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  1. Due to my inactivity, I'm pretty much forced to go on an indefinite hiatus. Sorry, all. I'll post hopefully in a couple weeks.
  2. (Short post, sorry ;-; ) Kurai stared at Azre, then nodded to himself. Turning to Mers, he said, "I think I am right. Azre used to Light. We not. Light hurt us... We need dark. But Azre want light." Turning to Azre, he called, "You need light, Azre. Light... Light hurt us. We need dark." Kurai hung his head in apology. "I sorry we can't come out, but... My eyes still sting from trying...." He didn't know what to do, what else to say. He didn't want to hurt Azre's feelings, not in the least! But he couldn't approach the light. The awful light...
  3. Chlora felt both excited, yet torn apart at the same time. She's be able to go, and help her friends. All her training would finally pay off! But then, what of her family? Would she see them again? Chlora decided to try her best, so that she would see them again. Someday. But right now, she'd give it her all, and never stop. She had worked tirelessly in training; she'd memorized every map, and even put together some strategy scenarios, even though they weren't anywhere close to top-notch. She would miss her trainers; she congratulated those who passed, and said her goodbyes to those w
  4. Again, I'm sorry for not posting ^^; Moving, school... it's hard. I'll make a post now. Thanks for not kicking me out, Tiga.
  5. I'm deeply sorry for not posting more... I'm moving IRL, so I haven't had the time to get on... ^^;
  6. Prala chuckled as the hatchlings began to enter the tent. She didn't blame the young hatchling for being caught in the surroundings; to most hatchlings, the sight was stunning. "Now, we just need to wait for the others to begin... This will be very fun." Prala eyed the blind hatchling, keeping a smile on her face. "Well, then! I'd best get everything ready for when the others arrive." And with that, Prala started setting several herbs, a few bowls, and a few Mortars and Pestles on the worktable. Just wait for the others~! ((OOC: Sorry for short post, didn't have much to work with...))
  7. ...Fail. I was waiting for the last healers to post. I need to get my keyboard fixed... The A button dislikes working, as well. ^^;
  8. I'd hoped that I could get the last healer to post, but no matter. I guess I'll have to post.
  9. Kurai watched Azre run off towards the light. Kurai himself looked at the light, and, he'd admit, it did sting a bit, but not as much as Mers was saying. Kurai looked at Mers. "L... liiight not so bad. Maybe eyes hurt because you used to... Daaark?" Kurai wasn't sure exactly what those words meant, but they seemed to fit what he was trying to say. "Maybe Azre used to... Light? Maybe need light? Want light?" Kurai tentatively approached the light, but the closer he got, the more his eyes stung. He quickly gave up and retreated back to Mers, rubbing his eyes. Going towards the light was
  10. Yeeea, I'm waiting for the other healing to respond.
  11. [A WILD Lily APPEARED! Anywho, sorry for my absence.] Kurai looked down, deep in thought. It was clear the hatchling had no name, but wanted one. From Kurai and Mers. But what name should Kurai give her? Well, how did I get my name? I mixed sounds... Maybe if I do the same for her? "Aku. Amea. Ashie. Azru... Azre? You name Azre?" Kurai wondered if the Red would like it. He certainly hoped so. All Kurai could really do was watch her expression and see what she thought. But... What if she doesn't like it? She's bound to. But what if she likes it, but doesn't choose it? Well, then, I'
  12. "You name Kuwai. He name Mes. What me name? Me have name too? Boy name girl name? Kuwai boy name Mes boy name? Me no boy name, girl name?" Kurai turned his attention to the red long enough to answer, "Uhm, I suppose?" before the question actually sunk in. Hm, she has a point. Boys have boy names, girls have girl names. But what boy, what girl? Why does it matter? Kurai thought a bit, then shrugged. I guess we'll find out later. "So, what you name?" Kurai asked excitedly. At that moment, Kurai was splashed. He returned his attention to the pool to see Aysu holding the smaller hatchling above
  13. I will start with something that isn't Apples or Advocados: Almonds~
  14. Darien, what's the point of posting if you just say "Nope" to everyone every other post? >.> Definitely.
  15. Kurai is free for interaction. I have nothing to do with him right now.
  16. Usually just Daily Dragon Fix and AoND. Particularly AoND.
  17. *Throws Bacon at Darien* (Cuz Bacon's perfect for EVERYTHING. >=3)
  18. One does not simply make a steep dive (whilst on fire) into Mordor...