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  1. ((Crap. My bad. Thank you.)) "That was only until she chose. And she did. My oath was not that I wouldn't hurt you, fool. Only that Raven would fight by my side." He grinned, his empty sockets still aglow. "I must congratulate you on your plan, though. We need more like you. Perhaps you will consider putting this all to rest, and joining us." He helped Raven up, though she snarled and limped away. However, he was interrupted by Dotzrus again. "Why is it that you ramble on constantly? Can't you see that you cannot kill me? Sure, banish me, but killing me is impossible. You, on the other hand, is another story. You share angel and demon blood. It leaves you susceptible." ((I'm not quite ready to start the trial for Rain yet.))
  2. ((Recently I've been pretty scatterbrained and unable to figure out what I want them to do/ form the type of replies that I want. I apologize in advance. I do however, have a plan for Raven. *rubs hands together malevolently* )) Carnage's mane-like scruff absorbed most of the impact of the blow, but it still was enough to daze him. Lashing out blindly, he wasn't sure if he actually but anything. Now thrown into a confused frenzy, he was driven off the she-wolf. "Away with you!" He roared at Dotzrus. Energy radiated off of him as his true potential of power was unleashed to defend himself. Raven stood and shook her head trying to clear the ringing from her ears from the blow she'd received to the head. Rain, shaking with exhaustion and bloodied, began making her way back towards Malak. She had made her way behind the house after interrogating the previous angel to finish of any stragglers. It was before she rounded the corner when her body locked up. Unable to move, or even speak, she saw someone come up from behind her. The archangel leader of the rad-tad group grinned at his catch. "You've grown so weak since abandoning the Kingdom." Stepping closer, he clutched her arm. "Time to answer for your crimes." The duo disappeared in a flash of light. ((That would be a lot of fun! We should.))
  3. Carnage snarled as the sword split the skin of his shoulder. "Fool!" The walls shook and Carnage seemed to swell in size. "Kill them both!" Raven sneered at the beast. "If I kill Malak, I'll be dead anyways." She shifted to her wolf form and snarled menacingly. Carnage could tell he was backed into a corner. Now he turned on Raven, ignoring the searing pain in his shoulder. He knew she couldn't fight back despite her testy challenges. Doing so, would break the blood oath and kill either her or Malak. Knowing she wouldn't risk killing him, she wouldn't dare to resist. Slamming her down, he turned to Malak. "Do not make me do it." Zeke seemed to be frozen to the spot, as he didn't move. ((She only bit his arm though. Rain finished him off.)) The angel went limp as his pain threshold was reached. Rain was off destroying the rest of the group. "Where's your leader?" She demanded, abandoning her sword and raising one of them up into the air by their neck. His face was bloody and bruised.
  4. Raven buried her face in his shoulder. "We'll figure something out." Zeke appeared before them with a burst of light. "Raven!" He cried, charging forward at Carnage. Sensing his opportunity, Cargange called to her. "Kill him." "What?" Zeke stopped dead, his blue eyes focusing on the crouching form. Raven pulled away from Malak gently narrowing her eyes at Carnage. But she knew what would happen if she refused. The archangel charged past the forming line of other Angels. Approaching the Angel that had been cornering Madigan, she ran her sword through his abdomen. "You have to get out of here. I'll take care of them." An angel wrestled with Anubis, snatching at his scruff. As she cleared a path for Madigan, she slashed at the Angel.
  5. ((Good point. While my other character that I had [just remembered I had a 1x1 thread for them somewhere] does have ears, Carnage wasn't supposed to. Anyways, it would be that past the forehead of the skull fur/ flesh would begin and he'd have ears.)) Raven knelt and took him into her arms. Crimson rage and ebony hatred filled her, but as soon as her arms found Malak, it dimmed. "What's done is done." Was all she could manage. If she didn't fight by Carnage, the oath would kill her, or Malak. "Such dramatics." He said with a roll of his glowing orbs. The Angels stepped up to the door, and opened it slowly. Others surrounded the cabin, cutting off any hopes of escape. "Hey!" One exclaimed as feathers were pulled from his wing. "Now!" Simotaneously the group entered, beginning to work their way through the house. One found Malak, and cornered him. A flash of lightening accompanied by a bone-rattling clap of thunder however, stopped them dead. The leader stepped back out, his jaw slack. "Looking for me?" The archangel said with a challenging grin.
