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  1. Raven blinked, and nodded, seeming to come back to Earth. "Right, right, sorry." Tucking her wings to her back, she followed him. Rain's brow furrowed as she tried to grasp what they were trying convey. "I don't... Really get it." But then it clicked. "Oh. I see." She frowned, and went back to washing clothes. He liked her? Does that mean she was falling for him? Was this what it felt like to be in love?
  2. ((Yay it's back!)) "Where are they? You said they'd be here." The large canine-like creature snarled, clicking his teeth. It was a ghastly sight, as it had only a skull of a wolf for a head, and long horns that looked like that of an antelope protruding from that skull. The sockets, usually empty and dark, were aglow with a small red orb (about the size of a nickel). It stood at nearly five feet tall, and had a shaggy mane extending down it's neck and ending just before it's shoulders. It's fur, was as black as the very absence of light. "I-I don't know!" "'I don't know' isn't good enough." With another blood-chilling snarl, it swiped at the man, and he burst into flames, leaving remains of what appeared to be burnt paper. "Don't send a grunt to do a commander's job." "We have to warn the others." Her wings opened with a snap, and she looked to Malak expectantly. "Let's go." She scrambled to take off her shoe and then chucked it at him, laughing as well. But when his laugh died, so did her's. Did I do something wrong again? Turning to Meela and Anubis, she hoped for some explanation.
  3. ((What do you guys think about the afore mentioned thing? And... What are your characters' alliances? Heaven, neutral, or rebelling against Heaven? They aren't evil, persay, so that's why I didn't just use 'good, evil, neutral'. And in case you all forgot, Rain said that God has been gone for quite sometime and the Angels are becoming corrupted. And one more thing, Raven doesn't know what she is yet, just that she's feared/ boss wants her. Oh man I starting to remember where I was going with all of this and I'm excited.)) "I don't know. But I have a feeling that isn't going to be the last we hear of this 'Boss' character. And that other demon-Angel guy, and I, are going to become popular. We all are, actually. Most of us have a neutral alliance, and each side is going to want numbers that tip the scale." Now Raven was speaking more aloud than to Malak. "Not the snake!" Rain howled indignantly.
  4. ((Ok I really want to add Sam, Dean, and Cas type characters but I don't know how well I could portray them. I could do Sam and Dean ok (I'm going to look up some stuff and see what I can find to maybe RP them better) but Cas is iffy. I could make another angel char. Like Cas, or maybe pair Zeke with them. bR had been MIA. Oh and I just had the idea of having either one or both of my OC 'demon' wolf-things as the Bosss' dog or just as independent chars. Probably the other one though. MEH so many chars. )) Instead of an immediate reply, he got Rain's sweatshirt in a wad thrown at his face. "Pretty good!" She called giggling, looking to Meela and Anubis. "Nailed 'im." "But one sword isn't enough for them...." Her eyes widened with realization. "There's another war coming."
