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  1. Gabriel listened intently to Steven and Askee-ah, trying to imagine how she could ever regain the faith of the humans. Maybe if she managed to save the realm that would work but she couldn't do one without the other. "Humans believe that the angels were the ones that took the light from this place,  causing this everlasting darkness. But as I told you I do not actually know what happened, only that it happened because they left. I think the only thing to redeem ourselves is if we can fix all of this." She sighed heavily and glanced at her sword, reminded of her kins' shame. As Steven suggested she change her form her head cocked in curiosity. "Change my form?" Her wings shifted some, reflecting her unease. "What about my wings?" An angel's wings were a symbol of pride. Though she hadn't ever seen it personally, the punishment for a fallen angel was that their wings be ripped from them and they be tossed out from the Heavens, cursed to never return. It was wings that set them apart from the fallen ones. Even though she could temporarily shroud them it only truly worked on mortals. But if would be necessary for her survival... "What did you have in mind?"




    Despite Kansif's encouragement Hrafn still hung back watching Argia warily. As she held out a card to them she looked from it and to her, then down at her paws, and back to her with a look of 'you're kidding right?' With a huff she settled into a sitting position some distance away as they chatted.  

    "Why do you have no scent?" Was the only thing she said to her, interrupting their conversation rather rudely. How can she act so friendly in this strange place without knowing who a friend or foe could be? While they talked she instead chose to continue to serve as guard as her partner did not seem to share her keenness. She depended on her gut feelings for survival, and right now it was doing somersaults which certainly couldn't be good. The breeze shifted, bringing her a new set of scents and confirming her suspicions. Someone was coming.

  2. Gabriel listened intently while Stephen spoke, even though her thoughts were spinning with other things.  "I was confused when I first saw the raptors but anymore things tend to not surprise me anymore." She gave a small shrug and looked at her feet as he finished up. "Thank you for your help. And for lending your ear." Her eyes went to the direction of the crashing sounds and she stood up slowly looking from the raptor beside Stephen to where the sound had originated. Obviously uneasy her wings stretched some before settling against her back, similar to a bird as if it were about to take flight from fear. As the doors flew open and Stephen jumped her wings flared open and shielded him and the raptor next to them. When she realized it was only more raptors she sighed in relief and drew back her wings. Then her sword separated itself from the poor raptor in the middle and skittered across the floor towards her. "You know," she said turning to Stephen. "I spoke too soon when I said nothing much surprised me anymore." Gabriel shook her head and walked forward to pick up her sword. "Ekaitz, quid fecisti?" She asked it in a scolding tone. "Tu melius nosti."  With a heavy sigh she gripped the sword and approached the raptor in the center of the gaggle and unwrapped the flags from her gingerly. "Thank you for returning it to me. I know it can get... carried away when I am not around." The angel could only imagine what the sword had done in her absence. As she scolded it once more under her breath she walked back over to where Stephen was and set the sword down against the banister. "So... what were you saying?" She eyed the doors with suspicion as she wondered how they could have possibly could still be in working order given their age and the abuse they just incurred. 




    Hrafn walked with Kansif doing her best to not outpace her. She was quite impressed by the weapon she had drawn though the silver made her uneasy. Any weapon could hurt her, but silver tended to have this extra burn to it that other metals did not. As they walked she was constantly scanning around them, her ears would rotate and her nose was continuously twitching as she tracked scents in the air. When they came upon another being the wolf was confused as to why she had sheathed her weapon. Maybe she did not want to appear threatening but for all they knew this was the threat. She lowered her head and folded back her ears, her gaze trained on the other being in a cold stare. Her stance itself was one of wary defensiveness. The wolf's jowls twitched as she fought the urge to bare her teeth. Whatever this being was it did not have a scent of its own. In Hrafn's book that wasn't something you could trust.

  3. The angel nodded and looked at the stack of books and the area around her before gingerly sitting down. Many of the books looked old and worn, some were even hand written. She began to study the old theater instead, noting small details here and there that might have otherwise gone overlooked. As the doctor returned she removed the jacket entirely and set it down beside her. Her mind turned to Jorath and began spinning as she thought about the deal once again. When the doctor spoke she faced him and let the thoughts fade away to a quiet rumble at the back of her mind. 

