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  1. i refuse to look at other people's adults, but what you guys wrote about them sounds wonderful. :'D can't wait to see them growing up.
  2. just woke up and first thing i needed to do was come to dragon cave and see if the new event already started. it did, so i decorated my house, here it is: http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/hopeitallaway very simple because i like it that way. guys, all your homes are looking so wonderful. this event is magic. thanks so much to you, TJ and all the spriters. merry christmas and happy holidays. and i already caught my two new egg's, yaaaay.
  3. TJ posted at the first page, everyone who baked at least one gingerbread house will be able to access the mini-game. so you should be fine.
  4. i just wanted to wish all of you a very merry christmas, i hope you'll enjoy your holidays with all your family and friends. dragon cave is full of such lovely, generous and awesome people and i am glad to be part of it. special thanks to TJ and all the spriters for the hard work. thanks for making my fist christmas event experience here, so magical. can't wait for the new release and gingerbread house decoration. :'D
  5. really? awesome. thanks for letting me know.
  6. caught a holly egg on AP. good luck guys. ♥ merry christmas and happy holidays. does someone know when/if the winter seasonla dragon will be there?
  7. do you clicked the make button? (probably yes but just want to check.)
  8. yay my pie is ready. smells delicious... this was so much fun. can't wait for the mini game. thank you so much for organising and all the hard work. ♥ merry christmas everyone.
  9. aw thanks for the info. well trying it is i guess.
  10. i am getting only recipe cards. that's okay? i mean i got some things this morning but now only cards.
  11. i hope to catch a red star recipe. pleeeease.
  12. site and forum are so slow for me.
  13. oh wow thank you. i've put a link to my sig. let's cook guys.
  14. omgomgomgomgomg. i am so excited. :'D
  15. Forum ID: hopeitallaway Scroll Link: scroll PM Link: pm Proof that I read the rules: shiny happy people happy holidays.
  16. i haven't caught a single egg on my own. oh well maybe one day. still happy i got one gifted and can't wait to see it grown up. thanks to all of you, for doing this.
  17. Sorry, this egg has already been taken by somebody else.
  18. aw didn't know that. (total newbie)
  19. i would try to produce an egg for you, if you like?
  20. that's great to hear. what about the old christmas release? because it'll be my first christmas. ♥
  21. after two days, i haven't caught a single egg on my own. i only have one from a very generous gift. but i wonder why it is so hard for some and for others easily to pick up to 15 eggs. i really hope the christmas releases (if there will be some) will be like the halloween ones, because this was fun.
  22. congratulations. someone just gave me an egg,too. so generous of you.i am speechless. i am super happy and excited. THANK YOU! ♥
  23. 10 hours without a single egg.