a blip on a map where Wade was. "Does he have a cell phone?" "Yes, sir." "Send him the directions to here." He dismissed it and then stood, heading for the kitchen. Just what in the hell were they planning on doing? Wade's phone buzzed and he pulled out out, seeing that it now had directions encrypted on it. "Oh, cool." Holding it up, he began to follow the directions. More than once, he was nearly hit by a car. Though, he never bothered to even look up to see. "And yet no one seems to know what that is." Jean took a few steps forward. "Loki was obviously hurt by someone. Or, are you implying he did this to himself?" The woman's gaze locked onto Thor's, a challenge in it. "You can say that all day, but until otherwise proven, it's just another story." But, Thor didn't tend to lie. Though there was a first time for everything. "So, it would seem we are at an impasse. Loki says one thing, and Thor says another." She had a feeling all blame would go directly to Loki. But... Memory was a tricky thing. It ties to many other thing within the mind, like past experiences, or other memories. With that, came to possibility of the blurring of memories, and the perception could be skewed enough that details in one memory are completely different than the original. Fear, pain, rage, all of the emotions could have a effect on what was remembered.
  14. The firefighter stepped into the room with an air of confidence about her. "How is he doing?" She asked, glancing over at the man on the bed. After finishing, she rinsed the bowl and set in the sink, and then headed up to the room Madigan had said she was to say in. It seemed strangely empty with no pictures to cover the walls. Accommodating herself to the room, she scanned through a few books on the desk, and then walked over, sitting down on the bed. The book in hand, was "The Art of War". The woman's jaw instantly dropped. In all her centuries, she'd never seen something quite so beautiful. Not the Caribbean's pearl white sand and crystal blue waters, or, Brazil's vivid jungles, could compare. "This... is... amazing." Breathless, she turned to him. "Someone has quite the green thumb."
  15. Rain's eyes lingered much longer than they should have on Madigan climbed the stairs once again. She finally blinked when he was gone, then looked to the snake, who looked to her, it's tongue slithering out. "Well worth it." Picking up he bowl, she began to eat again. Nodding eagerly, she pushed herself out from the table and shifted to her wolf form. Nowadays, it provided more comfort to her. ((No one comments on how she's shirtless. )) Ezekiel groaned, removing his hand slowly from his abdomen. "What in the bloody Hell?" He pulled up his shirt to reveal a neatly wrapped torso. Groaning again, he swung his feet over the edge of the bed and brought a hand to his head. Everything ached. Looking around the room as his vision swam, confirmed her was still in the church. He couldn't shake the feeling something war wrong. Cecelia. Struggling to get up, he grabbed his coat, and headed for the door.
  16. "That's because I probably was." She said, chuckling lightly. Her eyes didn't leave him until he had disappeared from sight. "Truth is," she said quietly aloud. "I was done being an uptight ass. I hated being mean." Frowning, she rose up and headed to the table, beginning to eat the soup. Taking a long piece of celery, she tried to make it into an animal. It took a few tries, but eventually, she succeeded into turning it into a... snake. Leaping back, she hissed at it. The poor thing hung it's head, acting more like a dog than a snake. It edged towards her, it's tongue flickering out. Then, it winded it's way down from the table, heading towards her. She backed away, taking the bowl of soup with her, and then walking around the cabin to avoid it. It simply slithered after her. She did try to change it back, but to no avail. The half-angel shifted uncomfortably. She wasn't used to formalities, like having her chair pulled out for her, or, food being set out. It was... Nice. Raven thought silently, picking up food and eating it bit by bit. Smiling a thanks, she began to wolf down the food. "Hidden garden?" It sounded like something from the story of Adam and Eve. Wiping crumbs from her face with her arm, she tilted her head.
  17. Rain maneuvered herself so that she was beside him. "It's ok." She said slowly, her tongue rolling over the words. "I'm not going to leave you." Her grey eyes held a softness rarely seen. "You won't have to go through it alone." "Yeah..." she said quietly, rinsing of her hands and turning the water red, pink, and then a lighter pink. "I'm fine." She smiled reassuringly, but her hands trembled, though as she washed them, it was concealed. After a bit of confusion, and spooking a small family, she managed to find the girl's room. Knocking on the frame, she smiled softly. "Hello?"