    At the mention of the sky she avoided his gaze, choosing to instead stare at the pack by the banister. "What were you going to Beijing for? Seems like you were much better suited for here seeing as there's actual raptors running around and such." He pulled out some medical supplies and began to work on her shoulder. It only stung a bit and she winced some but it was nothing compared to the earlier pain of her trying to fly. Then she sensed some hesitation as if he wanted to ask something else. The angel tensed and racked her brain for anything else to talk about before he could speak but she wasn't quick enough. His question hung in the air between them for a few moments, almost extending into an awkward silence. It was finally broken when she inhaled and sighed heavily. "I do not know for sure why the Dawn has gone missing, but I know it has to do with the angels absence from this world. They forsook the humans because of their ignorance and that left no one to defend this realm from falling to demon control. Except me. I stayed behind because my love for humans outweighs my pride, unlike my brothers and sisters." Gabriel winced as he passed over the wound once again trying to clear it of the excess dried blood. "But the problem is immortals aren't so immortal. Demons and angels alike need the belief of others and draw power from it. Demons typically get it from the deals the make or sealing a soul. As angels we used to have a large influence over this realm but when they left almost everyone lost faith in us and thus," she gestured to the wound in her shoulder. "We begin to lose our power and strength and begin to turn mortal ourselves." With another heavy sigh she ran her fingers through her messy hair. "I am trying my best to save this place but I can't do it on my own, not with the state I'm in. And without any influence and being unable to get anymore anytime soon since everyone is angry with my kind well, I am as they say, screwed." She hadn't realized how much she had talked until it was once again quiet. It felt nice to be able to get it all of her chest since she otherwise had not had contact with another person since Jorath. "Sorry," she eventually said. "It wasn't my intent to drop that on you like that. I just... haven't had anyone to talk to since everyone left.

  4. Safe. Gabriel let the concept roll around in her head. When had been the last time she'd been safe? The human got up and approached her, then extended his hand. She took it confidently and shook it. "Gabriel." The angel thought for a moment about making a comment about how she was lucky he was in fact a man a science and not some religious zealot. I wonder, even face to face with an angel, how he feels about it actually. Rather than push her luck she returned his smile and simply nodded.

    "Oh, this?" she moved the jacket to reveal her torn shirt and and angry looking wound. "I was-" she hesitated for a moment. "-shot earlier... But it seems to be healing on its own okay albeit much slower than it usually does. It probably wouldn't hurt to get it looked at or cleaned. I'm not sure if the bullet even made it out for sure or not." It probably wasn't good to leave bullets in a body but she'd seen humans survive worse. 




    The wolf nodded in agreeance with Kansif as she spoke. "I have a feeling based on what we've seen cloaks have fallen out of fashion here." Getting up she followed after the half-orc. So far there were humans, her, Kansif, and humans mentioning more of 'her kind'. That had to mean there were more like her, or even them, here right? If they were rejected by humans then perhaps their fellow non-mortal kin would be more accepting. "I think there has to be more like us here somewhere. In hiding I bet." As they walked she caught the scent of something she had never smelled before. It was a predator for sure but one that had sort of a reptilian? smell. Odd. There was also the faint smell of death on the breeze which put her on edge. Something was hunting in this territory and not knowing what it was exactly only added to the unease. "We have to be careful," the wolf said cryptically. "I smell something on the wind."

  5. ((I'm just imagining several raptors running around and getting themselves into trouble so often and I'm dying. XD Then you have the sword over here going full attack mode.))


    Gabriel intently listened to Askee-ah's explanation. So it's like rain... the energy that is life flows through the whole cycle, sometimes being what sustains life or being life itself. She still had some confusion as to where Askee-ah fit in all of it (only just now putting together she had to be 'bigger' than just a single mortal raptor). So she had created the careful balance for life yet her resurrection could have very easily tipped the scales the wrong way. Especially in a new world such as this where raptors didn't quite fit in anymore (though could quite easily adapt as it had already been seen). Gabriel wondered if she had to have corrected the balance to compensate for her and her raptors and how she did it. Maybe she was just thinking of it too rigidly in the basis of what she knew of balance. 


