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  1. lol. yes this was confusing but so so pretty egg. awww. happy april fools day everyone. <3 thanks tj. *giggles*
  2. i will be away for family brunch almost all day. is it bad of me that i would love to stay home just to hunt egg's? lol. love this egg so far the most.
  3. same here. it took around 15 minutes since my fourth and i am now at five beautiful egg's.
  4. omg. really? oh i hope i catch this.
  5. oh yes. so excited. this is the best thing to wake up to. thanks so so much to you tj and everyone involved. i hope i am able to catch lots of your pretty egg's. happy easter everyone. have wonderful days. :'D
  6. glomp newbie, but the idea is lovely. hopeitallaway --> Kelkelen: CB Royal Blue accepted.
  7. omg just at the right time, thank you so so much for the eggies tj and everyone involved. :'D i ♥ this site!
  8. i kind of gave up catching one, right now. i just look through the biomes and hope for something (in my opinion) nice to catch. i hope i am lucky enough to catch one of them one day. until then i just have to say congrats to all of you great people who are able to catch these little eggies. you are doing great.
  9. so they are still dropping? because i haven't seen any in hours. though congrats to all catchers. i would be happy as well.
  10. oh are you me?! i don't know how people catch them. i just don't know.
  11. seen sooo many and never caught one.
  12. yay badges. they look pretty as always. thank you.
  13. my vase. could use some more flowers. if anyone wants to send me some. thanks to those who already did. <3
  14. awesome news, can't wait for the new badge. yours are so beautiful.
  15. omg guys, thanks so much for the beautiful flowers. they made me smile irl. how are you so awesome? seriously never been to a forum where i felt this homely and welcome. sending all of you flowers in return.
  16. my vase is feeling lonely. http://dragcave.net/valentines13/hopeitallaway
  17. was a bit worried they would be hard to catch but i got my precious two eggies. good luck to everyone else. thanks very much for this beautiful event tj and everyone involved. the egg's look super awesome and sweet. happy valentines day all around guys. ps: if you want flowers come to the flower request thread, i will happily try to send a flower to everyone.
  18. awesome.thanks very much for the info. SO EXCITED.
  19. congratulations to all the winners. i am excited to see what these new dragons will look like. also hopefully i can trade for one of them one day.
  20. Gift Report: Lyricmaniac -> hopeitallaway: Gold Metallic received: http://dragcave.net/view/4cngN TYSSM
  21. these are so wonderful. thank you very much for them and happy new year.
  22. all your houses look awesome. here is mine (finished version, me thinks) : http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/hopeitallaway