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  1. ((I assume you were referring to Madigan?)) At Madigan's words her features softened. "It's sounds lovely." The arch then began to pet Meela and called for Anubis. "Yes, Malak. It's fine. You trust Raven, don't you?" At this, Raven snarled in both hurt and anger. Her own sister was rejecting her. No, that's not right. She isn't my sister. "Fine." She said coldly, the air seeming to drop a few degrees in temperature as she stormed out. He nodded and put down the books. "Then we should go now before she can find it."
  2. ((Zeke included one of his primaries with the book. )) Rain shook her head. "No, it has to be from another archangel." "Just let me help heal you already!" Rain looked back to Raven. "I think it's time you left." Zeke shook his head. "She'll probably be there waiting. We need to figure out another way to get it."
  3. Raven shifted to her human form, her joyful attitude shift from earlier changing her again to a somber one upon seeing Rain. There were dark circles under her eyes, and her usually tied back hair was in disarray. "Jesus..." She mumbled, edging forward. "They really did a number on you." Underneath her hand, Raven saw the brand and shuddered. "I'm so sorry." "It wasn't your fault. I chose this." Rain looked at her 'sister'. She too, looked as though she'd been to Hell and back. "Maybe I can help." "No." This surprised Raven. "You can't let me not help if I can." "Haven't you noticed? Whatever happened to you back there... It changed you. You're... Not the same. I can feel it." "Does that really matter right now?" "You don't know what you could be unleashing." Raven frowned, worry pricking at her as she glanced to Malak. "I'll be alright in a few days." "No you won't. You're no longer part of the Kingdom. You know that." The book Zeke had given to Madigan held an array for information on caring for wounds to an angel's wings, as well as the different ways an angel could be affected depending on the injury. "If one's wings take severe damage, one can utilize a feather from a fellow archangel to stimulate an accelerated healing rate... This was utilized most in the War after demons began specifically targeting Angels' wings to ground them... If such case arrises that one or both wings are severed, ensure that an archangel performs the tasks needed to heal the wings. The affected should be taken to a safe place in order to recover, as the healing can take anyhere from two days to a month." Zeke nodded, mulling the information over. "I'm afraid that I don't know for sure what Lillith wants with you two then. But it has to be connected to the Key." The apartment was overfilled with various bookshelves that were stuffed with books. He stepped up to one and began scanning the spines. "I don't think I have any information on it either. Did he explain anything else?" Formalites had been forgotten as he focused on trying to protect the siblings that he hadn't bothered to ask on their parents' condition.
  4. Zeke's eyes widened and he took the key as gently as he could, then moved off into another room. He placed it into a vault, encrypted so that it would be unable to be easily located if someone was looking for it. When he returned, he took Cece's hands. "I'm sorry, but I am almost certain that is what she is searching for. He looked to Justin. "Where did you get that?" Rain exhaled slowly. "What about Raven?" The woman grinned brightly at Malak, and then shifted forms. Let's go then. She said, choosing to stick to her canine speak now. The air hummed with energy as the two battled. Metal rang out against metal as Raguel crossed arms. "You brought her into it by falling in love with her. You're bringing everyone into it, you incompetent fool!"
  5. The slash opened skin and he again snarled. "You were the one that brought the others into this." Then he smirked, knowing he'd found a chink in his armor. Raven nodded and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Focus on becoming it. How it looks, moves; the power it has." Zeke smiled at Cece softly, his eyes however, held tears. "Lillith is a Fallen Angel who has been after your family for centuries." He ran his hand through his hair. "I don't know why."
  6. Zeke pulled down the hem of his shirt and turned, showing him the tattoo. But the next thing he knew, there was a Hellhound standing in his living room. He put himself between the hound and Cece, his hand on the hilt of his sword. "What's this?" He listened to her speak, and his face paled. "No..." He shook his head and looked back to the siblings. "I can't leave them alone. Lillith is here." Desperately he wanted to go and comfort his sister. "Thank you, please let her know I'm alright." Before she left, however, he went and pulled a book from a shelf and handed it to Meela. "This has everything they need to know for caring for her wi-" Zeke choked, but quickly recovered. "Caring for her wounds. One of my primaries is in there as well. It should help with the recovery." While he was linked to the oceans and other forms of natural water, he also was known for his healing abilities. "You can't fly, so, we're going to hoof it. Pick an animal." She grinned. ((Oh and a heads up, tommorow I have meet so my replies might be short or nonexistent until later tomorrow night. Same goes for Sunday. I have to swim the mile in meters (how does that even still work?) for my last event *shudder* and I'll no doubt not be a happy camper after. So maybe not until Monday I will reply.))