  6. Carnage dismissed him and turned back to Raven, who was now wolfed out. "Wait just a moment." He reminded the snarling wolf, tossing his head to Malak. Raven looked from Malak, writhing in pain, to Carnage. "No!" She howled. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, she bowed her head. "Fine." "Not good enough." Without missing a beat, he raised his foreleg to his jaws and bit down. Letting blood drip down onto the ground he muttered a few words. Raven did the same, knowing what he expected. Once it was completed, he released Malak and Raven rushed to him. Shifting forms, she grasped the bars. Carnage flicked his ear and the cell opened. Rain looked up. "Oh no." Without warning she sprinted out of the cave and sailed into the air. "No, no, no." Her wings felt icy cold. Madigan was in trouble.
  7. "You're a funny man." He snarled at Dotzrus. Malak's warning fell on deaf ears as she stepped up to Carnage wearing a sneer. "I'm here. What is it you want?" "To join me by my side in the war." Carnage's eyes darted to Malak. "What if I say no?" "I kill your boyfriend." He grinned at her. "You promised you wouldn't hurt him; wasn't that the deal?" "Never take a demon's word unless a blood oath was made." With a flick of his tail, energy surged through Malak painfully. "Choose wisely, love." Rain frowned, unphased by her ability to talk. "I bring trouble. And the only way I would be able to protect him, is if I wasn't there." One by one archs dropped to the ground. Their once pure white wings now a dingey grey. "Gabriel is in there." One of them pointed to the house. The apparent leader drew his sword, and the others did the same. "Failure is not an option this time. We take her to be seen before the High Council. And then, we find Marchoasis."
  8. Rain, sensing someone, looked up only to find Meela and Anubis. "Oh, hi guys." Seeing their unamused looks she went to start a fire. "Sorry, I can only do so much with the weather." "Such is the plan. And that old saying applies to mortals. Angels were meant to be pure." Carnage's head lifted and he stilled. "We have company. You can come out now, halfling. The other shall arrive shortly." He turned looking to where Dotzrus crouched. "I hope you enjoyed listening." The beast's gaze turned on the ragged figure that lingered in the shadows. "Right on time." Raven stepped forward into the light, her eyes narrowed. "That didn't take long. And you came alone?" Carnage hadn't planned for that, but it made it all much easier.
  9. "This is a war for everyone!" She yelled after him. Unwanted tears burned her eyes. "Are you alright?" Zeke asked, generally concerned. He draped his arm over her shoulders. "Fine," she replied, dipping out of his embrace. "I've known you for nearly four millenniums, you're not fine." He pressed, looking to the house. "Just leave me alone." Thunder again rumbled overhead, and a light rain began. Zeke, recognizing that he could do no more, took off in the general direction of Raven. Rain looked back to the house forlornly. "No matter what." The Angel whispered before taking flight. Her destination, the cave they had stayed in earlier. Though the cold didn't bother her, she pulled the scarf Madigan had knitted for her and hung it around her neck. It contrasted sharply with her silver armor. Her wings hung limply behind her as the quiet patter of rain outside soothed her jumbled nerves and allowed her to think. "And not all angels are as wholly good as mortals once thought." He paced back and forth lazily in front of Malak's cell. "She especially. I assume that you don't know why she went into that frenzy of hers last night. You know she's a halfling like yourself? Not just any halfling, of course. But rather, an angel and demon. Now I know that the other fellow I met was one. I could smell it. Makes it seem as though she wouldn't be unique. But that is where others make their mistake." Carnage again chuckled. "You see, she is descended from and archangel and Lucifer. Her mother having been the archangel, meant that it was the more dominant half of her. But it doesn't drown out the evil that lies beneath. She has been kept naive of the power in her possession, but with each passing day she is free of their manipulations, Raven grows stronger."