  18. Seems fair enough. Jean leaned against a table. It was true, they still didn't know much other than Loki had been in bad shape when he arrived, and that he had came from Asgard. So now what? Glancing at Loki, she sighed. This had to be pretty hard on him, right? And now what was going to happen to him? Surely, Steve wasn't going to let Thor take him back to Asgard. Right now, it was Thor's word against Loki's, and Loki had a record of being deceitful, further stacking odd against his favor. Of course, just peering into their minds would solve the problem, as she could deduce what really happened just based off memories. Though she figured she wouldn't be asked to do that. Steve's morals paralleled her own; and doing that, would go against her's, and most likely would also go against his. Or so she would at least hope. "Please tell me they aren't letting him stay here." Tony said to the empty room. "I really don't need to face up against another army of Boglodite creeps." Leaning back, he scratched his head. "I mean, what good will staying on Earth do him? I'm sure he's playing the pity card and then once he has everyone under his mad man charms, he'll spring some plan." The monitor flickered, drawing his attention back to it. You should really keep your thoughts to yourself, Tony. An irritated voice sounded in his head, and he frowned, rubbing at his stubble. "You should really take up a new hobby other than reading people's minds." "Ughhhh, can't this thing go any faster? Here, lemme drive." Leaning forward, Wade reached for the wheel. "Nu uh get your ass back there or I'll throw you out." Dejectedly he sat back, jutting out his lip. "I'll just walk." He opened the door and climbed out, ignoring the driver's protests. Wandering through the crowd of people, few did a double take, it being New York and all. He did however, get stares as he passed a comic book store. "Uh..." He looked around. "Hey Stark!" He yelled. "I'm lost!"
  19. Jean nodded slowly as Loki confirmed what she had more or less said. Upon the entering of Steve, she straightened. She had a great deal of respect for him, as his tales had traveled far and wide. He was known to be a fair, level-headed man. Perhaps he could be reasoned with. "Good afternoon, Steve." Briefly, she wondered if he had ever heard of her. Then again, it didn't matter. He would now. When Thor stood, Tony leaned forward and snatched the ball of his chair. "Sounds good, big guy." Squeezing it slowly, he eyed the screen. "Try not to piss of the red-head. She's kind of like the Green Guy, but... not green. I really don't want to have to rebuild Stark towers again." He waved him off, leaning forward once again as Steve entered.
  20. ((You can't bump a thread unless it's been more than 24hrs. since the last post. And for the record, Zeke is out cold. Otherwise, he would've been screaming in pain, yadda yadda. )) Rain remained quiet, and sat down behind him, beginning to tease the strands of silk out of his hair. "You're right," she finally said. "I wouldn't know what it's like. But you don't have to keep up the facade around me." Titling her, she tried to come up with a better way to remove the spider webs. Did I really just play tug-o-war with a spider? The angel eventually gave up, and went to removing it from his clothes. "I'm not as... stable... As I seem." She was able to downplay a lot of things fairly well. "Angels, are not as 'high and mighty' as they are made out to be. Really, most of us are like humans." Raven didn't want to leave. The surgeon in her wasn't ready. But, at the coaxing of food, she gave in, handing the forceps to the Sister. "Where can I wash up?" Lucky for them, Zeke was impervious to diseases, so, they never had to worry about sanitation. "M'am?" A nurse walked towards Cecelia. "Your father is stable now. He's asleep though. You can go in and see him." After a late dinner, Lexi showered, and then waited for her relief. Once he showed up, she headed out to her bikini-top Jeep Wrangler, and headed for the hospital. It was better to make sure that everything worked out for the family, and if it didn't she'd be there to help.
  21. ((Sorry. I have been fighting with my computer.)) Rain was leaning over him. "I have got one Hell of a story to tell you." "He was shot," mumbled Raven, wiping the sweat from her brow on her forearm. "I think I almost got it all."
