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  1. oh lovely. happy birthday and thank you for the awesomeness. ps: will the new dragons be permanent or just for the time of the birthday? because both my guardians produced egg's but none of the new.
  2. wonderful. thank you so much to everyone involved. happy hunting everyone.
  3. beautiful new releases. thanks so much to everyone involved. though i can't seem to get any opal eggies. still trying. ps: site looks weird. no layout at all. someone else noticed this?
  4. had to wait a little longer today, because eggies needed to hatch, but i caught mine, so yaay. thank you very very much for the beautiful event, tj and everyone involved. it was so much fun. the dragons are all so darling, and i can't wait to hoard them. happy hunting everyone.
  5. oh they look very beautiful. thank you so much. wow already day 6. first day i panicked because i overslept. lol. but i already caught my two. happy hunting everyone.
  6. ohmy, the adults. so very pretty. spriters.....tj.....you've outdone yourself. thanks so much.
  7. so i still got one extra brown & orange egg, i would like to gift. if someone wants one or both, you can pm me. happy hunting everyone. my day 1 hatchie is growing up, they look adorable.
  8. i have an extra red & brown egg, i would like to gift. they're still on cooldown for the next five hours, but if you want one of them or both, pm me.
  9. caught the brown and orange already, i need the green one. also caught an extra brown i might trade (for a green) or gift later the day. they look lovely. thanks tj and spriters. ♥
  10. oh the adults are breathtaking. can't wait to see mine growing up and catch lots more of them once the party is over.
  11. yay day three, they look amazing. thanks so much tj and the spriters. still party-ing. good luck guys.
  12. got my two eggies. still best of luck. can't wait for tomorrow. yaaay.
  13. got my first. one more and done for today. keeping fingers crossed for you guys. ♥ oh and still have a black capped eggie for the one with none/or one, if someone is interested pm me. it is free to go to a lovely new home.
  14. nothing so far, i hope i am lucky to catch one later the day.
  15. yay day two. best of luck you guys. get the party going. ♥ btw still have a black capped egg for someone with none/one. tgt
  16. i got my first egg. yaaay. if i am lucky enough to catch another i will gift it. all the luck hunting guys.
  17. three hours later at the hour drop and this: Dragon Cave is currently down for regular maintenance. still no luck.
  18. just started, i hope to catch one. happy birthday dragon cave. ♥ thanks for everyone involved. so excited.
  19. oh my, excitement. this will be a seven-day-party. yay.
  20. yaay new releases. the egg's look lovely. thanks tj and everyone involved. quesion will the glitterballs always be breedable? i got one so far and need to wait for my daydream/white dragons to be able to breed again.
  21. i just summon-ed my guardian of nature. awwww. so happy, tears of joy. congrats everyone on your awesome things. ♥