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  1. The Rare Trading Center V4 has finally run its course. Due to the abundance of other trading threads we no longer see this one as necessary. Feel free to PM littleblackdog or ainisarie with any concerns.
  2. REMINDER As per Trading/Gifting Subforum, Rules and Guidelines: and Special emphasis on: We will allow one (1) bump every 24 hours. We are seeing a lot of "New day. Bump!" posts prior to the 24 hour rule. Please wait for 24 hours before bumping.
  3. T O P I C . M O D S The following people currently maintain this thread (and the associated 'Rare Dragon Trading' forum account): littleblackdog - PM ainisarie - PM Keep in mind that while these people can help you if you have questions about the Rare Trading Center, they aren't forum mods. If you're looking for those, take a look at the forum Moderating team. Currently looking for more help maintaining this thread which includes weighing in on rarities and checking this thread (almost) daily. PM littleblackdog. T H R E A D . H I S T O R Y This section
  4. I N D E X First Post 1) Rules 2) Rare Dragons Second Post 1) Topic Mods 2) Thread History 3) Roadmap - A Glimpse Ahead 4) Further Reading R U L E S You may offer only rare dragons (see supplied list below as to what constitutes a rare). You may request anything, including commons and caveblockers - only your offer has to be rare. Dragons that are not expressly listed as rare do not count as rare. This is true for new releases especially - as a rule, new species will only be added to the rare list once the initial release hype dies down