  10. "Whether you all come or not, I'm going." Raven straightened, looking from Zeke, to Rain, and finally Madigan. "You're not going alone." Rain said. "Madigan is right; it's a trap." Raven sneered at her 'sister'. "I thought you of all people would've sided with me. What if it was Madigan?" "That's different." "Really? How so? Do explain." Raven's grip tightened on her sword. "It just is!" Thunder rumbled over head. "That's a excuse." Raven looked ready to strike, but Zeke was there, holding her back with a hand splayed across her chest. "He's getting to you, Raven." "No! None of you are listening! We have to save him! I'm going. Alone." Before any of them could stop her, she pushed off, leaving them behind. "Damn it, Marchoasis!" The female arch sighed heavily. "So much for not falling into his trap." Rain knew going after her right now would only make matters worse. "What do you do now?" Exhausted of ideas, she looked to Madigan. The creature couldn't help but laugh boisterously at his comment. "You really don't see it, do you? She cares deeply for you. Enough to put her family at risk. Sure, she might be good at heart, but her love for you clouds her judgment. Why do you think it's forbidden for angels to fall in love in the first place?" Chuckling, he stepped closer, his eyes aglow with a unnerving green light. "You underestimate her." His tone turned to one of admiring, forlonging even. "Never underestimate the esteemed, Marchoasis. Or you just might find yourself in over your head."
  11. Zeke panted and clutched his forearm tightly. "She's gone mad!" Rain, having closely followed Madigan, was surprised to see Raven dangling from his hand. She didn't take kindly to this, and thrashed about until going limp in defeat. "Raven," Rain said firmly. "What's happened?" Shifting forms, she dropped from Madigan's gold and approached her. "Malak was taken by this creature... Calling itself Carnage." "Lord of Carnage. Yes, I know him. He is ruler of the 8th circle of Hell. He's powerful but not invincible, why couldn't you get him back?" "Our hands were tied." Her hands curled into fists, and the approaching Zeke backed away again. "He said that we had to choose though." "Choose what?" "Sides. War is coming. The horsemen are out." "I've heard." Rain looked to Zeke who nodded. "What are we going to do?" The male archangel asked, stepping up beside his sister. "First, we get Malak back. Then, we are going to try and figure out just who this 'Boss' is. We can figure that he's building an army, and he's going to want the most powerful sentinels of the Kingdom he can get his hands on." Her eyes moved to Raven. "I think it's time you found out: You are the only cross between an archangel and Lucifer himself to ever exist." She said this as though it wasn't s big deal. "Wait, what? How did that-" "It doesn't matter. What does matter, is that it makes you a high value addition. Along with the other demon-angel hybrid." "What about the Nephilims?" "They'd be less important, as they aren't as powerful as you two." Which means they are expendable. Raven's thoughts turned to Malak. They wouldn't kill him, would they? "Where do we find the 'Boss'?" Zeke now spoke up. "Raven, can you locate Malak?" "Yes." "Then we follow Carnage." The air shimmered as Rain's civilian clothes were replaced with her armor. It had bolts of lightening and clouds carefully crafted into the silver armor. Following suite, Zeke and Raven did the same. Zeke's armor was similar to Rain's except that his, instead of lightening, had waves of an ocean. Raven's armor was the least intricate. It was a matte black without any special ingravings. While the other two archangels each had a sword specially made for them, she had none other than Malak's. Rain turned to Madigan. "Coming with?" The pair arrived at the entrance to the crypts. "Alright, in you go." Ushering Malak, he lead him along the seemingly endless passages until they reached a large opening. From there, Carnage lead him to a cell, gesturing for him to go in. Along walls were shackles that radiated energy, obviously meant for holding angels. "Your girlfriend should arrive soon enough, assuming she cares for you the way you care for her. Like I said, we don't want to hurt any of you, but we will if we have to."