  7. "I realize that this seems a little odd." Zeke closed the door and looked from Justin to Cece. "But I am your sister's Guaridan and with that entails protecting you as well. And as of right now, you both are in a tremendous amount of danger." He wondered is Justin would question the authenticity of it. He could always show him the tattoo. Raven dipped her head and then turned as he began to shout. At Anubi's words, her arms dropped to her sides and her knees buckled. "W-what?" Hadn't there been enough for one day? And now this too? Her face paled. "They've cast her out of Heaven." While she had abandoned Heaven, becoming a Fallen, they had actually thrown Rain. It was similar to quitting and being fired, Rain, having been fired. "Take us to them." Knowing Malak was in no shape to fly, she bowed her head in thought. Raven turned and faced him. "Want to see what it's like to be an animal?" Though consciously, she did not know it, the power she now possessed made her strong enough to be able to support not only her, but another as well. "And just where in this picture do you think you'll fit?" The arch hissed as one of the upcoming spikes scraped along his body. "You have no one left to care for. But you're blinded by your grief. These others, they have found what you have lost. You know how it felt, and you're selfish enough to put them through the same pain." His sword manifested into it's true form, a bow. Pulling an arrow free, he let it fly, aiming at Dotzrus. "What was her name?"
  8. He was about to reply but a knock at the door cut him off. He went to it and opened it, knowing who was behind it. "Come on in. I'm Zeke. I don't think we've properly met." The Angel dodged easily. "You should know better than to challenge the balance. Killing us will do nothing but throw everything into further disarray. Your 'act of heroism' will leave the world unprotected and unable to rid themselves of the horsemen." Raven giggled and nodded. "I won't." She took the gauze and began to then wrap his wing to his back. "There. That should do it." She said when she had wrapped it another four times. She nodded and then reached a hand to Anubis. "Thank you." A sly smile spread across her lips as she looked to Meela.
  9. Raguel's own wings spread on either side. They were white, secondary feathers flaked with gold, while his primaries were tipped. He sprung at Dotzrus, aiming a blow to his chest. "I wouldn't be so sure." Zeke reemerged from his library and looked Cece over. "Hey, are you alright? You gave me quite a scare." He set the book he had been carrying down and went to get her a glass of water. - The feather led him to a building and stopped. It then traveled upwards through an open window. The male archangel looked up as the feather blew in. "Your brother made it. Good." Raven looked around and then disappeared into the foliage. When she appeared again, she was carrying a small first aid kit (gotten from only God knows where). "It isn't the most fun thing ever. Thankfully we heal pretty quickly when we do get hurt." She began by carefully maneuvering the wing so it again was folded. Then, taking some and wrapping the wing in a figure eight pattern a few times. "Carefully now, I need you to take off your shirt." She didn't seemed to be very happy but she also didn't argue. "No matter what." Rain closed her eyes slowly. "I need to know if they are ok." Carnage and Mackenzie both looked up as the wave of power reached them. Carnage snarled, but Mackenzie was intrigued. "He thinks he owns this place?" She laughed. "Boy, he has no idea who he's dealing with."
  10. Zeke carried CeCe to his apartment. Once inside he gently set her down on the couch of his living room and went to see if he couldn't find any books on what was happening. - A seemingly ordinary, white feather fluttered down in front of Justin. Then a light breeze sent it spinning away from him. Rain was numb enough from the pains that consumed her that she couldn't feel him working away. Her awareness continued to fluctuate. One moment, she would be back at the Colosseum, another, on one of the many missions she'd been assigned to. All the while the mark burned despite Madigan's efforts. The Fallen rested a hand over it almost self-consciously in her daze. Once Madigan had finally finished she opened her eyes. "Raven... Where's Raven? And Zeke! Malak!" She tried to sit up. "I thought I was too." She whispered. Stepping back, she took his hand. "Let's get you fixed up." Raguel smirked. "You think you can kill me? In my own Realm too? Why, don't you have quite the gall?" Drawing his sword from his side, his smirk changed from a sneer. "I dispatched your demon-loving archangel. You will be a much easier case."
