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  1. Gabriel listened intently to Steven and Askee-ah, trying to imagine how she could ever regain the faith of the humans. Maybe if she managed to save the realm that would work but she couldn't do one without the other. "Humans believe that the angels were the ones that took the light from this place, causing this everlasting darkness. But as I told you I do not actually know what happened, only that it happened because they left. I think the only thing to redeem ourselves is if we can fix all of this." She sighed heavily and glanced at her sword, reminded of her kins' shame. As Steven suggested
  2. Gabriel listened intently while Stephen spoke, even though her thoughts were spinning with other things. "I was confused when I first saw the raptors but anymore things tend to not surprise me anymore." She gave a small shrug and looked at her feet as he finished up. "Thank you for your help. And for lending your ear." Her eyes went to the direction of the crashing sounds and she stood up slowly looking from the raptor beside Stephen to where the sound had originated. Obviously uneasy her wings stretched some before settling against her back, similar to a bird as if it were about to take flig
  3. The angel nodded and looked at the stack of books and the area around her before gingerly sitting down. Many of the books looked old and worn, some were even hand written. She began to study the old theater instead, noting small details here and there that might have otherwise gone overlooked. As the doctor returned she removed the jacket entirely and set it down beside her. Her mind turned to Jorath and began spinning as she thought about the deal once again. When the doctor spoke she faced him and let the thoughts fade away to a quiet rumble at the back of her mind. At the mention of t
  4. Safe. Gabriel let the concept roll around in her head. When had been the last time she'd been safe? The human got up and approached her, then extended his hand. She took it confidently and shook it. "Gabriel." The angel thought for a moment about making a comment about how she was lucky he was in fact a man a science and not some religious zealot. I wonder, even face to face with an angel, how he feels about it actually. Rather than push her luck she returned his smile and simply nodded. "Oh, this?" she moved the jacket to reveal her torn shirt and and angry looking wound. "I was-" she he
  5. ((I'm just imagining several raptors running around and getting themselves into trouble so often and I'm dying. Then you have the sword over here going full attack mode.)) Gabriel intently listened to Askee-ah's explanation. So it's like rain... the energy that is life flows through the whole cycle, sometimes being what sustains life or being life itself. She still had some confusion as to where Askee-ah fit in all of it (only just now putting together she had to be 'bigger' than just a single mortal raptor). So she had created the careful balance for life yet her resurrection cou
  6. The angel could feel her face getting warm from her uneasiness. She took the jacket and flipped it over her shoulder and let the cool air hit her skin. Did she ever used to feel these human sensations and emotions? It was always so easy to stay calm, cool, and collected before. Along with becoming more mortal could she also be becoming more human overall? She loved humans but that didn't mean she wanted to be one. With all their constant struggles and woes it was just unappealing. She knew war, fighting, and unimaginable strength. If she did actually become human she wouldn't know the first th
  7. Gabriel watched Jorath bow with an mixed expression on her face, a mix between confusion and amusement. "Noted, well thank you again." When he brought up her sword she cursed and looked to Askee-ah. "My sword... I must've dropped it somewhere around here while I was trying to escape." Before she was able to simply call it back to her yet with the state she was in she wasn't sure if it would still work. "veni ad me." She closed her eyes and waited a few moments. When she opened them there was still nothing. "It might take some time for it to find its way to me." The angel explained as they con
  8. Gabriel turned from the raptor and stared at the out held jacket. Then she looked up at Jorath as if she were going to say another snide comment. Instead she gingerly took the jacket and dropped her eyes. "Thank you." Maybe, just maybe, she had been too abrasive. He is the first demon she had met after all who had ever not tried to kill her on sight. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. Like she hadn't heard that one a thousand times. "Uh... you know in order to wear this comfortably I'm going to have to..." she made a slicing motion in the back of the fabric. "For my wings..."