    Blinking away the vision Gabe adjusted the jacket and began following Askee-ah again. They came upon an old movie theater and she almost kept walking, not expecting Askee-ah to stop here of all places. Walking in it was similar to what she expected to see. Besides the raptors of course. "Thank you very much for providing me solace. Assisting an angel never goes unforgotten." She turned to look at the man on the stairs and tensed. For the most part she avoided contact with humans given her vulnerabilities and the current mood towards angels. This man seemed much more interested in the raptor, so much so she doubted that he had even noticed their entrance. "Is he..." What would she even ask? An angel hater? She tucked her now visible wings tighter to her back uneasily. Surely Askee-ah wouldn't have put her in danger but it seemed like maybe she didn't know the full extent of human-angel-hatred. If he does try something I don't think he'd be much of a threat. 


    (In the back of Gabriel's head: I wonder where my sword is? It can get a little overzealous on its own. 

    Eh I'm sure it's fine.)

  6. The angel could feel her face getting warm from her uneasiness. She took the jacket and flipped it over her shoulder and let the cool air hit her skin. Did she ever used to feel these human sensations and emotions? It was always so easy to stay calm, cool, and collected before. Along with becoming more mortal could she also be becoming more human overall? She loved humans but that didn't mean she wanted to be one. With all their constant struggles and woes it was just unappealing. She knew war, fighting, and unimaginable strength. If she did actually become human she wouldn't know the first thing of how to be one. Pushing the thought away she ran her good hand through her dark blonde hair. Usually it was neatly braided but now it was thrown up in a messy ponytail. Had it not been for Askee-ah's calls she likely would've missed her question. 

    "I wouldn't say I am far. It exists..." How to explain it in an easy to understand term? There wasn't really one. "It exists above us, watching over this place but unseen. I left that place to come here and defend the humans. My brothers and sisters abandoned our home territory so, there wasn't much for me there." She wasn't sure how much sense she had made but she was too tired to really care. "I would say my kind, as far as this realm goes, is extinct yes. I am the last one left." Gabriel found it surprising when Askee-ah finally revealed where she had come from. "They brought you back...?" That was something she found to be almost abhorrent. Life and death were things not to be tampered with. When the balance is tipped too far the wrong way bad things begin to happen. What was dead was meant to stay dead. Maybe they had a point in leaving the humans, but leaving certainly wasn't the route they should have taken. 

    Even though Askee-ah's existence went against everything Gabe believed in she certainly didn't hold it against her. It wasn't exactly her choice after all they brought her back. And if they hadn't where would she herself be now? "What was that like? You seem to remember things from before based on what you showed me... was it just like a dreamless sleep?" Being immortal and the being she was she knew next to nothing about death except for how to deal it. That, and the concept of souls and where they might go (that wasn't really her area to know, she was a warrior angel after all).

  7. Gabriel watched Jorath bow with an mixed expression on her face, a mix between confusion and amusement. "Noted, well thank you again." When he brought up her sword she cursed and looked to Askee-ah. "My sword... I must've dropped it somewhere around here while I was trying to escape." Before she was able to simply call it back to her yet with the state she was in she wasn't sure if it would still work. "veni ad me."  She closed her eyes and waited a few moments. When she opened them there was still nothing. "It might take some time for it to find its way to me." The angel explained as they continued to walk. Until she could cut slits for her wings she draped the jacket over the front of her and her shoulder. It ached still but it had nearly closed. It was sure to leave a nasty scar. She only struggled a bit to keep up with the raptor as she walked and was grateful when she stopped so she could catch up. "What am I?" The question kind of surprised her, most things that dwelled in this realm long enough knew what she was with one look. Though to be fair she wasn't much of what she used to be anymore. Then she hesitated telling Askee-ah. Was it a good idea? Would she cast her out once she knew? Surely she would find out sooner or later. "I'm an angel." Gabe finally said with some hesitation. "An archangel if you want to get specific." If Askee-ah knew about angels she wondered if she would even believe her after seeing how weak she is. 

  8. Gabriel turned from the raptor and stared at the out held jacket. Then she looked up at Jorath as if she were going to say another snide comment. Instead she gingerly took the jacket and dropped her eyes. "Thank you.Maybe, just maybe, she had been too abrasive. He is the first demon she had met after all who had ever not tried to kill her on sight. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. Like she hadn't heard that one a thousand times. "Uh... you know in order to wear this comfortably I'm going to have to..." she made a slicing motion in the back of the fabric. "For my wings..."

    The raptor called to her and she momentarily turned. "Safe nest? No, my apartment was discovered and now I do not have a place to lay low.Danger may come. To who? She looked back to Jorath. It was probably the both of them, she just wondered if it could have been because he was helping her. Her concerned look turned into a scowl. He's strong enough to take care of himself though. They are essentially ruling this world after all.