  11. He warily looked at the worker before taking the bag slowly, making a mental note as he did so to ensure it wasn't a trap. When the worker had gone he used careful expertise to hold CeCe with one arm and sling the bag gently over his opposite shoulder. "Where's your brother?" He asked quietly, knowing full well that she was unable to reply. "I've failed to keep your family safe." The arch said as he spoke aloud to himself. Mackenzie's whistling cut off as she heard voices carry towards her. Interest peaked, she crept forward. It was the Angel from the cell! Except, she was different. Features had been sharpened, and a mix of both light and dark energy seemed to roll off of her. It was at this point that she felt less adventurous, and more like she was intruding and backed away. A snarl from behind her made her freeze. "Hello, my dear. Lost?" "Carnage. Finally got yourself out of that hole, did you? The eighth circle?" "You're just as mouthy as always. You and Ezekiel are suited for each other." "The McHunk Arch? Yeah, no." She nudged Carnage and grinned. "It's like saying you and Raven should hook up." When Carnage was silent, she glanced over at him. "Oh my, you are infatuated with her." His only response was a dismissive growl. "Come on now. You had millenniums and you didn't make a move? Look, now the sad little halfling and her are together. But by the looks of it right now, you'll still have your demon princess." Mackenzie chuckled to herself. "Be quiet, would you? Your taunts and jabs have lost their amusement." "Lighten up, Carnage. It's been, what, fifteen-hundred years now? You used to be thicker-skinned." The beast turned to Mackenzie and flicked his tail. "It was so much more quiet while you were imprisoned." "I bet. Hey what happened to the other Angel-demon hybrid? Dotzrus?" "The one that looked to be on the verge of being insane?" "Yeah, that's the one." "No idea. Didn't you help them all escape a a few days ago?" "Yeah. But only because they were nice to me. Got my cuffs off, oh, and fed me." Carnage actually laughed. "I've missed you, friend."
  12. Zeke had a fairly good idea where Cece would be. As soon as he passed the threshold of the door, he heard a clatter of dishes being broken. Anger rippled through him; powerful enough that even the mortals looked up, sensing immediate danger. Striding past and pushing down those that tried to stand in his way, he burst into the kitchen, spotting her. Without speaking, he gently picked her up, cradling her in his arms, and carried her out the back entrance. The door swung open slowly revealing a dozen or so guards. "Did you really think we wouldn't know of your presence?" A voice echoed. Raguel's. "Kill the Abomination." In a wave, they charged forward.
  13. ((Yes, sorry. I've been mulling over what I want to do with them.)) Raven couldn't stand it anymore. She closed the distance between her and Malak, wrapping him in a hug. "I'm so sorry." She wasn't sure what to expect. Being pushed away? Being accepted? She didn't feel any different. Maybe nothing had happened. The door folded in on itself and returned to it's feather form. Rain rolled to her side, groaned, and then rolled to her right side. "They'll... They'll regenerate.." Smiling weakly, she placed a hand over the brand on her chest. "Not now, but soon."
  14. ((Yep!)) Raven looked up from her hands again. "You're hurt." She stepped forward nervously. Rain wrapped her arms around his neck tightly, holding on for dear life. "Hey!" The demons began to yell and cheer, attracting the guards' attention.
  15. ((There's twelve archangels in all. Michael, Gabriel, Raguel, Ezekiel, Raizel are the only named ones. Raizel is the arch that works the closest to God. Michael and Raguel I kind of swapped the roles of (Michael is now in charge of Raguel). Raizel is not within the 'ranks' but it highly respected. Michael and Gabriel were the head Angels of the council. Raguel (always jealous of this) took Rain's spot next to Michael when she left. I'm going to find another name for the subordinate of Raguel. Zeke isn't really ranked either. Raphael is Raguel's 'partner in crime. He's never been introduced though.))
  16. ((Uh... Yeah. That's where they were supposed to be, BR.)) Zeke roared in protest and went to run his sword through her, but she was gone before he could. "Damn you." Looking around, he found himself alone. That didn't bother him, because now he was on a mission. Exiting the ruins he went to find Cece. Her eyes fluttered and then opened slowly, unfocused. "Madigan?" With realization her eyes widened. "You can't-" as she tried to sit up, she cried out, clutching at her chest. "You have to get out of here. They'll kill you." And I won't be able to protect you here. Her vision was spotted as it threatened to black out. "Get out of here." Raven looked up and drew back, looking down at her hands. "What?"