  5. The angel's eyes widened in surprise. "Sorry." She said sheepishly. Being wary now of the glassworks, she pulled out clothes to wash. Once she'd successfully filled the tub, she went to work. The sky was still overcast, but she could tell that by noon, they would burn off and it would be sunny. Then the clothes can dry properly. Rain thought as she looked on towards the clothes line. Raven mulled this over and snapped her fingers. "Then what we need is something to level the playing field. Rain's sword. Or one like it. It's meant to kill Angels. Fallen angels. But it'll work on any Angel really. Mine wasn't supposed to be that powerful, but Rain outfitted it so I could help her." Automatically her hand reached for where her own weapon usually resided, but found her side empty. "Filius canis." The man had taken it. Could he have known? ((I updated some of my forms. I didn't realize how... Spotty? They were. Lots of errors. Heh. ))
  6. ((It's like a French Fry. )) She looked as though she would protest, but instead she was chased out by the smell of burning pancakes. "Washing. Ok. I got this." Heading up to the attic, Rain found the chest and brought it down without trouble despite it's weight. Trying to fit through the door was a whole other situation. Rain was forced to tuck her wings tightly to we back and then crab step out. Even then, she still managed to clip her wings on the threshold. ((Rain you're a doof. Just leave the chest next time.)) She looked back to the chapel, then back at Malak. "And they are pacifists. So we wouldn't be able to teach them how to fight." But as far as she's observed, even the rowdiest of males never seem to go near nuns. Though that had been a different time. A shrill horn made Mackenzie jump. "Oh son of ." The light of the subway rounded the corner. Crap, crap, crap. Appearantly she had already crossed onto the lines still in use. And she'd already passed the work access. There was no time to try and get back to it. "This is gonna suck." The light blinded her and the horn again shouted. She put her hands up and waited for impact, but it never came. When she opened her eyes, she saw the receding red lights of the cars along the walls. "Huh? What the-" The demon looked down at her hands, finding them to be a translucent black. "Woah. That's new." Much to her pleasure, she had been able to conjure up enough energy to not end up like a sqaushed bug, and discover something new with her powers. "It's been too long, my old friends." Dismissing what she'd done, the woman quickly made her way towards where she hoped was the nearest station, all the while singing: "Hello darkness my old friend, I've come to talk to you again."
  7. ((I'm sure y'all seen me lurking and not replying but that's mainly because I'm burnt out on thinking and stuff plus I'm trying to figure out what I want to say. This has been a Raven PSA.))
  8. Rain waved his offer off. "Neither, thank you." The fire went of with a small click and she scooped the pancakes out. All the while, thinking of how to word together a response. "I have no where else to go." Raven pulled away, but kept the space between them small. "I thank you. And them. But I can't put you all at risk. And by staying here, I would be."
  9. "Alright then." She shrugged and put the bowl down, proceeding to then shake out some chocolate chips into hand and sprinkle them into the pancakes. While doing that, she popped a few blueberries into her mouth. "I think this will be the first time I've ever eaten pancakes, now that I think about it." Rain said as Madigan re-entered. "Wait, no... I had them once before. That was... Damn. Back in the 1500's. When they first started showing up in th Americas. What was I...? Oh I remember now. I was dispatched to dismember a particularly troublesome-" The angel cut herself off but the sizzle of the flipped pancake filled her silence. "It was a long time ago. No need to be dwelling in the past." Tears of gratitude welled in her eyes. "Thank you," she said as she took the feather, and carefully weaved it into her hair behind her ear. Raven wiped her eyes, and then pulled Malak into a hug.
  10. Her back remained to him as she started the first two pancakes. "It's alright." Rain then turned, wearing one of her rare smiles. "I don't expect you to change overnight. Or change at all, really. After secluding yourself for so long, it's hard to adjust to human company again." Her missions through the millennia had taught her that much. "Now, blueberry," she picked up a bowl. "Or chocolate chip pancakes?" The Angel finished as she raised a bag. "Or both?" An obvious shiver ran through her, and she grasped his hand gently, pushing it away from her face. "We still don't know who this 'Boss' character is. And if it's an Arch, I'm not safe anywhere. Not only that, but Rain isn't telling me something. And I know it's important."
  11. ((*silently wonders just what in the world is happening in Hell*)) Raising a brow, Rain then frowned. "I'll go and cook up some breakfast." She left without another word. The stairs creaked beneath her as she went down them, seeming to protest against their age. Reaching the kitchen, the angel stopped and sighed heavily. Memories of last night, though misty from sleep, were reignited. Instead of bringing a smile to her, it instead only deepened her frown. Had she done something wrong? Moving onward, Rain dug through cabinets for pans as her thoughts preoccupied her mind. Distracted, it was more on their own accord that her storm-grey wings stretched themselves and then draped loosely around the angel. "Ah-ha." A griddle appeared from the darker reaches of the cabinet she'd been rummaging through. "Pancakes it is." The Fallen nodded as he spoke. However at his offer, she declined. "I couldn't ask you to take one of your beautiful roses just for me." Gingerly, she cupped the head of one. "They much better serve staying here and brightening up this slice of-" the word caught in her throat. "Paradise." She instead substituted quickly.
