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looking for CB hatchies with all cap names !! Accepting IOUS! :) most of the timehttp://dragcave.net/user/PaperDreams

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    Thank you List!
    MisunderstoodDreamer for my very first gold :)
    Iside for the awesome lineaged GW!!
    tjenni for the beautiful magma *__*
    loesje2004 for the beautiful step ice!!
    cerimonster for the unexpected GW gift!!! <3
    yaquiidru for the beautiful lineaged pumpkin!! :D
    paradoxangel for the awesome speed of IOUS *__*
    Scyleia for the awesome gifts!! :D

    reddof-f6 owes me two new halloween 2012 eggs! :3 - GOT THEM! :)
    paradoxangel owes me 1CB Magma(got!), 1 CB Golden Wyvern(got!) and 1 CB GW or 1 tsunami female hatchling. - GOT THEM ALL! :D
    Vakarian owes me a cb male fog- GOT IT!!!
    EeveeSkitty owes me a ribbon and a winter magi GOT BOTH!
    celis owes me a 2nd gen Snow Angel (with black dragon mate if possible) GOT IT! 2nd gen with ember! ^^
    - PointOfOrigin: Bronze Shimmer! :D GOT IT!! :D

    Current IOUS:

    My Completed IOUS:
    - CB red dorsal for MisunderstoodDreamer :D
    - I owed MissLillieRose a 2nd gen vine(DONE!), a thunder from a male electric(DONE!) and a CB vine(DONE!)!
    - CB female Harvest hatchling for Wolfsong442
    - PointOfOrigin: 4th gen from Ice X Black, third gen from Electric X Thunder (preferably Thunder, but both work)
    - egg for kleptomaniac, 4th gen pink DONE! :D
    - Male Ice for Undomiel, from a 3rd gen black x ice checker Done!