  17. ((Archangels that I will play are the ones I have been. Any others can be used. I know I mentioned I few more names a while back when Rain was first attacked, but I can't recall them for sure. They'd be NPCs basically, but they should be treated as though they were real characters. No power plays/ god modding in fight scenes. Against regular Angels it's alright.)) The archangel growled under his breath much like Raven might have. "I swear, you harm any of them, a single hair on their head, I will have your head put on a pike, you sadistic ." Such threats were unusual for someone like Zeke. Usually an arse ((like younger Magneto is how I picture him)), he didn't hold to threats. But now, he was serious. His blue eyes held no indication that he was kidding. Caught up in their conversations, Raven hadn't noticed Malak leaving. As soon as his scent went stale, however, she straightened and went off after him. Their work was done. What happened couldn't be undone. "Malak?" She called quietly. Raven stood with her head lowered while she wrung her hands nervously. The tossed the limp form into a vacant cell, locked the door, and then moved on jabbing any creature who dared to reach out too far. The fallen laid there, slowly coming too. Though she wished she instead was dead. The pain was constant. It rolled through her body when she tried to move, it throbbed even when she was still. A single name hung on her lips. "Madigan..." She whispered, tears beginning to fall. The feather began to hum with energy. It then shimmered before changing shape into a orb of light. Freeing itself from Madigan's grasp, it hovered away and extended into a Madigan-sized doorway.
  18. ((Dotzrus wouldn't be able to get into Heaven because he's a halfbreed. He can, however, break in. I don't want anyone messing with Rain yet, just a heads up. After this reply actually, it would be alright to interact. Yeah it's alright to now if you're heading that direction. )) Zeke backed away, but not because of her threat. "Why don't you get yourself lost then?" He snarled at her. Raven spoke up then. "That's not how the saying goes." He turned to Raven, a confused look on his face. "Does that really matter?" "It does if you want to try to be intimidating." The Angel retorted. The two guards released Gabriel from her bindings. She slumped forward at Michael's feet. "What shall we do with her now?" "Take her to the jails." Nodding, they picked her up, supporting her on either side and carried her out. The jails of the Kingdom were less than holy. Feral demons threw themselves against the bars as the guards carrying the Fallen passed.
  19. ((I know I'm sorry. I just wasn't sure how to fit him with everyone else. I'll send Mackenzie back your way.)) She shuddered once she reached the surface world again. The tunnels were dark and warm. Up top, it was much more unforgiving. Clouds swirled overhead, and a cold breeze chilled her despite it being summer. "Maybe I was gone longer than I thought." Coaxing a few shadows, she walked with them to the edge of the forest and then used them to generate wings. Whistling "We're off to see the Wizard", she took to the sky.
  20. ((*quietly unfreezes Zeke*)) The male archangel appeared behind her. "Lillith. Fancy meeting you here." He cocked a brow. "I hope you aren't thinking of bothering my friends here." Zeke felt his Guardian tattoo burning as soon as she had appeared. That connected her to Cece. Cece... His thoughts traveled to her and he couldn't help but feel guilty. So much else had come up. Had he failed as a Guardian? Raven narrowed her eyes at the Fallen. "Why all of a sudden?"
  21. ((Once BR comes around again, you'l still be able to interact with Raven/ Malak.)) The wounds on her back ebbed blood steadily. They wouldn't kill her, but it was indeed enough to stun her. And now, it was a weak point of hers that made her extremely vulnerable. Michael appeared beside Raguel, taking in Rain's ragged form. Hair clung to her face, and it was deathly pale. The energy she once radiated had dimmed. "Are you almost done with her?" "Almost." A brand was handed to Raguel, and he stepped up to her. "As your final reminder, you shall be marked with your Betrayal. Your wings may grow back, but the scar will never disappear." Rain raised her head weakly, setting her face firmly. The molten brand was pressed to her chest; the smell of burning flesh filled her nose. Her vision exploded with red and white dots as the pain threatened to again make her black out. Crying out, she gave in. Blackness slammed down over sight as she faded out of consciousness. ((Her mark extends just partially over her sternum on her chest. It's only 4.5 inches long.))