  12. "You're not missing much, I can assure you of that. And being able to fight doesn't matter. Not all of us were made to be fighters. Sometimes, that's just what is needed." The Angel pulled him into a hug. "Whatever happens, whatever you do, I'll be by your side every step of the way." She curled her wings around them and gently plucked a feather. It appeared to be a solid grey, however, if one looked closely, they could make out a pattern of billowing storm clouds on it. Taking the feather, she placed it in his hand. "No matter what." Raven grimaced and pounded against the door. "Rain, we don't have time for this! They took Malak." "Your little halfling boyfriend?" As soon as the words left his mouth, Zeke regretted it. The snap of the other angel's head and the wild look in her eyes was all he made out before her first slammed into his jaw. "Bloody hell..." He groaned, rubbing the sore spot. Slowly he struggled to get up but a weight that slammed into him pinned him back down. With a knee in his chest, and her ebony wings billowing out on either side of her, she looked like the avenging angel of Death. Rolling from underneath her, Zeke pushed himself to his feet only to be t-boned by the furious (now wolf) Raven. "Get off me, mutt! Remember what side you're on!" He shoved her off and kicked out. Her vicious snarls and barks rang out in the unnerving silence as she and Zeke sparred. "What on earth has gotten into you?!" Carnage couldn't help but grin as the distant sound of combat vibrated in his skull. His plan had almost worked too well. The desperation and madness that he had sensed dwelling in Raven was beginning to show. What a marvelous addition she will make to the fleet. Now, he simply had to bring the halfling to the Boss, and wait. Even if Raven ended up coming alone, they still would have enough to have a real shot at winning. And if the halfling stuck by Raven, they'd truly become a force to be reckoned with. It was boiling down again. With the Angels thrown in anarchy and becoming more and more corrupted, sides were being chosen. The way he figured it, it would be those protecting the humans, and remaining loyal to the former Kingdom, and those that would be rising up to seize the middle realm. And now knowing that He was out of the picture, made it all the easier.
  13. ((Welcome back! You can bring your characters back into play, but I don't know if Zeke is going to continue to be a guardian. Probably though. )) Raven hovered, but then nodded. "War is coming, Dotzrus. And there's no outrunning this one." She rolled and headed towards the house in the distance. When she arrived, Zeke waved. "Raven-" "You look like crap." "Evidently that would be a line." "Where's Rain?" "Inside consoling the demon." "Heaven has been corrupted. They've lost sight of what they were originally meant to be doing." Gingerly she raised his chin and brushed the hair from his face. "We will fix this. Together."
  14. ((Now I'm waiting on Dotz so we don't go too far ahead. ))
  15. Rain blinked, looking from Zeke to Madigan, wondering what brought about the sudden change in character. She looked to Zeke again, shut the door (in his face), and walked towards him slowly. "Madigan," the angel said softly. "It'll be alright."
  16. Gritting her teeth, she picked up the sword and sheathed it where her's once went. "I will free you, even if it means it's the last thing I do." Raven turned towards Dotzrus. "Thank you for offering to go. Now, we have to move." Taking a running start, she jumped into the air and began to beat her wings. Rain turned when she heard a knock at the door. Opening it, she expected to see Raven, but was surprised to see Zeke. "You look like Hell." "Thanks for the warm welcome." "As always, brother. Have you heard any word from Raven by chance?" "No." "She's on her way. Big news." "Oh good, because I have some as well. The horsemen have been spotted. In the West."
  17. Raven's eyes widened with surprise then closed when he kissed her. When he pulled away, tears were threatening to spill. "But you have me now." She wasn't sure if he had heard her. "How sweet; you are willing to give it up for her." His chuckle was anything but friendly. "Off we go." Carnage ushered him back into the forest. The arch nodded. "I understand." She looked out one of the windows up at the sky. "Hmm..."
  18. The creature pretended to mull this over. "No Mal-" His foot cut her off once again. "Very well. Let's go. Be a good girl, or I'll make sure your little boyfriend's stay is unpleasant." Raven snarled, but didn't fight when he let her up. Shifting forms, she ran to Malak. "Please don't do this." She begged. Rain looked to Madigan. "Maybe we should check." ((Sorry I'm at a friend's. ))
  19. ((He's taking either Malak or Raven hostage.)) Carnage's 'eyes' narrowed. "You are not the one I need, right now. Your time will come soon enough." Snapping back to Malak, he went to speak again. "I'll go," Raven wheezed from beneath him. "Something wrong?" Her head tilted curiously as Anubis lingered by the door.
  20. "Come on, Anubis." The Angel tucked her wings to her side and followed after Madiagn. "How else do you expect me to get all of your undivided attention?" At Malak's threat, he only grinned. "You would find it best to hold your tongue." His own forked one flickered out, running over the feather that was woven into Raven's fur behind her ear. "My message is simple: Join us by choice, or, you all will die. Save for a select few, of course." The power that laid bury in the nephilim beneath him was almost intoxicating. Accompanied by the other halfling, the one like Raven, ramped his excitement further. "War is coming. If you want to save your friends, start putting money on your horses. Almost quite literally, of course." Raven squirmed beneath him, and he pushed down more. "And just to make sure you won't forget, either the boy, or the girl, comes with." His eyes burned into Malak's. "Make your choice wisely." ((He knows if he takes Raven, Rain will stop at nothing to get her back. If he takes Malak, Raven will stop at nothing to get him back. And, they'd be driven enough to go behind the others' backs.))