    But all that could change with just a few words.

    Silence. I won't keep hearing of this. 




    She watched curiously as she went to one of the swings and sat down. Kansif seemed unsure of its' strength in supporting her but after some testing decided it was strong enough. As she spoke, the wolf sat down nearby and listened intently. No wolves that chased the sun and moon? No wonder why she did not sense her family. That means I really am all alone here. She swallowed a mournful howl and looked to Kansif. "I believe it is a swing. Albeit it is a much more advanced one from the one I last saw. Most of the time they are made from wood and rope. Not chains and... whatever else it is." She got up and went to sniff the seat of the swing (regrettably). Aside from all the other smells what the seat was made of was new to here. "Interesting," she said as she listened to her explain what she was. "I have seen many creatures but never an Orc." A few questions lingered but she thought it best and probably most appropriate if they were left unasked. "Getting in can't be too hard right?" Hrafn turned and looked back at the city. "It's pretty big and always dark here, we just have to find the right spot."


  9. Hrafn had been through many wars with many different kinds of creatures but when she saw what- who-  walked into sight she admittedly was a bit startled. It looked like a mix of a troll. Perhaps a cross breed. Could trolls even cross breed? She pushed the thought away. Studying her body language she noted it was non-hostile but it didn't keep her from continuing to stand guard. After listening to her explain where she had come from she realized they were in a similar boat. Stranded without contact to their home in an alien realm.

    "Are you calling me a coward?" she finally spoke as her ears shot forward and she bared her teeth. "I am no coward, I simply don't feel it is a fair fight to kill defenseless mortals. There's no honor in that. If I wanted to I could've finished them off as easily as crushing a rabbit kit beneath my paw." With a huff she relaxed her ears and snout and sat down, tucking her tail over her paws. "I am Hrafn, daughter of Skoll, the wolf who chases the sun. My aunt is Hati, the she-wolf who chases the moon. We come from the mighty Fenrir who will kill the mighty Odin once Ragnarok is upon us." Looking towards the sky an unreadable emotion passed over her face. "We worship no gods or goddesses. They fear us for we will be their doom. Mortals call on us to help them fight their wars. I suppose you could say we are our own gods." Her father had told her once that the Giant Wolves had all come from Loki but because Loki had scorned them, tricking them and turning the gods against them, they had disowned Loki as their creator. As Kansif explained where she had come from her eyes lit up. "A fellow warrior!" The wolf leaned forward to study her claws. "You used what you were given to kill. I find that more honorable than a true weapon but perhaps I am a bit biased." Her chuckle rumbled in her chest sounding almost more like a growl than anything close to a laugh. "Tell me, Kansif Bear-Mother, I was summoned her with little knowledge of why or what is happening in this realm. I see no sun or moon and cannot sense my father or aunt. Have they finally succeeded in swallowing the sun and moon? And, if you do not mind me asking, what kind of creature are you?"


    ((I finally found the font color *face palm*. I was trying to figure out a better way to make the speech stand out XD ))

  10. The wolf didn't slow down until she found an area empty of humans. It just so happened it was a dimly lit, moderately sized neighborhood park. She found herself at ease in the shadows that the light cast as her midnight colored fur absorbed her into the shadows. So humans hate things like me.... why in the Hel then was I summoned? The wolf shook her head. Now more than ever she wanted to go home. Why would she want to stay here with a bunch of ungrateful humans? Looking to the sky she thought of her father and aunt. Maybe I somehow was sent to the future in my realm, and Skoll and Hati have already eaten the sun and moon and Ragnarok has begun. A gentle breeze ruffled her fur and her nose twitched as she scented someone else nearby. She turned and faced where the scent was strongest and barred her teeth, her golden eyes slitted. "Who's there?" Snarled the wolf as she watched the shadows and waited for a response.

