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  1. my first event in a while, ty to the sprite artists and TJ!
  2. I've seen s1 of flash and dc legends, as well as I am up to the season of arrow with the archer "Prometheus" I think is his name, I personally love arrow more than the others, although Legends is becoming much more of a liked show. I have not seen Supergirl and even Constantine, I do want to watch them, I do also want a Constantine season 2 :( he did make a camo in season 4 of arrow though.
  3. Cool, sometimes it seems to me that a lot of our ancient civilisation where a lot more civilized than us of the modern day. I wanna be able to Leonidas a guy like in the trailer and the movie "100" hehe, if Ubisoft had an achievement for it I would just laugh my head off
  4. really? I mean, did greeks have that back in the day? even if it isn't historically acriate (accurate) I still support it. I haven't looked at anything related to AC:O (assassins creed odyssey) but my friends are excited for it. I still need to get origins though
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    either way, a new fallout game is good.
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    same with xbox one.
  7. I'm excited for JW:E, it reminds me of a Jurassic park game that is similar but is on the ps2.
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    anyone think a new Fallout is coming out soon?
  9. Who be play ds1 remastered, I am not, I am poor
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    Mod 14 is gonna be Ravenloft, I've never play tabletop D&D but apparently it is a good campaign to run......
  11. how is everyone going with syndicate and origins?
  12. all though it didn't start of free, it is by the developers, become free because it is an outdated game.... The Elder Scrolls 1: Arena. for MS-Dos (or DosBox).
  13. If i had a better phone (in specs and storage) I would try it out.
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    Played both the OBT's for Xbox One (open beta test) and it is quiet fun that I made a PC account. can't wait for Consoles full release
  15. all of my Dark Souls boss fights.....
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    MagiStream V3

    cant wait for the Magistream Valentine stuff
  17. Roach (the horse) from the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. damn demon horse keeps glitching
  18. if EATW does die, I am going to really sad. my favourite feature is how you can just leave the webpage open and it would "auto view" the eggus and hatchies. it was (besides AllureofND) my go to place to put my DC stuff. I'ma miss it. If someone does buy the domain and uses it like before (well, like it is now) then i'd be darn happy. good luck to you dear sir/madam.
  19. Neverwinter (online), it's a free to play MMORPG set in the Dungeons and Dragons universe. Minsc & Boo <3 Warframe is basically ninjas in space :P, Clem, Grakata!
  20. i showed the start of "wrong side of heaven" to my teacher (the stuff about homelessness in military) and she started to tear up. damn that song, someone is cutting onions or something.
  21. @rubina96 I think the author (GRRM) said that the ending is going to be "bitter sweet" and since he has shared his planned ending just in case he passes away I don't doubt that the show and the books will have similar endings (with some major and minor differences), this why instead of jenne pool at winterfell you have sansa instead (shhhh, I haven't gotten that fair in the books yet).