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  1. I got into high school orchestra =/ I felt completely hopeless and unskilled with my instrument. After 1 particularly bad playing test I transferred out of the class. I was having a bad year and had depression, and being bad at something I loved hurt a lot, so I gave it up. I still have it though and do play it sometimes, I just don't keep up with it.
  2. I used to play the Viola I loved that instrument; my favorite songs we got to play were the Halo theme and Dragon Dance. I used to have a folder of all my favorites, but I lost it ;-;
  3. I just caught a 5th gen Thuwed! I couldn't believe it o_o
  4. Wow, I just picked this guy off of the AP o_o Click! (links to lineage) I doubt I'll keep him since I have enough Magis already and really need some CB Embers, but it was really cool to pick him up
  5. This is me on the night we met some of the Ghost Adventures crew =) One of the only pictures where I can say I looked good in o_o
  6. I love CS! I'm Minaethiel on there =D Been on CS since 08, took a long break, and got back after trading was implemented bad time to come back; I had no idea what I was doing. Lost a lot of valuable pets to bad trades =/ It's sad because now that I have a valuable pet and want to trade down, no one can or wants to trade up it seems
  7. Colorado in the USA :3 The mountains make a gorgeous sight to wake up to
  8. I HIGHLY recommend the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead. It's well-written, has diverse characters, and really delves into situations where something you want challenges your core beliefs or that of the society you're in. If you aren't a fan of Twilight have no fear; it's nothing near that mushy or poorly-written o_-
  9. I have a whole list ; Vampire Academy Hunger Games Song of Ice and Fire Warriors Gallagher Girls Heist Society
  10. Oh, that seems simple enough =D I normally only post my eggs in signature on CS anyway, so they should be ok then. I'll probably just hide my scroll when I go to bed just to be sure though =o you never know when there's mischief about
  11. I love Crunch bars, and candy corn most, so I just wanted to collect ALL the candy (so I can trade for more Crunches and candy corn, lulz)
  12. Well I keep hearing scary stories of eggs being view-bombed, so I'll probably end up staying up all night making sure the eggs I grab don't get sick ; thank goodness I'm not going trick-or-treating! What is Halloween like?
  13. You know you've played too much Borderlands when you literally cry over the death of a character you liked You know you've played too much Halo Reach when you start comparing overpowered things to armor lock
  14. I'd like to join! Join Date: 10/1/12 Forum Name: Aercalima Scroll Link: Click! PM Link: Click :3 Proof I read the Rules: December I know I'm pretty new, but I'd love to help the cave stay unblocked ; I really only want to breed CB Ember dragons together, but I can't find them when the Abandoned part of the cave is blocked constantly. Also, my fogged eggs have Soft-shell and I had to hide them. I'll un-fog them tomorrow when they're out of danger.