  22. ((I know. I don't want him to save her. I've had this planned for Rain for a while. It would seem that my poor characters have a lot of problems. And neither of them are going to die. ))
  23. At the voice her blood chilled. Whatever had happened to her, it had passed. Stumbling to her feet, the Angel snarled at the woman. "Lillith." The name was spat from her mouth like venom. "How dare you show your face around here." It didn't seem that Raven was any different. But one look from her could quite possibly kill; there was a sharpness to them that wasn't there before, and her voice was icy cold. "There is no greater herey!" Raguel exclaimed to the onlooking crowd. "Let her be an example of those who go against the Kingdom!" The crowed boomed. When Raguel nodded, the guards stripped her of her armor. Then, roughly they unbound her wings and extended them behind her. She fidgeted, knowing all to well what came next. Drawing his sword, the male archangel stepped around behind her. "What a shame. You and your wings were so beautiful. So powerful." Again he chuckled, stepped back and raised his sword, bringing it down across the base of her wings.
  24. Carnage merely laughed, and took to the tunnels. Though flesh hung from his flank where the sword had sliced through he continued to laugh. "You're a fool. You're all fools!" The demon exclaimed. The halfling was lost deep inside her own head now as she struggled. "Do not fight it. Embrace it. This is who you are! You are my daughter; my heir! Join me, my love." The voice was so smooth. So inviting. It promised the love and caring she'd so long wished for. But another voice carried through the mangled thoughts. Malak. She tried to grab hold of the voice, but it slipped away as the darkness washed over her. Screams filled her mind of the demons she had killed. The Voices from The War haunted her now as she tried to suppress them. "The time has come." Gasping, she opened her eyes. They were a pitch black, before transitioning back to their normal grey. A rush of power surged through her, quickly followed by a wave of exhaustion. "W-what the Hell happened?" ((I edited my last post before this one for Rain's story. See that one before reading further. )) They lead her to a Colosseum-like arena. One she knew all to well. Demons, or other prisoners of war were brought here to be publicly tortured for information. So much for Heaven being forgiving. They lead her towards the center where two posts awaited. Taking up the thick chains, they shackled her arms so that they were spread on either side. They, having meant to be for demons (who more often than not lacked wings) left no restraints for her wings. Instead, they utilized a band to pin them to her back. She could sense Raguel approach her from behind. Walking around her, he still wore a smirk. "You've drawn quite a crowd, Gabriel." The stands were full of cheering angels. Some she instantly recognized as those that always gave her a questioning stare when she was with Raven. Others, she had never before seen. "If they've come to hear me beg, they will be disappointed," she replied bitterly. "I wouldn't be so sure." Electricity crackled from the cuffs. White washed her vision as tremendous amounts of pain shot through her. Gritting her teeth, she did her best to keep from yelling. But eventually she succumbed to the pain, and screamed. ((Aw, I'm sorry to hear. Hope you feel better!))
  25. "I hope you are prepared to be disappointed then." Carnage circled him, Dotzrus having effectively distracted him. "And if you speak so boldly, you must be prepared to kill them." He tossed his head towards Raven and Malak. The ringing didn't cease, only instead manifesting into furious whispers. She shook her head again, but was unable to silence them. "Monster." "Beast." "Evil." "Demon." "No..." She whispered, her form faltering and reverting back to her human appearance. Clutching her throbbing head, she fell onto her knees. "Hello, daughter." "NO." The Kingdom is darker than I remember. The archangel was flanked on either side by two burly guards. They didn't even look at Rain as they lead her to the Council Room. She held her head high and proud despite what the other angels of the Council yelled as she passed. They brought her before the lead archangels. Raguel smirked while Michael, beside him, remained stone-faced. "I told you that we would catch you eventually." He turned and took to the chairs that overlooked the small clearing. Michael did as well, but did not taunt her. The usual Council of twelve had dwindled to merely six. Two of those missing, was herself and Ezekiel. The others, she could not tell from where she was. "You, heretic, have been brought before The Council so that we may decide your fate. Never, have we been faced with such a decision. As an Archangel, you are expected to be a leader for others to look up to. And for that, you shall also be made an example." The other angels grew rowdy at this, but a look from Michael silenced them as Raguel nodded. The two guards stepped up beside her again, taking her arms. She shook them off with a snarl, instead choosing to walk to her fate willingly.