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  1. Ugh, bad internet + large traffic of players = nothing for me except the dreaded white screen of doom in the cave (I can't even get misclicks!) I give up, I'll lurk in the trading threads instead. Bet these dragons are going to be stupidly rare as well even after the release days.
  2. To the person who bred this White Egg, I worship you!
  3. Ugh... I had bad luck this year with Zombies 0 Revives 0 Zombies 5 Dusts
  4. I think I nearly died upon finding this White egg in the AP. White egg This is actually the first time I've found a lineage with the alt Cavern Lurkers in it so I am over the moon with joy right now
  5. Hm... 30 I think, lowest gen is 4th gen and is one of my Bronzes. 3 Gold Shimmers, 13 Silver Shimmers, 14 Bronze Shimmers
  6. Sounds like a nice idea, sometimes I get bored when I'm scroll locked so something like this would keep me occupied whilst I'm waiting
  7. I found a PB Tri-Horn egg in the AP and it made me so happy to see one of the base dragons was one of my 'Xenos' lines. Yay! Well done Earthquake Xenos and Blizzard Xenos. The Baby
  8. Sigh, something I just don't have time for today Doubt I'll catch these eggs any time soon thanks to my computer being stuck in "technology hospital". Edit// Yay, caught one of the tree ones
  9. Finally one of my babies shows up in this thread
  10. Couldn't resist sharing the description and comments from my Silver Shimmerscale, From the depths of Kaon. Responses so far: Accept: You made me giggle -H Accept: How can those hatchlings even stand listening when she smells awful? -Tabs Accept: Accept: Methinks she would be a good dragon to avoid.... Accept: Very interesting. ~D Accept:
  11. I suggest keeping your eggs and hatchlings fogged completely until they hit a far safer time, such as when they go below 4 days. If you're going away from the computer for any long length of time then hide your scroll as well so people cannot access your eggs and hatchies. Some people are just mean when it comes to viewbombing but there are also cases where it's someone who thinks they're trying to help but end up doing harm instead. Hope your hatchies pull through
  12. *Screams very loudly* GOT ONE!!! YAY!!
  13. Grr... still nothing except a mis-click
  14. Guilty. Ever smashed a mirror?
  15. What a pretty shimmerkin Nebula Shimmerkin Thank you breeder!
  16. These eggs from the AP totally made my day, many thanks to the breeder. Lol 1 Lol 2 Lol 3
  17. Valenwind92 and myself are putting a lot of work into continuing these names The next name of the lineage is "Here's a Hint Starscream"
  18. I never thought I'd ever see a descendant from my Crataegus family in this thread These were two finds of mine from the AP Grey with Silvers starting a stair step with Greys Coastal Wave Runner even gen with Guardians
  19. Found some more beauties in the AP today White Stripe Nebula Ridgewing Many thanks to the breeders
  20. I was about to toss this back into the AP but after seeing the lineage... gasp! It's so beautiful I also managed to fish this beautiful Lumina Shimmerkin as well out of the AP Many thanks to the breeders
  21. I've never posted here before but I can't resist sharing a few of my descriptions and their current comments My Cheese Dragon: Cheese Avenger Responses so far: Accept: Assemble -H Accept: And do the guilty simply eat their way out of prison? Accept: this might be my favorite description ever Accept: Just as funny as your paper dragon. ;D Accept: Accept: My Paper Dragon: Justice Paper Responses so far: Accept: So, Zorro as a paper dragon, then. Accept: this is great ~klin Accept: "fold and flatten himself" having two "himself"s in that close of a space is redundant. (But this description is hilarious, I love it) Accept: oh no paper cuts. That'll teach 'em Accept: Responses after fixing description: Accept: I bet he easily beats criminal stone dragons -H Accept: Accept: Accept: this. is. amazing. ~klin Accept: Love it. Accept: Accept: Accept: Fantastically, amazingly, stupendously awesome. ~D Not as great as some of the other descriptions and responses on the thread but I felt like sharing these ones anyway.
  22. This has certainly been the most frustrating drop I've ever encountered, even, in my point of view, the Blusang release was easier. Feels less fun than usual for some reason But that's just me and I know some people would say 'the game is meant to be challenging so stop whining'. I also do feel that other time zones are being discriminated against in these situations so I'm in total favour for a full 24hr drop. 3 days would certainly be too much, 48hrs also would be pushing it a little, but after noticing someone mention about how there are a lot more DC players nowadays then maybe 48hrs would be more acceptable actually. I would say it would be better for times of a single release egg then 24hrs/48hrs would be better, for releases where it's more than one egg at a time then 3 days would be more suitable.
  23. For this Christmas I would really love a holly Well, on realistic terms I guess I would love a CB nebula egg or a CB red nebula hatchling so I can continue my Transformers lineage. I'll probably start donating later on today as I need to finish doing my Xmas cooking so I may be slow to reply as well. EDIT: ~Kat~ was very kind and gifted me a Holly so that's my Xmas sorted. Thank you so much!
  24. I was curious about that as well so I did some research and the symbol means that the person is requesting a hatchling