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  1. For this Christmas I would really love a holly Well, on realistic terms I guess I would love a CB nebula egg or a CB red nebula hatchling so I can continue my Transformers lineage. I'll probably start donating later on today as I need to finish doing my Xmas cooking so I may be slow to reply as well. EDIT: ~Kat~ was very kind and gifted me a Holly so that's my Xmas sorted. Thank you so much!
  2. I was curious about that as well so I did some research and the symbol means that the person is requesting a hatchling
  3. A few days ago I found a very lovely lineage in the AP, it's a White with Shadow Walkers and Tinsels in it's background. Lineage
  4. The first dragon I ever saw and actually wanted was the two-headed dragon and it was the male I really wanted.
  5. I quite enjoy the comics, currently there's MTMTE and Robots in Disguise as part of the main series, and also there's Regenesis which continues from the older Marvel comics. In MTMTE I must admit I'm beginning to actually like Rodimus now, used to hate him with a passion, but now... I can't stay mad at that face My favourite Decepticon so far has to be Misfire, my favourite Autobot would be Whirl. In RiD I'm pleased to see Sky Byte making a long awaited return to the comics, who doesn't love the poet, floating, shark robot? Plus it was driving me insane with Metalhawk, I knew I had seen him before but I couldn't picture where until a friend pointed out Masterforce then I remembered.
  6. Victory is a series that comes after Masterforce and is based around Star Saber and other new characters. It also involves Ginrai/Optimus Prime dying and being brought back as a giant lion mech (I've forgot his name ). It's pretty fun with emotional scenes and such when characters die in various places, but the Destrons/Decepticons aren't that great. Though I do like the team Breast Force (not kidding, that's their real title) mainly because I really like Leo Zack. I like the Dinobots, I always have. I collect the comics and I can confirm that the Dinobots are waaaay better there. I'm a huge nerd for the Transformers so there's very little that I don't know
  7. So... has anyone else watched Victory or am I on my own with that one?
  8. I think what really got on my nerves with the Bayverse formers was probably the designs, I miss the old G1 types so at least Optimus was fine in my books, I felt at home with him But nevermind, everyone has their favourites and those they see as home. I would really recommend J-Decker, it's worth a look at but it does have it's bad episodes, then again what series doesn't. I couldn't stand RiD mainly because of the voice actors, hence why I watched Car Robots instead where I didn't get a headache. All hail Japanese voice actors
  9. Not sure if anyone still comes past this thread but I have an interest in Transformers, well... I have my hates and loves. The universes I hated were the Bayformers and the Headmaster series for various reasons but if I start listing them off we'll be here all day I grew up around Beast Wars so it holds a special place in my heart despite what anyone says. To be honest I would love to see the graphics edited but keep the original audio then to re-release it. Though I didn't enjoy Beast Machines all that much, it had some potential but it lacked that grip on me. Beast Wars 2 was rather strange but fun, same for Beast Wars Neo. Of course I enjoyed G1 and I always love the graphic errors that go with it. There's just something fun about the errors and mistakes. I really enjoyed the 1986 movie *I've watched all versions! Yes, there is more than one* and I also really enjoyed Victory and Masterforce was okay. I've also gone through Car Robots which I also really enjoyed as a series. I also watched that odd short series where G1 and Beast Wars crossed over, but I cannot remember the name of it. Lets see, what else have I watched from Transformers... well, Armada, Energon and Galaxy Force, Animated and currently Prime. I have also looked at the 'children' of Transformers where Takara went off and created other stories. So most of Brave Police such as GaoGaiGar and J-Decker and a few others.