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  2. Shame it's an april fools. A lot of those eggs look awesome. I especially love the paw print one.
  3. Oh, no worries. Explained that way, it's understandable. I was just thinking, due to how it was worded in the abstain, that you just didn't like that term. ^^'
  4. Well... I've got two. So far they've been, as I put it, "Sitting in Purgatory" Because the accepts, abstains, Rejects have just... Stopped coming... And there for, nothing happens. Equis's Desc: It ended up getting one funny one, and one that made me blink. The funny one, right after I fixed the Desc: Accept: I JUST READ THIS 5 MINS AGO. Dx Very nice, can't find anything wrong with it. The more recent? Abstain: 'has seen through the seasons' seems off to me (but I'm not a native speaker so maybe that's it) otherwise OK Call me old fashion, but I've always liked "Through the seasons," over "Over the years." Also, another of my poor ones that are stuck in purgatory... My vampire. Only accept explanation the poor guy got was: Accept: Looks like you put some effort into this. Good enough as it is. Five unexplained accepts, and one Unexplained Reject... :| At least the reject could have been like "Yada this is bad yada". Constructive criticism ftw!
  5. Mine... Is plane in comparison to others. Small and simple. Didn't have much time to decorate it. Next decorating thing though? Totally going to put my heart into it. http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/Raayven
  6. I'd love a feature like this. It'd be helpful for us with a lot of dragons, Especially when getting around (Finally, in my case) To describing them all. With so many dragons, it's difficult to keep updated on which one's have descriptions, which ones don't, and which ones are pending.
  7. So, I had a dream last night that was both interesting, and kind of funny. Most definintly strange. That also, Involved dragons from DC. o.o' (Likely brought on due to having been trying to snag an egg before bed.) So I was on this hover craft thing. (Picture hunger games hover crafts.) and nervous, sad, and worried all at the same time. Some girl dressed as a rebel (again, hunger games,) Comes up to me and says "Don't worry, We'll find her." Next thing I know I'm dropped off on an island with a few of the rebels, and they see a female royal blue dragon, laying next to a huge bolder. Before they could stop me, I ran up to her, and hugged her. Insisting that now that I found her again, I'd take good care of her, I asked her why she left, and as if in response, I "felt" the hair on my arms raise. Towards the beach stood a very Imposing looking Thunder Dragon. The Royal blue gave me a look of fear for me, as though telling me to run, and sure enough, the rebels took my arm, and ran to hide me. There were caves, that reminded me a lot of the dig dug caves, by how they were set up, and how suddenly I was just watching me and the others enter. I was worried, panicking. We didn't leave till we heard the 'storm' pass. When I came out, there was "my" Blue, resting around eggs. She seemed weak, hurt even, and was asleep. While she slept, creatures kept trying to take her eggs, and I tried to save them. I was only able to save one, though it seemed the creatures were trying to bring them to the abandoned egg pile. As soon as I got the egg, the other eggs started to hatch, and the hatchlings tried to attack me. The Rebels told me it was because they didn't think I was worthy of a Royal blue dragon. (Funny thing is, I don't have a Royal Blue. It was the last egg I was trying to get from the abandoned egg pile. Kept seeing it pop up, but was never able to get it.)
  8. It went fast. And had a common mixed in it.
  9. Finally got one! I'm happy now. Got a Purple dino/yoshi and a Boyfriend egg in one day. I'd have to say that this is lucky. Both cave born.
  10. While everyone was clammoring over the Black Friday eggs? I managed to snag a Purple Dino!
  11. I saw them at least. That's a bonus... Also... Evidently, while everyone was pawing after the new eggs? I got a Yoshi lookalike! *Grins* Win some and loose some it seems. *cheers* Still no eggs though. Shame, And I've pretty much got a full opening for them. Maybe I should give it a few weeks for all the people to snatch their fill, and get some. After all, they are a permanent add.
  12. Shame on me for not even thinking DC would have anything going for Black Friday. I seem to have missed out on the chance! No luck finding one, and no luck in the abandoned area. (Though that's a given.)
  13. Yes and no. I love mine, but... But... It's a troll! you've -Got- to love trolls!
  14. I've got two Marrows, One hatched, one unhatched, a Full grown Shadow walker, and a vampire egg waiting to hatch! Yay! Also another pink, Hopefully to be male!
  15. Got my first rare egg, "Marrow" (Seems to have a pretty clean linage. 3rd Gen.) and my dragon with the code: FaaaT is all grown. (loved the code. )
  16. Forgot that eggs couldn't be resurrected. Saw the date, and was like "Gonna miss out on a chance for a zombie" and... Yeah. It was a common, but... I don't like doing that sorta' thing. I prefer to hatch all eggs, to maturity, if it's a double that I don't need, I set it free, as an adult. But... Two weeks, broken eggshell, here I come.
  17. I'd like to offer my scroll for Inbread Dragons. I just found one today, My first. But if it's a dragon type I don't have, I will take it, inbread or no. "Gotta catch em' all!" and all that.
  18. I personally believe fully in paranormal interests. I've lived in haunted houses, and have even seen a few things in my life that make me know fully that it exsist. When I was younger, we used to live in Lancaster. There was this desert near us. A place they eventually planned on expanding on, but didn't. Out in the middle, there was this abandoned Trailer. Me and my cousin decided we were going to hike out there and check it out. A race of sorts. I got there first, because I was smart and brought water. He was about five minutes after me. I'd heard this... crying inside the trailer. But didn't want to go in alone. Me and my cousin went in, and it was empty for the most part.Towards the living room of sorts, was this thin woman. She was wearing a yellow rain coat. She was crying. Her back to us, hugging her knees. The windows of the place were small. no adult could have gotten through, and my cousin was in the little hallway. (He was a big guy, so he took up the whole little hallway, wall to wall.) I touched her shoulder, and she was freezing cold, but as soon as I did, she turned around, and screamed. There... There was no face. Me and my cousin screamed as well, then suddenly the door behind him, slammed shut. We turned around, to see what it was, but when we looked back towards where she was, she was gone. The crying and screaming gone, as though it had never been... Also, when I was a little older, I lived in Bakersfield. One night, on my birthday I was outside, enjoying the full moon, and quiet, (The house was full. Had my aunt, her kids there kids, and my family. A bit overwhelming, so I needed a break.). The house had a big plot. Two houses on it, both sharing the same plot, enclosed by a tall chain link fence. I saw movement from the corner of my eye, so I looked over. There was this white dog, moving closer and closer, from the shadows of the trees. Getting closer to me. Just then, my aunt came out to check on me. I stood up, took her hand, and ran back to the house, screaming that there was a strange dog about to get me. I was scared, I'd heard snarling. Just as we closed the door behind us, there was a loud THUD on the door. Like something was right behind us, trying to get in before it closed. One of my female cousin's man went out to see what it was, didn't find anything. Not even any dog prints, which should have been, with how damp the ground had been. These experiences happened when I was a youth... But I've also lived in haunted houses, when I reached adult hood. Due to those experiences, I fully believe that ghosts, and the such are real. After all, you don't really know, till you experience it.
  19. I've been playing on Multi-player for so long, Single player's kind of boring now. Heh. Been using Single player creative mode to map out houses that I build on Towny/survival servers, or Bases I build on PvP. Found my favorite server though. Even trying to get helper in it. My town there looks beautiful.