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  1. *Screams very loudly* GOT ONE!!! YAY!!
  2. Grr... still nothing except a mis-click
  3. Guilty. Ever smashed a mirror?
  4. What a pretty shimmerkin Nebula Shimmerkin Thank you breeder!
  5. These eggs from the AP totally made my day, many thanks to the breeder. Lol 1 Lol 2 Lol 3
  6. Valenwind92 and myself are putting a lot of work into continuing these names The next name of the lineage is "Here's a Hint Starscream"
  7. I never thought I'd ever see a descendant from my Crataegus family in this thread These were two finds of mine from the AP Grey with Silvers starting a stair step with Greys Coastal Wave Runner even gen with Guardians
  8. Found some more beauties in the AP today White Stripe Nebula Ridgewing Many thanks to the breeders
  9. I was about to toss this back into the AP but after seeing the lineage... gasp! It's so beautiful I also managed to fish this beautiful Lumina Shimmerkin as well out of the AP Many thanks to the breeders
  10. I've never posted here before but I can't resist sharing a few of my descriptions and their current comments My Cheese Dragon: Cheese Avenger Responses so far: Accept: Assemble -H Accept: And do the guilty simply eat their way out of prison? Accept: this might be my favorite description ever Accept: Just as funny as your paper dragon. ;D Accept: Accept: My Paper Dragon: Justice Paper Responses so far: Accept: So, Zorro as a paper dragon, then. Accept: this is great ~klin Accept: "fold and flatten himself" having two "himself"s in that close of a space is redundant. (But this description is hilarious, I love it) Accept: oh no paper cuts. That'll teach 'em Accept: Responses after fixing description: Accept: I bet he easily beats criminal stone dragons -H Accept: Accept: Accept: this. is. amazing. ~klin Accept: Love it. Accept: Accept: Accept: Fantastically, amazingly, stupendously awesome. ~D Not as great as some of the other descriptions and responses on the thread but I felt like sharing these ones anyway.
  11. This has certainly been the most frustrating drop I've ever encountered, even, in my point of view, the Blusang release was easier. Feels less fun than usual for some reason But that's just me and I know some people would say 'the game is meant to be challenging so stop whining'. I also do feel that other time zones are being discriminated against in these situations so I'm in total favour for a full 24hr drop. 3 days would certainly be too much, 48hrs also would be pushing it a little, but after noticing someone mention about how there are a lot more DC players nowadays then maybe 48hrs would be more acceptable actually. I would say it would be better for times of a single release egg then 24hrs/48hrs would be better, for releases where it's more than one egg at a time then 3 days would be more suitable.
  12. For this Christmas I would really love a holly Well, on realistic terms I guess I would love a CB nebula egg or a CB red nebula hatchling so I can continue my Transformers lineage. I'll probably start donating later on today as I need to finish doing my Xmas cooking so I may be slow to reply as well. EDIT: ~Kat~ was very kind and gifted me a Holly so that's my Xmas sorted. Thank you so much!
  13. I was curious about that as well so I did some research and the symbol means that the person is requesting a hatchling
  14. A few days ago I found a very lovely lineage in the AP, it's a White with Shadow Walkers and Tinsels in it's background. Lineage
  15. The first dragon I ever saw and actually wanted was the two-headed dragon and it was the male I really wanted.
  16. I quite enjoy the comics, currently there's MTMTE and Robots in Disguise as part of the main series, and also there's Regenesis which continues from the older Marvel comics. In MTMTE I must admit I'm beginning to actually like Rodimus now, used to hate him with a passion, but now... I can't stay mad at that face My favourite Decepticon so far has to be Misfire, my favourite Autobot would be Whirl. In RiD I'm pleased to see Sky Byte making a long awaited return to the comics, who doesn't love the poet, floating, shark robot? Plus it was driving me insane with Metalhawk, I knew I had seen him before but I couldn't picture where until a friend pointed out Masterforce then I remembered.
  17. Victory is a series that comes after Masterforce and is based around Star Saber and other new characters. It also involves Ginrai/Optimus Prime dying and being brought back as a giant lion mech (I've forgot his name ). It's pretty fun with emotional scenes and such when characters die in various places, but the Destrons/Decepticons aren't that great. Though I do like the team Breast Force (not kidding, that's their real title) mainly because I really like Leo Zack. I like the Dinobots, I always have. I collect the comics and I can confirm that the Dinobots are waaaay better there. I'm a huge nerd for the Transformers so there's very little that I don't know
  18. So... has anyone else watched Victory or am I on my own with that one?
  19. I think what really got on my nerves with the Bayverse formers was probably the designs, I miss the old G1 types so at least Optimus was fine in my books, I felt at home with him But nevermind, everyone has their favourites and those they see as home. I would really recommend J-Decker, it's worth a look at but it does have it's bad episodes, then again what series doesn't. I couldn't stand RiD mainly because of the voice actors, hence why I watched Car Robots instead where I didn't get a headache. All hail Japanese voice actors
  20. Not sure if anyone still comes past this thread but I have an interest in Transformers, well... I have my hates and loves. The universes I hated were the Bayformers and the Headmaster series for various reasons but if I start listing them off we'll be here all day I grew up around Beast Wars so it holds a special place in my heart despite what anyone says. To be honest I would love to see the graphics edited but keep the original audio then to re-release it. Though I didn't enjoy Beast Machines all that much, it had some potential but it lacked that grip on me. Beast Wars 2 was rather strange but fun, same for Beast Wars Neo. Of course I enjoyed G1 and I always love the graphic errors that go with it. There's just something fun about the errors and mistakes. I really enjoyed the 1986 movie *I've watched all versions! Yes, there is more than one* and I also really enjoyed Victory and Masterforce was okay. I've also gone through Car Robots which I also really enjoyed as a series. I also watched that odd short series where G1 and Beast Wars crossed over, but I cannot remember the name of it. Lets see, what else have I watched from Transformers... well, Armada, Energon and Galaxy Force, Animated and currently Prime. I have also looked at the 'children' of Transformers where Takara went off and created other stories. So most of Brave Police such as GaoGaiGar and J-Decker and a few others.