  11. The vision of ancient forests seemingly untouched by humans filled her vision. She could smell the soil, the trees, the unpolluted air. For a moment she was reminded just how destructive humans could be. Then she saw the raptors (much smaller looking than Askee-ah was currently). As they hunted Gabriel could feel their power within herself, reminding her again of just how weak she had become. She longed to feel the own graceful swiftness once again. You could, if you just made the deal. The angel blinked and cocked her head slightly, unsure if the voice was truly her own or not. Either way, it was right. Then the vision was gone and they were once again in the dark, dank alleyway. "So you offer protection... so long as I give you belief in you and... what you showed me?" In a way it was like that of herself except there was the difference of that humans, despite never witnessing an angel themselves (until they had when they up and left), always gave them a blind belief and therefore power. After everything Askee-ah had shown her she could understand the importance of belief to her. "Okay," she finally said. "I can do that." There was some weight lifted from her shoulders. At least now even if she was a walking target someone would have her back. But if you had power no one would dare come for you or try to cross you. There was that voice again. She grimaced and shot a look at Jorath thinking it was some kind of trick of his. I am not him and he is not me. I am you and you are me. 

    Yeah, right. Get out of my head. The voice went silent. Gabriel was certainly unsettled at how much sense it was making to her though. I'm not in it for the power, I'm in it for the humans, she reminded herself. I have to know what I want specifically. 




    After what seemed like ages of walking, Hrafn finally could see the city. It was the only thing with any kind of light and it lit up the dreary horizon like it was the sun. As she entered the city she got many strange looks. It never occurred to her to obscure her form at all, after all among mortals where she was from giant wolves were well known of. The wolf craned her head to look at the towering buildings above her. It was impressive to see how far they had come from when she had last visited Midgard, even if this wasn't her own. "Hey, mutt!" Mutt? The wolf whipped her head around and snarled. "Your kind isn't welcome here." Her kind? "You best watch your tongue, mortal, lest I cut it out of your mouth for you." The man didn't waver but she could smell his fear. "That's exactly why!" He yelled at her. "Death to the Supernaturals!" A bottle sailed over her head and shattered somewhere in the darkness behind her. "How dare you!" She leapt at him and pinned him, snapping her jaws shut inches from her nose. "Hey get off of him!" Something hit her side and she looked up to see a group of people amassing. "He's right, we don't want your kind here!" Another projectile hit her, this time by her eye. The angry voices began to merge into one roar. Shaken, Hrafn began to back away. "What is wrong with you people? You used to worship us!" 

    " **** you!"

    Seeing either she would be committing mass murder she decided to turn tail and run, her pride burning inside her to reprimand the mortals for their insolence. "What kind of turned upside down place is this?"


    ((So Hrafn is about the size of a horse, and her father and aunt are closer to the size of an elephant. She's also quite a bit of a hothead. ))


  12. The angel watched with a growing uneasiness as the demon spoke and laid out the terms of the deal before her. Everything began to scream at her. She swallowed it, along with her innate instinct to slay this demon where he stood. Sweat beaded on her brow as suddenly the cool evening air turned sweltering and suffocating. Until the end, your cost will be servitude. Her vision swayed and dipped as she fell back against the wall for support. The jolt of pain that shot through her injured shoulder was enough to keep her from passing out. "Servitude..." she repeated to herself. All for power. To save humanity. "I-" There was a bodily thump drawing her attention from the demon before her to the gloom beyond. Out from the shadows stepped... a dinosaur? Ah, a Velociraptor. She briefly recalled an ancient memory, shortly before the dinosaurs had been destroyed to make room for the newest creations. A small smile crossed her lips but just as quickly it was gone. 

    Seeing an out Gabriel took up a more faux defensive stance (albeit utilizing the wall still for support so she wasn't very threatening) and shot Jorath a look of 'we'll talk later'. Whether they actually would finish what they started was up to when the turmoil in Gabriel's head was settled. The raptor seemed to greet them in a friendly manner, and then spoke, which caught Gabriel off guard entirely. Last I checked they definitely didn't use to do that. "Protection? From a raptor?" Her dulled senses meant she was unable to see anything past the Dromaeosauridae before her. "A talking raptor?" Maybe there was more to it than she was realizing. After all, last she also checked they were extinct. I mean, either way am I really in a position to say no right now? "I'll tell you what I told him: nothing is for free in this world so what is it you want?" The air no longer suffocated her and the coolness of the night returned to soothe her flushed cheeks. Thank goodness for this little being's timing.

