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  1. Living in the region where Erika is supposed to directly hit....turns out the storm dissipated after passing Cuba. Our school district just made an announcement that there will be school on Monday.
  2. I'm seeing a couple of vampires appearing among the Pillow wall...
  3. Yifan

    2015-07-26 - July Release

    And it's even BRIGHTER! I wonder what will be rarity of these dragons...
  4. Would a 2g Copper be worth the same as a common uncommon? Or it is worth more than that?
  5. Yifan

    2015-07-26 - July Release

    Oh these eggs aren't to hard to get...hopefully I'll be able to get more after I'm unlocked. EDIT: These hatchlings remind me of Cavern Lurkers..
  6. What? A PB Silver in the AP? Can't believe my luck!
  7. And this randomly appeared in the wall of Neos...
  8. Oh my gosh. I'm speechless. Thank you, Undomiel!
  9. Yifan

    2015-06-27 - June Release

    Saw 2-3 of Xeno eggs (2 from Alpine, 1 from Jungle) in the AP today. All quickly snatched up by someone else (not surprised haha). Why would anyone abandoned these?
  10. Lucky find this morning Thanks, Earth Gurl!
  11. Ahhhh I feel so bad seeing all the other people not being able to grab the new Crimsons. I filled up all my available egg slots (6) with them. *strokes new computer* I'll probably trade some off to our lucky members that had difficulties getting them. Yah.
  12. http://puu.sh/2s16F That egg description actually made me laugh out loud!
  13. Awww...to be honest, I was fooled before realizing that it was April Fools day! Love the egg sprites. They're so pretty! <3
  14. Definitely participating. I'll try to grab an egg or two if I'm not egg locked at the time.
  15. http://dragcave.net/lineage/jvTlV Omg omg omg<33
  16. Look at the fancy nebula I found today: http://dragcave.net/lineage/44nfu And this stairstep with Black x Bronze Tinsel: http://dragcave.net/lineage/tRtlR
  17. I love everyone's houses! Some are simple and sweet, and some just seem to pop out of my computer screen! Love them. <3 Here's mine: My house(: I feel like the fence is missing something...
  18. http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/Yifan My gingerbread house doesn't even look edible.
  19. For this Christmas I'd like a Dino, Chicken, Cheese, any lineaged Blusang, or Paper egg! Merry Christmas everyone! Edit: Received a Blusang from Kiyoura Thanks! xx Edit2: Received a Cheese from PhobetorDreams
  20. Yifan

    2012-11-23 - Black Friday

    There's no eggs in the desert biome? I've been waiting for 2 hours and no eggs showed up.