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    A sad update:
    I'm afraid the owner of Trydydd Besst, who is my mother, has passed away. There will be no other offspring from this dragon.

    I love Transformers!

    I'm willing to help out others by breeding my dragons, but I cannot promise that I'll be successful so you may need to be patient.

    All my dragons are open for breeding so feel free to request any breed that you require from me. Ask nicely otherwise I will just ignore you! I can't promise certain parents or lineages but you are free to ask.

    Please don't:
    - re-gift (unless asking me first)
    - trade away
    - kill
    - bite
    - earthquake
    - freeze
    - abandon the egg/hatchling I give you

    Dragon Request related stuff

    Currently own the concepts:
    - Greater Water-Belly Wyvern (Completed)
    - Thornback Leaf-Runner Pygmy (Completed)