  12. "What they say is true then. Opposites do attract." She grinned, not seeming to notice his being flustered. "Swing as my sword translates to 'Storm', and I posses control over the weather. Mostly..." Had she been able to, she would've disbanded the storm. But because her powers were also linked to her thoughts and emotions, it would've been impossible. Before taking her leave from Heaven, it never had been a problem. It was much easier to lock out emotions when your life was simply a job. Raven looked ready to launch into yet another explanation (as she'd in her 'free time' studied the formulas for various things), but stopped, instead choosing to wander closer to the flowers. "You tell the bees? You can do that?!" Talking to animals was her cinche, but insects? It didn't seem possible. "Where is she?" Zeke muttered, staggering along. This sucks. His usual professional attitude melted away into his usual asinine one. Sore and grumpy, people avoided him and moved out of his way. Daytime sucks.
  13. ((Ok I'm a little rusty and trying to get back in the loop so I apologize in advance if my replies miss some details or are choppy. And they'll be a little short. )) Zeke blinked groggily and his newly acquired tattoo warmed. That was right! Silently he cursed and turned away, disappearing back into the shadows. Rain began to giggle, and pushed Meela away gently. "Hey now, ease up." She then turned to Malak. "Did you sleep alight?" The woman gasped and moved closer to the flowers. "You're the next Mendell." She said excitedly as she launched into a tangent about genetic traits. Mackenzie groaned. "Jesus, I forgot how much I hate the trip back up." Deep within the city's old subway lines, she slowly but surely was making her back towards the surface. Of course, she could have used her powers, but she's exhausted herself traveling. "Great. I wonder if there's a way to improve my capacity..." She wasn't one of those low life demons, so why was it that she couldn't hold onto any energy? "Thanks, Obama."
  14. (( I AM BACK FROM THE DEAD GUYS. MD you're accepted. Uh... Recap?? ))
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    *Stands there looking around at the chaos* Well by Odin's Beard! *summons Thor and Loki and then points at Valvatorez* GET THE COOOOOKIE!
  16. Dog Eyes From my lovely Aussie, Sasha, who has heterochromia iridum. Cropped from this picture.
  17. Well, it's supposed to be getting warmer. Ok, hot, actually, since we don't really have a Spring. Instead though, we are going backwards and it's getting colder and it's windy. Supposedly, it's supposed to get warmer again tomorrow. Those darn meteorologists though have a guess as good as we do at this point.
  18. Surreal cereal. And some left over Easter candy. Heheheh.
  19. Nervous/ frustrated and overall anxious. I have my first long course swim meet of the season coming up and I haven't felt 'right' the last two weeks. Maybe it's because I cut down on my yardage since I'm swimming for my high school as well? *sigh* I swim Friday and Sunday. Saturday I swim in the meet for my HS and I'm worried that I might get distracted from a certain someone that most likely doesn't reciprocate my feelings. Ah the trivial worries of being a teenager.
  20. I am on Pacific time and I just realized that I have until only 9:00 tonight to get the rest of the eggs, while trying to balance the rest of school and then swim practice. THOU SHALL PERSEVERE!
  21. 34/62! Getting closer! These eggs are wonderful! A big thank you to all the amazing spriters, mods and TJ for putting the FOE together.
  22. Ditto! It's so cute! And then there's the snail on it's shell that is bumming a ride.
  23. *face palms* I overthought it. Thank you very much for the help!
  24. How does one post the PNG of the eggs to ask what it is from? Is that allowed? I heard TinyPic thrown out there, but I have little clue of how to do it. There's just a few eggs I wasn't sure on what they were, and I'm not sure how I would describe them.