  21. Ignoring the men, Carnage turned and snagged Raven's scruff, pulling her off. "Enough, you foolish child." As she went to roll over, her brought down his paw heavily into her chest. The wind fled form her lungs and she wheezed trying to breath. It wasn't enough to hurt her, only stun. As Malak slashed at him, the beast turned his shoulder. The blade hissed and sunk into his skin, but he otherwise seemed unaffected. Now he lowered his head, his fangs hovering over Raven's neck. "I will kill her if either of you refuse to cooperate. We only need one of you little halflings." Nodding in agreeance, she ushered him inside. "They'll be here soon."
  22. ((Yep!!)) No angels came. "I guess, it was just natural." But even then, she still remained uneasy. "Let's go inside." She turned, but stopped. Rain! The voice sounded far off and broken up, almost as though it was being said through a walkie-talkie. News.. Bad... Soon.. Demon... War. It chilled her blood. "Raven is on her way here with something." Rain looked to the sky. "It doesn't sound good." Best strike before there's too many to take on. They are close enough that I can find the other two without their help. Carnage slammed into Raven, and they both went flying sideways with a series of snarls and yelps. The beast went for her back, trying to get at her wings. Yet he'd underestimated her. Raven maneuvered herself around him and sank her fangs into the fur behind his head. Instead of flesh, all she got was a mouthful of more fur. ((Poor Raven. Always taking the brunt of the physical abuse. Edit: Here's a sketch of the character concept for Carnage. I don't know how good the quality is because when I tried to load it, it was very 'pixilated'. But I'm not connected to wifi right now either. It's not very good, but it's the idea that matters.))
  23. (( *snickering* )) Goosebumps ran up along her arms as the wind blowed again. Doing as Madigan had suggested though, she gave her wings a few good shakes, and then curled them around her. "I think-" a flash of bright light made her eyes widen, and it was quickly followed by a tremendous clap of thunder that shook her deep in her bones. Now instinct took over. She pulled her sword free and grabbed Madigan, careful to keep him behind her. She'd been expecting another aramada of archangels, but was surprised to find none. "Huh?" Looking up towards the darkening sky, Rain frowned and looked back to Madigan. "Not exactly but," Raven shifted forms mid-leap and landed gracefully. I will be able to find her. The wind came from the North, bringing promises of rain. Traces of the scent of burned food and soap lied underneath the musk. The fire demon. They left together. It was going out on a limb, trying to connect the smells to him, but none of the humans went into the forest, and Rain mentioned making sure he was chased out of town. They really make this quite to easy! It takes all the fun out of it. Unbeknownst to the pair, they were being tailed. They'll lead me right to the other too. Then, the real games shall begin. Carnage mused, grinning to himself the only way a skeleton could. ((They can't sense Carnage because he's developed a way to cloaks himself so no supernatural creature can detect him. Humans, however, get a sense of impending doom when he's around.))
  24. "Alright, we have to move quickly." Reluctantly, she folded her wings to her back. "Let's avoid the catacombs though." Raven added quietly, recalling her previous, unfortunate experience. When his hand touched her wing, a shock ran through her making her shiver. Quickly, the angel pulled her wings away. "Thanks," she said nervously, "I'm alright now." Offering him an awkward smile, she hung up the last shirt. No one has ever touched my wings before; much less a demon. What was that? Some sort of natural defense system? Or... Me? A wind picked up, and a few articles of clothing threaded to pull loose. A forked tongue flickered out from between the beast's teeth. So they were still in the city. It was something he could work with. Moving through the catacombs, he headed towards the exit that opened up to the forest just outside the city. "Ah, my darling, you can run, but you certainly can not hide."
  25. "First, we have to find Rain." She spread her wings, and then cursed. "Do you know I way we could get there without being seen?" Rain went about washing and once she'd finished, hefted up the pile and went to hang them. Again she frowned. It appeared she'd have to improvise, as it took two hands to hang, and she had none. The Angel spread her wings then began taking clothes and draping them over them. This allowed her more mobility to hang he clothes, but soaked her shirt. Not to mention, her wings as well, which happened to be something that drove her crazy.