  9. Hrafn had been through many wars with many different kinds of creatures but when she saw what- who- walked into sight she admittedly was a bit startled. It looked like a mix of a troll. Perhaps a cross breed. Could trolls even cross breed? She pushed the thought away. Studying her body language she noted it was non-hostile but it didn't keep her from continuing to stand guard. After listening to her explain where she had come from she realized they were in a similar boat. Stranded without contact to their home in an alien realm. "Are you calling me a coward?" she finally spoke as her ear
  10. The wolf didn't slow down until she found an area empty of humans. It just so happened it was a dimly lit, moderately sized neighborhood park. She found herself at ease in the shadows that the light cast as her midnight colored fur absorbed her into the shadows. So humans hate things like me.... why in the Hel then was I summoned? The wolf shook her head. Now more than ever she wanted to go home. Why would she want to stay here with a bunch of ungrateful humans? Looking to the sky she thought of her father and aunt. Maybe I somehow was sent to the future in my realm, and Skoll and Hati have al
  11. The vision of ancient forests seemingly untouched by humans filled her vision. She could smell the soil, the trees, the unpolluted air. For a moment she was reminded just how destructive humans could be. Then she saw the raptors (much smaller looking than Askee-ah was currently). As they hunted Gabriel could feel their power within herself, reminding her again of just how weak she had become. She longed to feel the own graceful swiftness once again. You could, if you just made the deal. The angel blinked and cocked her head slightly, unsure if the voice was truly her own or not. Either way, it
  12. The angel watched with a growing uneasiness as the demon spoke and laid out the terms of the deal before her. Everything began to scream at her. She swallowed it, along with her innate instinct to slay this demon where he stood. Sweat beaded on her brow as suddenly the cool evening air turned sweltering and suffocating. Until the end, your cost will be servitude. Her vision swayed and dipped as she fell back against the wall for support. The jolt of pain that shot through her injured shoulder was enough to keep her from passing out. "Servitude..." she repeated to herself. All for power. To sav
  13. Was she actually considering this? Like, actually? "You're being nice because you hate what you are..." she repeated the words trying to get them to sink in. In all the time she had been around this was the first time she had ever heard a demon say they hated what they were. Most demons wore it as a symbol of pride as if enteral damnation and servitude was something to brag about. "You're right, they can't. Not in the end. Because in the end they're always on someone else's leash. And if they're powerful enough to not be well, they're truly the cruelest in the end." Too many had been taken fr
  14. Gabriel looked down at the half of chip and then back to the demon. "Keep it, not like half a chip is going to do much anyways." The edge in her voice melted into more disdain than anything. A demon didn't show kindness out of the goodness of their heart. They never did anything for free. She shifted the weight that was resting on her shoulder so that it would stop screaming at her in protest. "A realm? A demon's realm? Are you out of your mind?" How could she let herself be 'helped' by the enemy in good conscience, much less stay in the good graces of Heaven? Oh but how she could use the chan
  15. ((The vending machine bit had me rolling as I remembered that spongebob scene.)) Gabriel was so sapped between the pain and the power that she was using that she didn’t even hear as someone approached her. “That must’ve not been fun.” The angel’s eyes fluttered open. They were a dull grey, lacking the fierceness and power they usually held. She couldn’t help but groan and roll her eyes. No more people. She couldn’t handle any more people today. “Yeah, you’re right. It certainly wasn’t.” The wound had already began to close, the bleeding sl
  16. Her walk turned from a trot, to a run, and finally to an all out sprint. She could feel the power in her muscles as they stretched and contracted with each stride. When had been the last time she had ran? Food was easy to come by (when they did eat) and thus hunting was unnecessary. The realms had been at peace so there were no wars to fight in, resulting in her adopting a very sedimentary life for a once mighty warrior. Had she become complacent? The she-wolf huffed and shook the thought from her head. No, of course she hadn't. She was still the warrior she was a millennia ago, right? Af
  17. The coppery scent of blood was one that was all too familiar to the she-wolf. Years of war flashed through her mind as the smell made her mouth water. What was injured? The forest around her blurred as her pace quickened and her sight narrowed. So hungry, when had the last time she'd eaten been? Even though eating regularly was not necessary for her (her influence could satiate hunger, the more there was the less she would have to eat as it made her closer to 'immortal'), in this realm it would seem as though she would have to adopt such practices once again. The smell of blood overpowered any
  18. Why am I here? She felt a wane in her power. This was not her realm. There was an unsettling darkness here. She did not feel the presence of her father or aunt. For the first time in thousands of years she was alone. The obsidian-colored wolf turned her mighty head skyward towards the odd darkness that blanketed the sky. This couldn't be Ragnarok, could it? What happened to this place? The wolf turned back from the sky and took in her surroundings. From what she could tell it was a place much like her own Midgard. However, here the people had se
  19. So far I only have my characters (wolf shifter and an arch angel). The wolf shifter came from a facility trying to make an artificial werewolf and the archangel for the most part is kind of rogue. I'm also kind of considering my newer human character since I haven't gotten to play him much and he's a little more in depth than the other two. Also: do you want to keep it 1x1 or do keep it open?
  20. Sorry! With everything hitting the fan I had to deal with a lot of the fallout. I'm all for supernatural... the rest you listed I haven't heard before. Guess I've been out of the loop for a while and need to do some research I've noticed too it's nowhere near as active as it used to be. A shame, I spent quite a few years on here roleplaying with everyone. Anyways none of my go-to characters are entirely human, and Supernatural would definitely fit the best.
  21. I'm looking for some people to do a little RP. Probably something close to fantasy/ open world since that's my favorite. I'm pretty busy with work/ school but I have off-time here and there. Sometimes I'll be on hours at a time so it just depends!
  22. Wow! I've entered in a few of the monthly raffles here and there when I remember or happen to see. This month I didn't even enter until a few days before it ended. I've been having some really good luck the last few days and here's just another little extra thing I guess.🥳 It's really the small things after a not so good stretch. Good luck to next month's rafflers! I sure hope TJ will be able to find a way to circumvent the whole multi-scrolling issue. Maybe something with limiting it based on IP addresses? 🤔
  23. I'm thinking about bringing this back because I miss this roleplay.