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  1. Cool!! Thanks for the heads up! I didn't have enough snow to repair my fort But I've repaired it now!! Thank you again!! Merry Christmas all!! Only an hour and a half before the drop! ^__^
  2. Woow cool! Thanks for the advice!!
  3. ^ woow lucky!! I only got on the cave today because I've been so busy T^T My fort is only level 5 >__<
  4. Hi! I have a looong list ! I'm looking for mates for these little ones: 2nd gen pink x silver 2nd gen Black x Heartseeker 3rd gen Golden Wywern x Winter Magi base 3rd gen SwallowTails x Silver base 4th gen pink with silver x old pink base 2nd black x silver and 3rd gen black x silver checker 3rd gen black x ice 3rd gen black x valentine 3rd gen black with Snow angels base Would love to breed things in return! I can breed this 3rd gen thunder x lightning as well as 2nd gens! =) Thanks for your help! =)
  5. I know >< The flowers are covering up each other! : (
  6. Arg I'm lagging so much, I can't send flowers to anyone! D: