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    Would just like to mention that your fort is destroyed and I don't think you pick up points on having a destroyed fort attacked, since it said 0 when I tried to help bring your levels up.


    If you repair, you should be OK.



    I'm posting this here, to help remind other later arrivals to keep checking their forts, especially when asking for attacks, because in the early stages, it's easy to get trashed.

    Cool!! Thanks for the heads up! I didn't have enough snow to repair my fort xd.png But I've repaired it now!! Thank you again!!


    Merry Christmas all!! Only an hour and a half before the drop! ^__^

  2. Not much except lob snowballs and decorate your fort.


    LovingTheFluff - Definitely have people lob snowballs at your fort, and use your snowballs for attacking. Don't worry about decorating until you've reached max level. It actually goes pretty fast. I was done in about 24 hours.

    Woow cool! Thanks for the advice!! smile.gifsmile.gif