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  1. yeah waited one hour for seconds.
  2. i saw this, but sadly i don't have any hatchies. though this is great.
  3. i only see new drop's every 20 minutes and i never get any of them. and i can't trade because i don't have anything worth it. off to wait another 20 minutes.
  4. thanks for the info. i hope i am lucky enough to grab one.
  5. aww awesome, are they still available? because i missed it. and would love to grab on of these.
  6. SECONDING. it's amazing this way. ♥
  7. oh okay, this is my first event and everything is new. so thanks so much for info. and happy belated halloween to everyone.
  8. how many new eggs are there? i just got the purple one. (also i just awake, so any info on new eggs please?)
  9. i have 59 ToT by now, how many new things are there since yesterday?
  10. in the tavern. if i remember right.
  11. really? no. that means i don't have all of them.
  12. guys, does anyone know how many treats are out there by now? can someone tell me please? i have 57 by now.
  13. that's sweet. thank you very much.
  14. it is my first time ever event on dragoncave and i was very very excited when i saw everything. so thanks thanks so much for this. i mean the site is so awesome by itself. but with all these great event it's glorious.