  22. Rising up from his chair, Tony headed over to a drawer, and rummaged through it. "Aha." He produced a medium-sized, blue ball, the tossed it to Thor. "Audio? The cameras have been pretty finicky down there and I haven't ever bothered to fix them. Sorr- Hold on a second." He pulled up another screen, and then powered up the Mach-7, which resided off in some corner of the room. He brought the seconds panel beside the larger one, each time they spoke, the line jumping. "There we go." Now they had the full spectrum of the going-ons below. Stepping back, he spread his hands in glory, and then re-seated himself. "He lied?" Jean crossed her arms. Thor didn't seem like a liar. He was supposed to be a good guy. Then again, most of the Avengers have lied at some point. All except probably Steve, but, he was an anomaly. Perhaps it was the time he had grown up in, that gave way to such a rare state of man. Eyeing Loki, she weighed his words. She wouldn't put it past Thor to lie, or Loki. Any story could be manipulated enough to the point that even the bad guy, could look like the good guy. This situation was not an exception. At this point in time, it was better to now remain objective to whatever claims were made, until all the pieces could be fit together. And now, after hearing Clint's two cents, it opened up yet another view on the situation. "Though if Thor cared as much about Loki as he said he did, wouldn't he have made it a priority to know what was happening to him?" She focused on Clint, cocking her head. "I know that if I 'cared', I would make sure things like this wouldn't happen." She was about to open the water in her hand, her mouth dry from speaking, but she looked to Loki. "Banner, don't you think we should at least give him water so it's easier to speak?" Extending the bottle to him, she added- "I know when I went without water for that long, it felt like talking with sand in my mouth." Wade hung his head forlornly, unable to have said good bye. With a sigh, he opened up his taxi up and called for a taxi. It being New York, there wasn't a lot of wait time. "Hey buddy," the man grunted. "ComiCon is on the west coast." Deadpool looked, up, his brow furrowing. "You think this is a costume? Well, I mean, I guess it actually is... But it's just so I don't scare the common folk." Lifting up part of his mask, he grinned, The man didn't budge. "Yeah, whatever, man. Seen it before." Dissapointedly, Wade pulled his mask back down and sat back. "Where to?" "Stark Towers." "Leemme guess, yous is gonna join the Avengers?" "I already am. A, uh, back up anyways." The cab pulled away from the curb and into traffic.
  23. The spider's legs made a quiet shuffling as it lithely made it's way towards them, and out the door. It hovered over Madigan, and then began to pull him back towards the house. In response, Rain pulled back. "No. Mine." The spider turned it's eight eyes on her. She raised her arms over her head, much like a spider might in warning. The spider shuffled around so that she squared off with Rain, then then raised two of it's own legs, giving way to it's fangs. It didn't make a sound, however, as Rain did. It seemed to startle the spider, who took a few steps back unsure. It then returned to trying to drag Madigan. Again, Rain pulled back. "Mine." She repeated more firmly. The spider watched her, and then using it's back legs, began to spin silk to wrap Madigan in. The angel hissed, and pushed the spider back, who in response, tapped her on the head a few times. "Shoo." She pointed to the mountain. "Go find the cave up there and live in it." The spider rotated to follow her hand, and then rotated back towards her, beginning to try and bring Madigan. "No. Stop. Mine. Go on, go." Pulling the man away, she hoisted him over his shoulder. The spider seemed to sag some, but then obediently turned away and shuffled off in the direction she had pointed. "That was... strange." By far, defiantly one of the weirdest things to ever happen. Carrying Madigan back inside she set laid him on the couch, shut the attic, and tended to dinner. "I really hope there aren't any more giant creatures roaming around. Or at least, not a snake. Wiping her forehead, Lexie headed back out to the ambulance bay. "Did you update the kid?" "Nah, that's the doctors job. And I still haven't eaten. Why don't you 'accidentally' leave the OptiCom on? All green lights on the way home."
  24. ((Those would be forceps. )) Raven nodded in appreciation. "I'm a surgeon myself trained in trauma cases like this. Let them sleep." Despite the acrid smell of blood that rekindled the memories that now lurked just at the surface, she remained calm and collected, beginning to go to work. Two entries, no exits. Picking up the forceps, she carefully moved tissue, trying to locate the metal. Picking out fragments as she did so, she found that one had unfortunately broken up into shards.The other, had been a hollow point, and had remained in tact. "I have to pull out the shards." Working quickly, she did her best to locate them all. Madigan was quickly followed by Rain as she watched through the open door, a giant spider worm it's way through the small access. In every eight of it's dark eyes, a faint red orb moved, until it settled on them. "Holy ." The angel said, cursing for the first time in a while. The spider's long fangs flared outwards gleaming with, no doubt, poison. The eight orbs flashed in unison, them settling on Madigan. "I don't think it's very happy about you killing her friends." ((This... This is going to be good.))