  13. Was she actually considering this? Like, actually?  "You're being nice because you hate what you are..." she repeated the words trying to get them to sink in. In all the time she had been around this was the first time she had ever heard a demon say they hated what they were. Most demons wore it as a symbol of pride as if enteral damnation and servitude was something to brag about. "You're right, they can't. Not in the end. Because in the end they're always on someone else's leash. And if they're powerful enough to not be well, they're truly the cruelest in the end." Too many had been taken from her by the wars, by demons. Gabriel had only survived as long as she had because she fought tooth and nail to survive with the faith of millions behind her. Now left with nothing perhaps it was time to make a tough call. In the end if her heart was in the right place maybe this was exactly what she needed. With a heavy sigh she pushed herself away from the wall and stood unsteadily on her own feet. "My name is Gabriel." It was odd to hear her true name after so many months of it simply sitting within her own mind and collecting dust. "I need power so that I may seize this realm back from the demons and protect humanity as my brethren will not."




    Making her way further down the river it had turned from rapids to a smooth inviting flow. The wolf would be half tempted to jump in if it weren't for how bitter cold it was right now. Her stomach groaned again, reminding her of her new necessity of having to eat regularly. "How do mortals live with this constantly?" She grumbled as she turned to the sky and inhaled deeply. Pine. Moss. Water. There. A buck was in the area. While she did not share her father's massive size she was still quite large enough to be able to take on a buck  on her own. It was the stealth that was her problem.

  14. Gabriel looked down at the half of chip and then back to the demon. "Keep it, not like half a chip is going to do much anyways." The edge in her voice melted into more disdain than anything. A demon didn't show kindness out of the goodness of their heart. They never did anything for free. She shifted the weight that was resting on her shoulder so that it would stop screaming at her in protest. "A realm? A demon's realm? Are you out of your mind?" How could she let herself be 'helped' by the enemy in good conscience, much less stay in the good graces of Heaven? Oh but how she could use the chance to recharge. What help would she be to saving this realm if she was too weak to do anything? She bit her lip as she halfway considered it. "So, what's the catch then? I know you have to have one. Nothing in this world anymore is for free." Her eyes caught his as she spoke the last sentence, making sure to add an extra edge to it. Demons indulging humans in their greed were the biggest perpetrators. Of course though in the end humans left to their own devices would inevitably destroy themselves even without the help from demons. Gabriel had seen it happen first hand. The angels merely helped to provide balance from the demons and keep humans from burying themselves too deep. They'd figure it out eventually and Gabe had faith in that. 

    "And why are you being nice to me? Why haven't you just finished me off already? We're sworn mortally enemies after all."

  15. ((The vending machine bit had me rolling as I remembered that spongebob scene.))


    Gabriel was so sapped between the pain and the power that she was using that she didn’t even hear as someone approached her. 

    “That must’ve not been fun.”


    The angel’s eyes fluttered open. They were a dull grey, lacking the fierceness and power they usually held. She couldn’t help but groan and roll her eyes. No more people. She couldn’t handle any more people today.

    “Yeah, you’re right. It certainly wasn’t.” 


    The wound had already began to close, the bleeding slowing to barely a trickle. It would probably be a good idea for her to find a jacket soon or at least a change of shirt. ”Want a chip? I promise it’s not a poison apple.” The angel stifled a guffaw, turning to the man for the first time. She was about to speak when his aura finally registered. “Of course you would say that,” her tone turning snide. “You could swear it up and down and still would never believe you.” How could she have missed something like this standing right next to her? A frustration began to bubble inside her. The angel then went to reach for her sword but found it gone. ****, had it even made it out of the apartment with her? Rising to her feet she went to take up a defensive stance but her body protested and black dots swam across her vision as vertigo unsteadied her. Using the wall to brace herself she shot the demon a dirty look. Sure, her almost mortal form would be depleted from healing and escaping but she still wouldn’t take a chip from him if it were the last chip in the world. 

    ((Pretty soon here she’s not going to be able to tell human from demon, unless it’s an exceptionally powerful demon. What a boat Gabe is in at the moment, and she certainly isn’t making any friends XD ))

  16. Her walk turned from a trot, to a run, and finally to an all out sprint. She could feel the power in her muscles as they stretched and contracted with each stride. When had been the last time she had ran? Food was easy to come by (when they did eat) and thus hunting was unnecessary. The realms had been at peace so there were no wars to fight in, resulting in her adopting a very sedimentary life for a once mighty warrior. Had she become complacent? The she-wolf huffed and shook the thought from her head. No, of course she hadn't. She was still the warrior she was a millennia ago, right?

    After hours of running she could finally start to make out a faint glow of what she assumed was the city on the horizon. Slowing her pace to a trot she took in the change of surroundings. The stream had widened into a river now, flowing rapidly through the thinning trees. There was a dull roar as waves crashed over rocks and white water swirled. The wolf stopped to rest for a few moments as she took in the land around her. If it weren't for the everlasting darkness this wouldn't be too bad of a place. 




    There seemed to have been some commotion outside her window. Of course for where she lived that wasn't very unusual. Then came a knock at her door. Now that was unusual. She reached for her sword but stopped herself short, glancing at it forlornly for a moment. Instead she opted to wait for a second knock. 




    Ah, damn.


    As quietly as she could she moved to the door and peered through the peephole. Three dark figures crowded her door. There's no way that can be a good sign. 


    "Ms. Hensley we know you're in there." Came a male voice from the other side of the door. Who? Oh right, the fake name she had given for the apartment. "Can I help you?" She finally called, ready to step aside if they tried to break down the door. "We just have a few questions for you, ma'm.


    "Could I come in?" The other two men slunk out of sight, raising her suspicions even more. "I'm sorry but my apartment is a mess right now, could you come back another time?" She watched as his body language grew tense. The hair on the nape of her neck rose. "Ma'am this issue is kind of time sensitive, if you could just-" A chill ran down her spine and made the hair on her arms stand up. She turned just in time to see a form creeping in through her window. The angel lunged for her sword on the table but the human form moved quicker. It tried to snatch the sword from her hand but she pulled it free. The door behind her flew open and the man stepped in pulling out something from his coat. Gabriel moved but not quite quickly enough. The bullet tore through her shoulder and pain shot up into her neck and down her side. One man grabbed her now injured arm while the other lunged to try and grab her other arm. With her good arm she clawed at the man holding her while kicking at the other coming towards her. Her wings flapped wildly, battering both of the men. For a moment they were dazed and she was able to pull her arm free. Slashing blindly with her sword she leapt towards the window with the men in pursuit. They snatched at her wings, pulling out feathers, as she dove through the window and onto the fire escape. Half tripping, half falling down the stairs ( and face first into the railing giving her a lovely shiner) she heaved herself over the railing and opened her wings. Pain tore through her shoulder and throughout her body as she tried to make an ungraceful get away. Again? How? Sweat rolled down her face as she struggled to fly and still keep relatively out of sight. Finally, she dipped low and landed in an alley, using the last bit of her power that wasn't going to healing to conceal her wings. She used the wall to brace herself and slid down to a sitting position as she caught her breath. How do they keep finding me? The alley stunk of urine and trash but right now she didn't care. Closing her eyes she leaned her head back and tried to slow her breathing. Maybe I really am as foolish as they say I am. What made me think I was going to be able to save this world when I can't even defend myself anymore, and everyone hates my kind?

  17. The coppery scent of blood was one that was all too familiar to the she-wolf. Years of war flashed through her mind as the smell made her mouth water. What was injured? The forest around her blurred as her pace quickened and her sight narrowed. So hungry, when had the last time she'd eaten been? Even though eating regularly was not necessary for her (her influence could satiate hunger, the more there was the less she would have to eat as it made her closer to 'immortal'), in this realm it would seem as though she would have to adopt such practices once again. The smell of blood overpowered any of the other scents in the area as she came upon a small mountain stream. Blood was everywhere, as if someone had tried to paint with it. She lowered her head and stepped forward cautiously. This was no animal blood. And a stray body part confirmed it. 

    Backpedaling, Hrafn scanned the trees and bushes for a possibly still lurking threat. Whatever did this had done it for the simple joy of killing and dismembering this poor mortal. Her hunger subsided, unable to bring herself to eat the human. While her farther and aunt had no qualms with it, she drew the line at eating the very beings that gave them their power and strength. Keeping her senses sharp the wolf searched the area for any hints that might point to whatever had done this and where it might've went. While searching she found a knapsack stuffed with various maps, Nordic books, and paint. So this is what happened to the poor *******. The wolf gingerly pulled the maps out and did her best to unfold them. There was just enough light to make out some of the details of the map. A city meant people. People meant she could find someone to explain what's going on and then she could begin to figure out a way to go home.

    Without a compass, the sun, or even a moon to giver her a sense of direction she decided that following the stream was her best bet since water flows downhill and it was probably her best bet to get down and out of the forest. She turned back to study the grisly scene one last time. Outside of typical Norse traditions, burials are usually customary. Yet Hrafn preferred to let nature take its course more naturally as her father had taught her. "Fara til Valhallar." She bowed her head in a respectful farewell and headed downstream.


    The apartment was dingy and dark. Of course everything here was dark anyways so it shouldn't have really mattered. Gabriel twirled her sword into the wood carving an indent as she did so. A show played quietly on the TV but she payed no mind to it. The defected archangel was far too deep in her own thoughts to give a damn about anything else at the moment. It had only been a few months since her brothers and sisters abandoned this world. She could never bring herself to do it though, she loved the humans far too much to simply let them fall to the demons or any other beings that would now come and try and stake their claim. They ridiculed her for it, calling her a fool and telling her how she was going to die and they needed to learn. If she died on her sword so be it. It was more than her kin could say they'd do, claiming how much they loved to protect humans and yet choosing to forsake them. Sure, they make mistakes. That's why they're humans. It one of the things that set them apart from the "high and mighty" angels. Gabriel knew better though. Angels could be just as flawed as any human. She embedded the tip of the sword into the wood floor with a yell. They're the foolish ones. Even if humans had turned their backs on the angels, Gabriel still had faith in them as humans. The only issue was was that she was going to need help, and a lot of it, if she wanted to take back the realm from the demons. Given her massive wane in power she was no longer in shape to do much of anything though, archangel or not. There was just enough faith left in the world to keep her from becoming mortal but with each passing day it was fading.

    A loud banging from underneath her snapped her from her thoughts. "Keep it down up there!" Came a muffled voice. The angel buried her face in her hands. What had she come to? With a heavy sigh she pulled the sword from the wood and got up and placed it on her kitchen table. As far as she knew none of her neighbors suspected her of being a supernatural, much less one of the archangels. It was certainly beneficial that without a heightened sense or seeing her with wings she could pass for human easily enough though it was getting more difficult to hide her true form though as her powers faded. If she was going to make anything happen, she would need to do it soon.

  18. Why am I here?


    She felt a wane in her power. This was not her realm. 


    There was an unsettling darkness here. She did not feel the presence of her father or aunt. For the first time in thousands of years she was alone. The obsidian-colored wolf turned her mighty head skyward towards the odd darkness that blanketed the sky. This couldn't be Ragnarok, could it?


    What happened to this place?


    The wolf turned back from the sky and took in her surroundings. From what she could tell it was a place much like her own Midgard. However, here the people had seemed to have strayed from the old Norse practices. Bending down she finally noticed a circle painted around her with her name in runes. Hrafn. So, not everyone had forgotten about the Norse ways. And now she knew how she had ended up here. She had been summoned. The forest was quiet aside from the occasional chirp of a bird. The she-wolf pinned her ears back and huffed, annoyed that she had not been at least greeted by whoever had summoned her. What now? Left with little other direction she set off to try and find whoever had summoned her. After that, she would have to find a way home. She wanted nothing to do with these mortals, or this realm, especially if they did not respect her enough to at least greet her after summoning her. 


    ((Hrafn or "Raven" as she'll also be known as is the daughter of Skoll and niece of Hati. If you aren't familiar with them, they are the wolves who chase the sun and moon in Norse mythology. I think I might have another character or two, one for sure an angel but if all the angels are gone I'll have to maybe change her up a bit. Got some ideas though.))

  19. So far I only have my characters (wolf shifter and an arch angel). The wolf shifter came from a facility trying to make an artificial werewolf and the archangel for the most part is kind of rogue. I'm also kind of considering my newer human character since I haven't gotten to play him much and he's a little more in depth than the other two.


    Also: do you want to keep it 1x1 or do keep it open?

  20. Sorry! With everything hitting the fan I had to deal with a lot of the fallout. 


    I'm all for supernatural... the rest you listed I haven't heard before. Guess I've been out of the loop for a while and need to do some research XD  I've noticed too it's nowhere near as active as it used to be. A shame, I spent quite a few years on here roleplaying with everyone. Anyways none of my go-to characters are entirely human, and Supernatural would definitely fit the best.

  21. I'm looking for some people to do a little RP. Probably something close to fantasy/ open world since that's my favorite. I'm pretty busy with work/ school but I have off-time here and there. Sometimes I'll be on hours at a time so it just depends!

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